Sad day for staff as Blockbuster closes

BLOCKBUSTER customers had their last chance to grab a bargain yesterday as the store closed its doors for the final time.

Manager Richard Vahey and Callum Burnet.

BLOCKBUSTER customers had their last chance to grab a bargain yesterday as the store closed its doors for the final time.

The retail outlet at the North Plantation, which had been in Guernsey for 15 years, is one of 264 Blockbuster branches to close across the UK.

It follows financial troubles experienced by the chain, which went into administration last month.

A total of eight employees, three full-time and five part-time staff, have lost their jobs due to the closure in Guernsey.

Manager Richard Vahey said the majority had found alternative employment.

He expected there to be a few tears after the doors had been closed.

‘Some of the staff have been here seven to eight years,’ he said.

‘It is a sad day and everybody has said how sad they are for the store to be going.’

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Another One Bites The Dust

Anyone got the DVD ?


There a few more in the pipeline PB FALLA, this isnt the last. You wont hear about the ones in Finance leaving or going into administration.

Keep your eyes peeled after 29th of December when it starts to be apparent what's going on.



Oooooo, the big conspiracy eh, what a load of rubbish, if you knew something then why wouldn't you put it on here but make scare mongering comments to lead to the belief that you know something that the rest of us do not.

The fact is that no-one wants to hire films or games in hard copy anymore because there is no need with internet gaming and services such as netflix, there is no conspiracy here, just an old trade no longer needed !!!

Devil's Advocate

what happens on the 29th?

Oh Dear

The apocalypse...


Sorry to see you go and thank you. Hope you all find jobs asap.


No need for conspiracy its common sense the financial services are a cooked goose

Not before time

A slow death mind you as people try to KLINGON



Ted Drillot Legend

PB FALLA, you are bang on the money they will go the same way as iceland and not before time, the island was a far nicer place without the banks.


It was also a far more boring, backward, inward looking, ignorant, unsophisticated, unprosperous and dreary place before the banks came. Ah, the good old days that you and PB so yearn for.

Moving Party

plus the drop in tax revenue rendering the island poorer.


Maybe you were brought up and fed with a silver spoon in your mouth.

No traffic problems in our days.

Money stretched further.

Before finance bombarded this island tourism looked foreward to coming here for its peace and beauty.

Still I suppose in an overpopulated world we have to accept change for better or worse.

PB has to now accept more pollution into his cycling lane.


Finance didn't kill mass tourism to the island. Cheap packages to the Costa del Sol did.


Thats correct islander, not everyone is obsessed by money,image and material things

And yes we would see fewer cars on the roads,i pass most of them anyway as they sit there all irate and angry.

Watch out for those pink lycra shorts passing you by,ive also got on order a new pair for xmas with a very good slogan on my rear


Agree with you about the cars but if you weren't image obsessed you wouldn't swan about in pink lycra.


Life was a lot more fun and we saw a lot more smiling faces pre finance.

The island is now filled with greed and un freindly people


The finance are ready to leave The ROCK


Too much looking back at life through rose tinted sunglasses to match that pink lycra outfit of yours.


Video rental -> cheap food -> finance bashing.



Well if it is not the last ride for the entertainment revolution.


If the Finance industry left, every plumber, builder etc etc would also suffer! It's stupid to think that the island would be a better place without the Finance industry and we could not rely on tourism!


Tradesmen wont need to charge high rates as the island would find new income levels,property would be more affordable for young guernsey people,new ideas and forward thinkers will flourish.

Many islands around the world operate without a finance industry,its time to take the GREED out of guernsey.

There wont be a need to have as many people on housing licenses

Pink lycra shorts will be the norm instead of the exception.


Pink lycra is so last season. I wouldn't be seen dead in it.



If you think pink lycra shorts are about image you are more deluded than i realise

They are presents from my children


This would include local police who locals actually know and can be part of the community.

On your bikes and feet pc plod

Ted Drillot Legend

Where do they stock those pink lycra shorts? all states members should be made to wear them so the locals know who they are.

Island Wide Voting


If you can't recognize them sans pink lycra shorts just stand on the pavement opposite Lukis House from about 9am-ish on an Assembly day and you will see them leaving their reserved free long term parking slots as they prepare to debate what extra straws they can place on our straining backs

If you don't spot YB or Barry Brehaut it's probably because they have cycled in for the cameras


Hi Martino

Just incase you have your head buried in the finance world may i remind you

Like i said my children bought them to support this organisation,as i am also a cross dresser i dont have a issue with pink

And i dont care what was "last season"