Mattress recycling to be reassessed

STATES Works and Public Services are to decide whether to make permanent a trial mattress recycling initiative.

Keith Higgins with containers for the new mattress recycling scheme.

STATES Works and Public Services are to decide whether to make permanent a trial mattress recycling initiative.

Since October, those dropped off at Mont Cuet have been taken and stored in containers at Fontaine Vinery before being shipped to a recycling company in the UK – 192 have now been sent.

And States Works general manager Paul Lickley said a decision would be made whether to continue the scheme when the trial concludes at the end of the year.

‘We’ll have to wait for feedback from the end receiver about whether they can reclaim the materials they want from the mattresses,’ he said.

‘It will be a decision with all stakeholders in mind. Yes, there will have to be a financial consideration, but there are other issues to consider.

‘If they aren’t recycled, the mattresses go to landfill and take up valuable space and there is a cost to that.'

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Why store these mattresses in containers and then ship them to England.Why don't they have some one cut the material off the mattresses and then send the steel to the local scrapyard for cash,thus saving space in land fill and a cash return.All the money spent on storing them and then shipping to the UK.Get a grip you bunch of idiots.

guern abroad

Probably some H&S about can't go cutting in a sprung mattress etc. and they are dirty.


I've seen a few posts from you now, and they are all quite insulting - I hope you're nicer in real life.....

Have you thought that we might not have the facilities here to economically do what you suggest, and that it is more economical to send to the UK?

"They're" not that dumb you know - glass for example doesn't get shipped off as "they" found a market for it over here.

You shouldn't start accusing others of being idiots when you are beginning from a position of obvious ignorance yourself.

guern abroad

I was thinking that H&S means things have to be done certain ways and that can cost more money for the volume of items then sending them way off island.

Either way it is excellent that they have not gone to landfill and I hope the scheme continues.



I have to totally agree with you. There are several people who post on here who too easily resort to aggression and name calling as an alternative to giving a reasoned argument. It's a shame because it ruins what could be an excellent forum for interesting ideas and discussions. Personally, I find once I've read someone talking like johnl, I don't bother with their posts anymore and just stick to those posters who can give a balanced and coherent argument…. politely, or in IWV's case, amusingly!


..Billythefish,If you read the statement from Paul Lickley in one paragraph he says that there will have to be a financial consideration which I take to mean that the cost of loading the container onto a lorry in Guernsey taking it to the docks then loading it onto a ship then ship it to the UK where it will have to be unloaded onto another lorry then driven to a local scrapyard.I would have thought this would cost the Guernsey tax payer at least £1000 for each container.I contacted a local scrapyard, The Guernsey Recycling Centre and they said that they would take all the springs from the mattresses and recycling them.In another paragraph Paul Lickey said that we will have to wait for feedback from the receiver whether they can reclaim the materials from the mattresses the springs are steal so what a ludicrous statement.Then you state that they are not that dumb because they have found a market for glass,well there is a market for bed springs at The Guernsey Recycling Centre.Why have Managers no common sense,they don't care how much of tax payers money they waste.All it needs is one person at the dump with a sharp knife to cut the material from the mattresses and then the springs can be sent or collected for recycling in GUERNSEY thus saving the tax payer thousands of pounds.Do you not agree that my idea is a lot cheaper.



Assuming they went for your genius idea, what do you think they would do with the steel/springs? They would still have to ship all that metal off island to be recycled!

It is not just your manners that are lacking.



Robert,Did you not read my comments properly.Mont Cuet is run by the Guernsey States and therefore any costs of shipping the mattresses will be at the cost of the Guernsey TAX payer do you understand this.The Guernsey Recycling Centre is a Private company and therefore the shipping costs will be paid for by them and not by the Guernsey Tax payer.I'm not a genius as you suggest just somebody with common sense.



An interesting take. I will admit to not having the chance to read the whole article so find it difficult to comment on what Paul L may have said.

I'm pretty sure, given the business that they are in, States Works are in regular contact with the local recyclers and were that to be truly viable, it would have been looked at.

Robert also points out that we don't acutally do the recycling in Guernsey so it would be shipped anyway.

You then immediately came with the old chesnut of the TAX payer paying for it.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm pretty sure that all the recycling efforts, or the vast majority are paid for through gate fees at the various sites - ie by the USER. Which is exactly what Guernsey Recycling would do.



Billythefish.If I dropped 200 mattresses every six months at your property and said to you that you have to dispose of them at your cost which option would you chose.

Option 1,Pay £1000 out of your own pocket to have them shipped to the UK.

Option 2,Take the mattresses to the local recycling centre for free.

I know you say that you are pretty sure that you pay at the gate for recycling well sorry to disappoint you,you don't.Please contact The Guernsey Recycling Centre Tel 245402 as I did and they will tell you that there is no charge.Please let me know which option you would chose.

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Anyone got a match?

guern abroad

A fantastic saving by mattresses not going to land fill.

One of those that the cost of space saving is far greater than the cost of disposal, so I hope this scheme continues on in the new year.


Good idea.

While you are at it you may as well do sofas and armchairs too.


This should have been put to bed ages ago.

Another guernsey shambles.


Good one PB - made me chuckle....the simple ones are always the best.

St Peter

They should have slept on the idea before going to the press...

St Peter

Looks like a comfortable job...