Guernsey Elecricity told neighbour 'you're the only one complaining about noise'

A POWER station neighbour has claimed Guernsey Electricity failed to take notice of his concerns, telling him that he was the only one complaining about noise.

A POWER station neighbour has claimed Guernsey Electricity failed to take notice of his concerns, telling him that he was the only one complaining about noise.

Vale deputy Mary Lowe, who is acting as spokeswoman for  residents affected by noise nuisance, from the power station said following recent media attention she had been called by another neighbour.

The neighbour, she said, did not want to be identified but had said he was told he was alone in complaining.

Deputy Lowe said he was shocked when he found out others had also raised concerns. ‘He also lives in the area,’ she said. ‘He was told he was the only one.’

In response to Deputy Lowe’s claims the resident was told he was the only one, the utility said: ‘Up until this summer we were working with only one resident in terms of noise from the power station. However, following the recent media attention this is now a wider issue.’

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Chunkey Monkey

Didn't think that only one person would be affected or had complained.

Seems the truth is (getting) out there.



....Or once one neighbour mentioned they had complained the rest did too to push for compensation.

I'm sure when these people bought their homes the power plant was there first. Don't be surprised if a HUGE generator makes noise and other unwanted issues.

Perhaps Guernsey Electricity should shut everything down for the sake of their neighbours. Lets see how the economy and the whole Island deals with that!


....Or once one neighbour complained and it was discussed among them, everyone jumped on the band wagon for compensation.

I'm sure the generator was there before these people bought their houses. Surely the sight of a HUGE generator wasn't missed and it should be expected that noise and other issues are going to occur if you live that close to a power generator.

How about Guernsey Electricity shuts everything off so that all these problems go away. Lets see how the rest of the island and the local economy feel about that!

L'eree Lad

We heard you the first time...


My apologies, I didn't think my first reply had posted


But the first person to complain would have been the only one at that point ....


Actually GuernseyBoy the generator has only been in situ for a matter of months. I know that the people living closest to the power station have been in their houses for at least 7 years.

I have lived in the area before and the noise was never a problem however on occasions the dirt outfall could be severe.

The noise is a NEW issue due to the installation of a NEW generator so a bit unfair to make sweeping statements as to compensation. All they want is for a reduction in noise pollution which is not unreasonable.


But what are people supposed to expect when you live next to such a huge industrial area?! If you live next to a school, you expect noise at certain times of the day. If you live on the coast, expect salt water decay of your property. If you live near a quarry, expect blasting noises a few times a day.

Yes this current noise problem may have just come up but they have said that testing is taking place, they have tried to help with the problem and constantly the issue is being dragged along. If people wanted a quieter life, don't live near an industrial area where lots of noise is more than likely going to come up!