Chief minister disappointed in Jersey over air registry row

JERSEY had ample opportunity to be part of the Guernsey-run Channel Islands Air Registry, which is launched today, according to Guernsey’s chief minister.

JERSEY had ample opportunity to be part of the Guernsey-run Channel Islands Air Registry, which is launched today, according to Guernsey’s chief minister.

Deputy Peter Harwood said Guernsey had pressed ahead only after Jersey had withdrawn from what was intended to be a joint venture.

Jersey Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean last week criticised Guernsey’s branding as ‘misleading and inappropriate’.

Jersey now plans to set up its own aircraft registry next year and is threatening possible legal action to prevent Guernsey’s use of the CI name. Deputy Harwood said he was aware of Senator Maclean’s disappointment that a joint registry had not been possible.

This was something that he and Commerce and Employment Minister Deputy Kevin Stewart had discussed with Jersey Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst and Senator Maclean when they met last month in Jersey.

‘Before, during and since that discussion, Guernsey’s position has been consistent and clear,’ said Deputy Harwood. ‘We are pressing ahead with our aircraft registry after Jersey withdrew from the joint venture we had previously envisaged.’

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That's Jersey for you!


Fair enough.

On the scale of things, Guernsey is pretty insignificant compared to it's big sister.

Tim South

Based on what facts jun ?

Jersey can take a long, long time to actually get anything done. There are many examples, freedom of information being agreed in May 2011 by the States. Start date maybe 2015.

How about the in depth child abuse investigation being watered down as you read, and taking over a year to get started. Taken from one comment what should actually happen.

The critics miss, perhaps intentionally, the whole point. It is not just a question of confirming that abuse did in fact take place. The victims have already established that. The questions that demand answers are of course numerous, but above all others it is essential that the identity of those involved in these crimes is revealed, no matter what their position in Jersey society or in the "establishment" may be.

An other comment points out.

But the biggest cost of all is the lawyers. Those for the inquiry team have £750,000 at their disposal. Lawyers for witnesses could tot up to £1,350,000.

The reason is that every civil servant or manager invited in to ask questions will have a tax funded lawyer acting on their behalf to protect them.

One of the most interesting and required Managers now highly placed in Jersey’s education system is retiring early and moving to Florida.

The fact is, Jersey is expert at dragging out what it really does not want to take part in, but gets upset when a possible competitor gets on with it.

Good for you Guernsey go for your registration plan, don’t get into bed with Jersey until all its serious judicial, Church of England and child abuse troubles are resolved, you may live to regret it internationally.



Correct Jub , their tourism has increased and footfall since EasyJet use Jersey. Guernsey will always be behind , stuck in a monopoly rut. Roll on 2016 , when a New Local deputy decides to act on behalf of Guernseys interests.


Looks like this is only going to escalate further. Everyone grab your pitchforks... ferry to Jersey leaves this evening.


Kev to Jersey.


Childish behaviour from afar. Storm over to Jersey and confront them on their own turf. Sort it out between you for Gods Sake!


I really don't see a problem with this name.

After all the Channel Islands Stock Exchange is run from Guernsey and that's worked out fine...........

Island Wide Voting

Mrs P

See pages 41 & 42 of the phone book ( not the one nobody wants) for 20 other entities with Channel Islands in their title including of course Channel Islands Air Search

Island Wide Voting

Just rescued the phone book that nobody wants out of the recycling bin and Jersey has 22 Channel Islands something or other companies listed


CISX has worked out fine.....?

I will save your comment for 2014.



I think it's called irony. At least I hope it is.


A big Googley +1 to Marcel.

I can now proudly wear my "I have been misinterpreted by BadDonkey" badge along with the rest of you.


I think Jersey are being a little petty. The only real "Channel Island" is Alderney seeing as it is the only one actually IN the English channel. If Jersey carry on maybe Alderney should take legal action against them for "misleading" people over a name themselves.

and yes I'm taking the michael

a voter

Did I hear right on Channel News this evening?

Did our resident States DJ Kevin Stewart say Guernsey could make £20,000,000 per year from these registrations of aircraft?

I suppose in reality that means that you can knock two zeros off that figure and arrive at the true figure.

I wonder how much this registry is costing us to set up and maintain yearly (what with Lawyers fees, Consultant fees, Staffing, Computer space and advertising) and if the fees charged will cover those costs.

Good diversity Mr Stewart, that`ll get Guernsey back to being a world leader again.


A Voter

Rather like Image Rights I guess reality will mean a few planes get registered and we make a few bob that gets swallowed up by the manager, his assistant manager and the three administration staff who sit around waiting for a flight to arrive. Perhaps it is time to ask just how many "celebs" have registered their image rights here and how much have we made from that much lauded new source of income. I always find it strange that a celeb, however big or small, would register their image rights and then agree to the Press putting their picture on the front page of the local paper, perhaps there are so few that each new one is actually front page news!


Actually I think we should cut the cynicism and cut Kevin some slack here. He and his team have done well to get this off the ground and they should be given some credit for getting on with it and stealing a march on the other island.

Herbert Roth

Definitely a case of sour grapes from Jersey. They obviously didn't like their 'little sister' taking the initiative. Now they've been left behind & must be feeling rather silly.

And I agree with Martino. even if this doesn't bring in the £20M claimed by Kev, at least it's a step in the right direction.