Planners back Halfway petrol station

PLANNERS have recommended that the construction of a new petrol station, warehouse and offices on the east coast of the island gets the go-ahead.


PLANNERS have recommended that the construction of a new petrol station, warehouse and offices on the east coast of the island gets the go-ahead.

Comprop’s plans to develop the former GT Cars site at an in-filled quarry at Les Bas Courtils Road, St Sampson’s, have been recommended for approval despite residents’ objections and traffic concerns.

A total of seven objections have been received from those living near the site, which included health and safety concerns, objections to impact and design and traffic worries.

Other issues included potential flooding and possible damage and disturbance from construction.

The Traffic Services Unit raised further road safety and traffic management issues about which it said there were grounds to oppose the plans.

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Nick Le P

I can't imagine this is a useful addition to island life.

Just what are the planners thinking or it that legislation dictates, as they don't have a reason to object?

Chris 1

Money talks again despite all the concerns


Not needed.



No wonder locals are leaving the island the exodus is at a all time high, just lots of outsiders filling the gaps until they learn better



So let's see seven objections, so no one really cares then, also I see we have the usual island bigots on here as well mind you some of my best friends are local(well one has to tolerate them)

So the good old days vinerys, flowers and a tax haven where anyone could hide their money.

I know I can always get the next boat out but imagine if all the non locals did, what would happen? Ah let me think, all the local unemployed might have to get off their backsides and do an honest days work,that would be novel


Are you suggesting people dont hide their money in guernsey today ?

Whats wrong with vinerys and flowers .to much hard work instead of sitting behind a desk twiddling your thumbs.



Here Here PB Falla.


Up for this if it's one of the co-op garages like the one by bailiffs cross or by the airport. The North could do with one. When I lived in St. Martins they were a life saver being open so late, pretty much the only place you can get decent food and drink at ~2200.


I hope it's better than the one at Bailiffs Cross, badly designed layout in the store. Duques is the nicest Co-op en-route in the Island IMO.

I have to say though it isn't the best place for a garage and it's going to put the several smaller garages in the area out of business I'm sure.

Herbert Roth

Jeff, that's probably all part of the plan. Put the other station(s) out of business, buy their property cheaply at commercial rates, then turn the small garage into very profitable 'executive' housing.


Another petrol station !!!!!


Do we really need another petrol station? They're not exactly a rare site on this tiny island


A perfect place for a Bus Station and not much else.

Klaus Fluoride

Why on earth do we need another petrol station on the island, do people find it hard to purchase fuel? We should be doing away with petrol stations & replacing all combustion engined cars with electric anyway.


Then we would need a bigger power station to cope with the extra demand for electricity!


What else could go there that would actually make money?

Dave Haslam

Spearmint Rhino!


Move the Town drinkers down there.

Spearmint Wino!

Stone de Croze

Caw chapin - how's about a velo track for all them bloney cyclists, or a fifty meter swimming pool for all them barracudas or an ice skating rink for the whole island and grockles that visit la!!

guern abroad

When this came up before didn't it get posted about all the stuff burried under the so called grass.

Another petrol station does appear a tad daft and makes a mockery of the recent announcement of doing an Island wide review of the number of petrol stations as there were so many.

I have a feeling that the small fred in a shed garage is going to get pinched out.

Mo Trist

I wish now I'd objected - I wrongly assumed that the scheme was so daft it would have stood about as much chance as a tadpole in the Russell.


With Comprop behind this what did you expect?

A cinema?


there was one there or there abouts before (bourgards) i think, so whats the problem

half a cup

The garage would struggle to trade between 0800 and 0900 due to traffic problems.

Surely not the best place for a garage?

How about affordable housing!!!!!!!,


Not enough profit, site unsuitable or unlikely to get planning permission?


Until we find a way to curb buy-to-rent there will never be such a thing as affordable housing in Guernsey. If it's cheap it will just be bought up by greedy landlords and rented out ridiculous rates.

Vale Resident

I think the area is very unsuitable for a garage. The traffic along the front is bad enough, when cars pull out over the yellow lines between bulwer avenue and halfway to get out is waiting for an accident to happen! The garage will just increase the risks of accidents?! I agree with others saying is another garage really necessary on Guernsey???


Probably put a set of traffic lights there!



Don't give Enviroment any ideas.

Vale Resident

Crazy, crazy idea!


During and after the war the building on this site was occupied by 'Mallet's Coachworks,'then later used as a showroom for new and used cars.The quarry behind was allowed to fill up with scrapped vehicles,which was not well managed. These type of business' did not appear to impact on traffic,but,should this 'Filling Station' get the go-ahead, I can see accidents waiting to happen.

I really do believe that this Island is already 'over endowed' with filling stations.


An ideal spot for a petrol station and/or warehouse. A use for a site that would be impossible - because of ground contamination - for many other purposes.


good place for a gfsc office the area is already full of contamination


How about a some open green space i.e. a park? Guernsey needs another petrol station like a hole in the head.


Why would a private campany want to do that? They do after all have to act in the best interests of their shareholders.

Would you open up your garden to one and all?

Sara Thompson

@Chris There's a park not too far away, Delancey Park. A lovely green space which is being revived, but which is still looking tired and is greatly underused.

Oh Dear

This is so unnecessary. Okay the land is contaminated but is there really nothing that could go there that's better than another petrol station. How many do we have?

There are about four in the Castel alone. A few more in town. Three or four in St Martins village centre alone. A couple in St Andrews, one in the forest, one in Torteval, one in St Saviours and a couple in the vale. The scary part is I've probably missed a few out.

Election Issues

It's too late! Environment have given it the green light!!