Flags flown at half mast for Mandela

A LETTER of condolence for the loss of Nelson Mandela has been sent by the Bailiff to the South African High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Nelson Mandela

A LETTER of condolence for the loss of Nelson Mandela has been sent by the Bailiff to the South African High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

On behalf of the island, Richard Collas said the 95-year-old was a remarkable statesman who commanded respect and affection throughout the world among people of all nations and all political persuasions.

‘He led the world through his example in showing forgiveness and encouraging reconciliation at a crucial period in the history of your country,’ he said.

‘His enduring legacy will be in our memories of the enormous courage he displayed and of the values he personified.

‘He will continue to inspire future generations to work towards making the world a more peaceful place in which we may all live in greater harmony.’

Flags in Guernsey flew at half mast yesterday in honour of South Africa’s first black president and Nobel Peace Prize-winning campaigner against apartheid.

He died on Thursday night after a long-running battle against chest infections.

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Not in my name.

Sarnia expat

But in mine, yes. Long live freedom and the power of the human spirit. Dee, yes, the Bailiff is no ignoramous, and kniws what happened. There is an old saying that one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist, however I choose the former. RIP free at last


I am sure millions will mourn your passing, given your immense (and anonymous) contribution to the world. Keep up the good work.

Dee Sharisse

Is the Bailiff aware of what Nelson Mandela and his wife actually did before his imprisonment? He was no Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln.


Abe Lincoln and the Native Americans?


TV still unplugged and papers remain cancelled , till I hear the all clear.

It's very liberating actually. I recommend it !


Thankfully they're perfectly aware of how he behaved after his imprisonment, which people around the world (save a few narrow minded souls on an irrelevant rock) are celebrating quite rightly.

Dee Sharisse

If condemnation of terrorist acts and the slaughter of innocent children, regardless of the 'cause', makes me narrow-minded, then yes, I am. What makes Guernsey more irrelevant than any other place in the world?


Strange turnaround for you, Spartacus. Not usually a fan of coldblooded murder are you? Such as this indiscriminate bombing (of many) which killed 19 outright and injured 200 others:


Has 'rose tinted specs day' come around again?



That is a different Spartacus, not me!

I'm not a fan of cold blooded murder no, however I don't believe Mandela was guilty of that.

The apartheid regime in South Africa was sickening.

Mandela deserves his place in history as one of the great peace makers and equalisers.


Beanjar - One doesn't have to airbrush over the less savoury aspects of Mandela's life to recognise his formidable achievements after release from prison.

You also need to place his actions in context. I've never been an alien in my own country, treated like a second class citizen to the point I couldn't even sit on the same park bench. You must also take into account that violence wasn't the first option - it was the final straw. Asking the Apartheid regime nicely to treat every citizen with basic humanity hadn't worked.

With respect, it's easy to sit at our computers and pass anonymous judgement on a man like Nelson Mandela, but until you've been in the situation he was I don't think you or I have the right.


I could not have put it better. A great man.

vic gamble

Beanjar....your comments are simply open to contempt....and to offer a link connected to some strange Christian sect tempered with the usual white racist and anti semitic supremacy nonsense exposes you, at best, a small minded naive nerd, or at worse a bigoted right wing bully-boy.


You clearly don't give a toss about the facts which is fine by me, no need to result to mindless namecalling though.

vic gamble

beanjar...without going into the matter too much,my wife and I were some of the first people to be invited to stay overnight on Robben Island before the Mandela government opened it for public viewing...my connections with Anti Apartheid and the African National Congress are such, that for you to state I have no knowledge of the facts makes your statement as hollow as an empty yogurt cup....but how were you to know, so you are forgiven.


Hardly likely to have an unbiased view of the man and his terrorist activities then, are you? Presumably a communist like he was too so you will know all about the power of propaganda.

Oh Dear

Beanjar, are you really as ignorant to believe that no one knows what happened before his imprisonment.

Okay as of tomorrow we're going to place you in a country where you're oppressed and abused. Let's see how long it takes before you want to fight back.


What a sad day. So many people who consider themselves liberals revealed as blinkered, hypocritical apologists for a man who murdered and maimed indiscriminately. Men, women, children, friend or foe, black or white alike. Even as president he never had the decency to apologise to the families of the victims. Far from it, his 'legacy' is a basket case country where whites are routinely murdered and raped, often with police connivance. The regime in South Africa was certainly appalling but they treated Mandela humanely compared to what he and his comrades have been dishing out for the last 50 years.

Oh Dear

There are still many issues in South Africa. To claim that the racism is only working in one way (white people being punished) is a huge display of your sheer ignorance.


Nelson Mandela achieved great things. He thanked God for his blessings by forcing upon South Africans one of the most heinously open abortion legislations, or, in the words of the Guttmacher Institute, "one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world": the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996. It allows abortion on demand up to the 20th week; after it and up to birth for "serious medical reasons"; and, as amended in 2004, allows registered nurses and midwives to perform abortions as well before the 12th week.


Yes, he helped to give South African women control over their bodies and what goes on inside them. Nothing heinous about it.

Oh Dear

Well said Martino.


What next ?

Flying the flag when Gerry Adams dies ?


All this for a convicted terrorist...

Oh Dear

Read my comment to Beanjar.


A man among men,truly a great man among men, let the racists moan they'll never know what it was like to be born black.

St Marcouf

By all accounts, he wasn't a very nice man away from the cameras and an audience.

Incidentally, more than 95% of the world's population doesn't know what it was like to be born white.


Such a lot of pious nonsense regarding Mandela and how he 'transformed' South africa. Leaving aside the bits the ANC & MK transformed with bombs is the country actually any better off than it was 50 years ago? The apartheid regime used to oppress the black, 'coloured' and few whites who opposed the system. Now the ANC rules the roost, whites are victimised and the rest of the country oppressed by lawlessness and corruption. Certainly Mandela avoided a wholesale civil war when he was President but it still might happen.

JJ Lehto

@ Beanjar

I'd rather be oppressed by a criminal than a government.


Would you really? Would you enjoy being murdered by criminals encouraged by your government? Don't you know President Zuma regularly appears at ANC events where his party piece is leading the singing of a song about 'killing Boers (classified as a 'hate crime' under SA law). Then his supporters go out and do just that, around 4,000 white farmers and their families slaughtered so far. The crime scene photos are sickening, all above information available on interweb.