Police take anti drink-drive checks out of Town

POLICE officers will be paying more visits to out-of-town pubs this Christmas as it tries to crack down on drink-driving.


POLICE officers will be paying more visits to out-of-town pubs this Christmas as it tries to crack down on drink-driving.

As part of their seasonal anti drink-drive campaign,  launched yesterday, traffic sergeant John Tostevin warned police would be increasing checks across the whole of the island.

‘We do drink-drive checks all year round but over the last few years we have launched campaigns at the times of the year where people go out celebrating,’ he said.

‘Christmas is one of those.

‘While we don’t want to stop people from going out and celebrating, we want to make sure that they have a way of getting home safely and to deter people from committing the offence.'

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If the police want to make sure people have have a way of getting home safely after a night out, why don't the give them a lift, instead of driving around the island aimlessly or parking on headlands twiddling their thumbs.



Another misinformed comment by someone who obviously has no idea what the working day of a police officer is. Do you really think it's good use of police officers time 'playing taxis'? What research have you done to support your claim that they drive around aimlessly or parking on headlands twiddling their thumbs? You clearly have no idea what the police do, instead preferring to make misinformed comments.


Police are taught Statute and Pace, Legalese , unfortunately for them they can only police with consent. Ask a police "Officer" about Common Law, you might get a blank look.

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That's set me wondering if the ban on staking cattle will apply on L'Ancresse common

Dee Sharisse

You're asking to be stopped if you have no rear number plate.





catch me if they can after 10 pints on my bike in my pink lycra shorts

What a useless police force we have

Bring back the community police guys



PB Falla,

What a negative view you have of our local force - where's your evidence for making such a statement? Also, you think it's right and responsible to ride your bike after 10 pints? You deserved to be caught!


Do the homework

They are useless

If i want to drink 10 pints then cycle i will



But you accept you are still breakig the law, even if just on a pushbike..


If youre the "leader of the exodus", why dont you leave now and we wont have to continually read your drivel


PB Falla Our police do try their very best as individuals.

But it is not their Policy which makes their job harder to do.

Revenue generation is however one of the pet hates they do have. But they are hardly useless.


That's a long way out of town. Half moon.


Nathan, I think you'll find this is a library photo used by the media who can't be bothered to use a current one - if you look at the white shirts and ties being worn - the local police haven't worn those shirts on patrol for at least 2 years - so maybe your sarcastic comment should be reconsidered!

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Never mind about the white shirts, the most amazing stand out feature of the photo must surely be that there appears to be someone about to walk up the Terres!

Rosie,did you spot the pedestrian?


I think more drink drivers would be caught if the police were around on the commute to work in the mornings,after listening to John Randall on Radio Guernsey I was quite shocked to hear that he would probably have been over the limit the next morning after 2 gin and tonics the afternoon before, and he would not be driving until at least 10am. How many of us go to work when a lot of work colleagues turn up saying they had a skinful the night before but have driven to work,especially this time of the year.

Moving Party

Utter rubbish, at a standard measurement (25ml) for 2 that would only be 1.9 units less than a pint of larger.

It would only take a couple of hours to process it all out your system.

I would not suggest it but by those figures you could probably dive and not be over.


Sounds like John had drunk a lot more than just those 2 drinks.....



Hope they had words with that Astra driver for having a light out as well (how ever many years ago that picture was taken!)


Mark, at a guess that's probably why he was stopped.