Regulator gives Sure until the end of November to sort out billing

SURE’S controversial changes to its billing practices have come under fire from the regulator following an ‘unprecedented’ number of complaints.

SURE’S controversial changes to its billing practices have come under fire from the regulator following an ‘unprecedented’ number of complaints.

The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities has highlighted a number of its concerns about the telecom provider’s recently introduced practices, including a £1 charge for paper bills.

And it has urged Sure to alter its current approach without the need for regulatory prescription.

Cicra chief executive Andrew Riseley has written an open letter to Sure’s managing director Eddie Saints giving the provider until the end of November to undertake a thorough review of existing billing methods and to set out how it is going to address those concerns.

Sure chief executive Eddie Saints said he was disappointed Cicra had published the letter and claimed it had many factual inaccuracies in it. He said several of the issues raised were historical and had already been dealt with.

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we can be 100% SURE that we provide the most basic of services to this island, whilst also making 100% SURE that we bill you extortionately.

We certainly arent clueless and witless when it comes to billing.

Failure to pay and we will make sure you are cut off and then are charged to disconnect and reconnect at even higher extortionate rates.

Now everyone really is sure that the people who wanted them here really are clueless and witless, or got massive backhanders.

Captain Obvious

You don't like being charged when you don't pay your bills?

Then pay your bills.


Why pay extortionate bills your quote is pointless.


...oh, you've noticed at last, have you....?

Well done.

Surely not!

Finally the Regulator has woken up and noticed. If he and the office were to look at the grumbles that appear in the GP they may have had an inkling that C&W were not as good as their publicity states.

Can the Regulator also look into broadband in General?

Doug White

Mr Saints should be aware that my bills contain factual inaccuracies too. I'm currently having to phone Sure every month to get them corrected only to find the same error the next month.


Me too, they keep charging for texts that should be free under the contract ... shocking service!


They also need to sort out how quickly they send out their bills. Bill date 1st of the month, usually arrives around the 17th-18th and has to be paid by the end of the month to avoid a £15 late payment charge.

Why does it take 2 weeks to get a bill printed and in the post?!

Frank jones

If you are going to slate Sure for their late payment charge, please get your facts right.

The Late Payment charge is £7.50 NOT £15, the only time you would receive such a fee is if you were late paying two bills in a row.

At the end of the day, maybe sure implemented these changes poorly. BUT, surely you can see their reasoning.

Almost every lunch time there is a large queue of people in their highstreet shop, even when they have 5 or 6 staff in visible on the shop floor. Most of those customers are simply in to pay bills or get mobile top ups.

If all customers paid by Direct Debit then it would probably clear these queues and in turn, allow the staff to give much better customer service. Not to mention the fact that customers would no longer have to go to town every month to pay their bill.

All i ask is that you cut Sure some slack. The retail staff try to be as helpful as possible, but due to the number of bills to process in store, they cannot spend as much time talking to customers, and having customers getting frustrated because they are having to wait in long queues behind people paying bills in order to get advice on mobile phones

Bash 8981

This is simply the start of paper billing charging BT started charging £1.50 per bill if you did not switch to online billing 3 months ago! I believe that they were just testing the water now everybody who supplies a service will be doing it Water, Gas ,Electric etc!!!!


Make you go to monthly billing from quarterly then start charging you as it costs too much to send a bill every month?

At least dick Turpin wore a mask!


Being that Sure is an internet service provider why cant I pay my phone bills online? Surely they know how to set that up.



because they want you caught up in the direct debit racket, money coming in regularly whatever.


So Sure want customers to opt for paperless billing and receive bills online? Why then do they not offer the facility to pay bills online?


And good for the regulator doing it by an open letter, it's these things were brought out into the open. Now let Sure answer the queries in an open letter reply.


Let's also look at how they erroneously send an engineer to your house to connect you (about six weeks after you asked for your line to be activated), engineer arrives, says he doesn't know why they've sent him as the line is activated from the office, then they direct debit £70 from you for engineer visit, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Should never have sold Guernsey Telecoms .. Who made the money out of that deal anyway.... YEA we know!!