£30k 'move to Alderney' ad campaign

THE States of Alderney has launched a £30,000 media campaign to sell the idea of living and working there to UK residents.

THE States of Alderney has launched a £30,000 media campaign to sell the idea of living and working there to UK residents.

Adverts promoting the island will appear every day in eight different publications spanning the Financial Times to Country Life until the end of December.

Alderney’s population has fallen by a fifth in the last decade, down to 1,903 this year, with young people in particular leaving in numbers.

The media blitz is being launched in tandem with the provision of a ‘relocation officer’ at the States to field enquiries about any aspect of living or running a business from Alderney and a new website called www.movetoalderney.com, featuring information on subjects such as the island’s tax regime, testimonials and case histories of people who have already emigrated to Alderney.

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The FT and Country Life? Won't this just attracted people retiring? Reminds me of the old joke about "Dover for the Continent - Eastbourne for the incontinent".


that's funny I like that one


Will they be thoroughly vetted first to make 100% sure they aren't Syrian? Just to please Guernsey people who don't even live there.


This is a good idea but the timing is wrong. Advertise now and not many will consider a visit in winter, particularly the elderly. And those who do will not see Alderney at its best, so the take-up may well be poor. Why not wait a few months so that people visit in the Spring and see a much more attractive Alderney. We have waited at least 5 years for such a campaign so why spoil it by rushing?

As for the retired, Alderney is well suited for them. And they spend money and do not need to work. But I might be biased, as I retired here 10 years ago.


Excellent point - as we roll into the autumn and winter, people won't see Alderney at its best, unless they visit on a crisp, clear winter's day. Surely this would be better in the new year?


Brilliany idea Random, brilliant idea !


Better than spending £300,000 on campsite toilets i suppose...


I thought Alderney closed down !,,,,,


"Testimonials and case histories of people who have already emigrated to Alderney" ? Does this include an estimate of their 'daily alcoholic consumption'.to qualify. ?


Where do people get this idea that alcohol is consumed by the gallon here in Alderney. There are a few that drink more than they should but not many!!! And they are usually youngsters rather than older persons. This 2000 alcoholics clinging to a rock is an outdated supposition!!

We drink no more than people anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug White

seabird - I think a visit to an average English market town on a Saturday night will adequately demonstrate that the Alderney youngsters are in no way exceptional in their drinking habits and I would contend generally far better behaved.

As for 'older persons' not drinking to excess; if I recall correctly the last person banned for drink driving here was in his 70's, a champion of encouraging more retired to move to Alderney, who was so rat arsed he managed to drive into the train then flea the scene?

Island Commuter

What a bizarre thing to do!

Do they really think a few cheap advertisements will get the dynamic movers and shakers that the island needs if is to survive as an economically viable community to look the place over?

Better to get a regular, reliable and secure air and sea link, at least to Guernsey, on craft that are not antiques first and then there may be something to offer. Some may want to retire somewhere where there is no guaranteed way of getting to reasonable medical services when the first heart attack strikes? Might be an alternative to Dignitas I suppose. However good the way of life most young parents of today will not want to put the health and of their children at risk so I do not anticipate getting killed in the stampede.

The problems of isolated islands need much more constructive solutions that we see here - depopulation on Alderney and Sark - where next? Guernsey if the transport and other vital infrastructure continues to deteriorate I fear. I am probably old enough not to care but my children are not impressed with the fact that the islands are being left behind in so many ways. My only serious worry is having some life threatening acute illness and not being kept alive long enough for the air ambulance to arrive after 24 hours of a weather bound airport but I comfort myself by knowing that we are seventh in the world league of longevity :-)


They might as well drop our £30k down the drain. They would do better to try and attract some industry there rather than the odd retiree who wants a very, very quiet life. The fact that the place is dying on the bones of its backside is painfully obvious to anybody visiting. If Alderney was worth moving to they would be beating newcomers off with a stick - its not, so they aren't. £30k won't make a blind bit of difference. I presume some dopey overpaid 'consultant' recommended it?

Charlie G

Question??? Does our dear northern wind swept isle have its own bakery!!


Charlie G, Alderney does indeed have a bakery and it produces excellent bread and other products, some of which it exports to our southerly equally-windswept neighbour. you'll find their products on sale at Forest Stores if you'd like to try them.

Charlie G

Thanks for that..good on you...agreed,we have Senners and Boulangerie Victor Hugo,but as Guernsey appears shockingly incapable to retain a commercial bakery,could Alderney up its production to supplying even more ,to our poor state of Affaires? ..thus making Alderney the offshore upercrust.More bread demand,means expansion,means attraction to move and work there..everyone a winner?..but suppose there would still be transport disruptions with weather...just a thought.


