Jersey launches legal challenge to CI air registry

JERSEY is prepared to take legal action to stop Guernsey using the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry branding.

JERSEY is prepared to take legal action to stop Guernsey using the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry branding.

It announced yesterday that it is to press ahead with plans to get its own aircraft registry off the ground.

The move to create a Jersey registry comes after talks to establish a joint Channel Islands one broke down in September and it would appear that a significant rift has developed.

Jersey Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean, pictured, made direct representations to Guernsey’s Chief Minister Peter Harwood and Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart. They met at the recent British-Irish Council Meeting at the Hotel L’Horizon.

On Monday evening, a reception is to be held in Guernsey to officially launch the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry.

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John Smith

Change it to Guernsey Islands Aircraft Registry and be done with it.

If any lawyers make money over a name then our politicians have completely lost the plot.


Another guernsey shambles


You must have a very limited vocabulary.

I swear you make the exact same comment on about 90% of the TIG articles.


There are more questions than answers


You made a false statement.


how's eeyore? bit sore?


I seem to remember Jersey decided for various reasons not to go along with idea of linking up years ago!

So this is a spat over a website name???

They all need their heads banging together in Jersey!!


Sour grapes from the crappauds ?

Come on Kev, let's hear on here you won't be caving in to that other island.


"Dog (crapaud)in the manger" springs to mind!


Stop showing the world the channel Islands are incapable of mature partnerships. How can Guernsey/Jersey be taken seriously in the politically unstable world when there are so many petty jealousy’s around. Come on drop the childish squabbles and move forward.


Maclean is a joke, sour grapes! Jersey businesses furious with his incompetence now trying to save face.


Bloney crapauds!! Send in the Economist, he's 1-0 in his career so far.....


case of sour grapes - tell them to whistle!


Jack at post no 7 is entirely correct. This guy has virtually zero credibility in Jersey where he is known as 'Clanger Maclean' because of all the mistakes he makes including this latest one. We thought of it first and he is very sore loser. In the politest diplomatic language we should simply tell him to get stuffed.


yes. But how are they going to challenge it? I mean...where, and how would they enforce it if they won?

Settle it with a punch-up?


Seems to me we have 3 inhabited Islands, 5 if you count Sark and Jethou. Jersey is only one.

Therefore we are Channel Islands in our own right whereas Jersey can only ever be Jersey unless it joins us.


Jersey had their chance, and blew it!