They used to do nice sausage rolls every Saturday at Forest Store that came from Alderney ...Not so keen on them now as they have change the recipe or getting them from somewhere else.

Island Wide Voting

I think they went a bit too heavy on the Llama


Excellent idea and a good website to match.

Yes, it would appeal most to retirees, but why not.

The timing may seem wrong but people in Britain and other north European countries would think more about moving overseas than during the summer months.

It certainly opens ones eyes. Including mine.

Are houses that much cheaper than on Guernsey ?

And have the air-links deteriorated to such a poor level ?

It's a pity the States, when agreeing to the purchase of the jet, and causing all this safe-guarding the air-link to Gatwick panic could not do more to improve the links to Alderney.

The fares are far too expensive - and I did not realize that there are now no direct flights between Alderney and Jersey.


Yes, houses and apartments are MUCH cheaper here in Alderney. Have a look at Bell and Co's site in Alderney and see what you can get!!

Nigel Pearce

My wife and I used the direct flights during Aurigny's trial period as we love Alderney.

I gather the flights were well used. Hopefully Aurigny will put on some sort of regular,maybe twice a week, service between Jersey and Alderney even if it was only so we could have the occasional visit.

Surely there would be the chance of sending freight and other supplies to and from the islands.


Perhaps the solution to Alderneys population decline is closer to home?

I read a lot of comments from people about how Guernsey is getting overcrowded and has changed for the worst. Rather than looking to the UK perhaps Alderney should be encouraging some Guernsey folk to relocate? They could sell it along the lines of moving back to the "good old days of island life."

Arguably Guernsey folk would be better suited to Alderney as well, having already lived in a small island community.


I believe there are a lot of people coming over from Guernsey to look at property for sale now. Thery have just cottoned on to the fact that it is cheaper here.


Oh come on Speedbird! Yes, houses are cheaper because there is little or no work! The fact that you also have to pay quite ridiculous sums for electricity and a premium on everything else tends to put people off. Who wants to retire to a rock where there are no decent sea links and it is an expensive flight in any direction. Only a budding alcoholic would see a future in Alderney!


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh hello everybody.

l just had to comment about this ever so silly £30,000 campaign. Just what is going through those silly boys heads! What a load of nonsense this is.

Honestly my darlings, l think the States have lost the plot. SOU-ALD return ? £220+, The highest electricity in the World and you can`t get a fresh salad under £20 (glass of Pinot Grigio included)........its absolutely GHAAAARSTLY Darling !,l could fly to the lbiza sun and dance for a fortnight with Antonio and still get change for a bottle of oil. Mmmmmm

Come to Alderney to live?...l`d rather chance my arm in Cherbourg! at least there`s a ferry ! OOOOOOOOOOOOH l could run them all off the rock! l`m livid!....and that plane!..sorry darlings, l will come back when the transport is sorted. xxxxxxx

sergei simples


Surely the message here is the same as always,get the transport right and at a more commercial price and then the numbers go up !

Simples really


Well having seen you here in the last 12 months you obviously booked a ticket when the price was right!!!

Where are these salads that are £20 with a glass of Pinot Grigio- not come across them unless it is a crab or lobster one with a styarter.

Cherbourg - oh really darling. Far too commercial!!!!


Why was this not posted last time I submitted it???? Freedom of speech VS. NSA-like control????

This is unacceptable, trying to lure more folks to that place. That island is the worst of the cancer islands (also known as Channel Islands). The location, just some miles to the left of La Hague (the worlds largest nuclear 'recycling' facility), with its atomic waste (filling the air and the water), is making Alderney one of the most dangerous places to life. The particles are in the sediment, at the beach, in the air...

Brain tumours everywhere you go on Alderney… Other cancers too… And they think its just because of the old-aged people who mostly make up the island’s population… If the state would release the cancer statistics, and the real ones not just some cleaned-up estimates, it would be more difficult to calm the public with lies...

I would avoid it like the plague

Doug White

I think I can understand why.


For goodness sake, the whole world is polluted, live near a rubbish dump and there are birth deformities, for example.

Factually :

There are three main sources of artificial radionuclides that could impact on the marine environment of the Channel Islands;

i) Authorised (and regulated) discharges from the French reprocessing plant at la Hague

ii) Authorised (and regulated) discharges from the French nuclear power station at Flamanville

iii) Releases from historical disposals of radioactive waste in the Hurd Deep.

The samples that are collected around Guernsey and Alderney (including around the site in question) are sent to accredited UK laboratories for analysis and the results across the UK are published annually in the Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) report. The RIFE report for 2011 (as published in 2012) concluded that:

"the results of environmental monitoring of this area [Hurd Deep] ... confirm that the radiological impact of these disposals was insignificant".


Won't put me off Alderney.