Plans for petrol station approved

ENVIRONMENT has given the go-ahead to plans for a petrol station, warehouse and offices on a neglected and contaminated infilled quarry site.

ENVIRONMENT has given the go-ahead to plans for a petrol station, warehouse and offices on a neglected and contaminated infilled quarry site.

More than 20 conditions are being attached to the plans by developers Comprop for the former GT Cars site at Les Bas Courtils Road, St Sampson's, to mitigate the concerns over its impact on neighbours and traffic issues.

A series of objections were received ahead of today's planning meeting, but no neighbours turned up to voice their objections publicly before Environment's board unanimously approved the plans.

Full details in tomorrow's Guernsey Press

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Klaus Fluoride

Once again the powerful company triumphs over the local person.

What odds the local station up the road will be bought out by ComProp in due course & then permission sought to turn it into 40 houses?

Yvonne Burford


Ideally the planners would have liked residential development in this area, however the level of the contamination on the majority of the site means that is simply not possible, so this is not a stepping stone to anything else. The petrol station will be on the edge of the old landfill, a warehouse with limited operating hours will be on the landfill site itself.

The full planning report is available here and explains the rationale behind the decision.


thought for the day:

We have every petrol business in the island claiming that there is no money, or that they make very little profit from petrol sales.

Yet here we have a business that has obviously done the figures and sees it will be profitable and as such progresses the venture.

Its obviously profitable enough that they arent worried about competition, aswell as a return on the building and redevelopment of the site being taken into account.


Frank, what they have said is they struggle to make a profot on Petrol sales. I'd imagine the shop part would make money and would no doubt help to cover a shortage of profit on the Petrol. Having some offices there too would help. ComProp would already have someone lined up to run the shop/garage.


Excellent news, great to see someone is prepared to do something with this neglected site.

Moving Party

Agreed it looks like rubbish at the moment. So anything is better then what's there now.


How many business are only on approx 10% profit margin ? That's what the petrol retailers have on average at current pricing levels. Know a good deal when you get one !

Election Issues

"Environment has given the go ahead to plans for a petrol station, warehouse and offices"

Deputy Burford has been absolutely adamant that it is the correct thing to bring paid parking for debate in the States... for those long term car parks in St Peter Port used by commuters who have no where else to park.

She says about paid parking " It is a tool in the box of an integrated Transport Strategy that will lead to sufficient change to improve congestion and encourage more people to walk and cycle"

The concerns about this particular site being used are... road safety and traffic management issues!

So why pass plans for a petrol garage at this site??

Are motorists about to have a very large increase on fuel tax as well as paid parking and the removal of many long term parking space on North Beach???

Yvonne Burford


I am not bowled over by yet another petrol station, actually I think a park would be nice. However I have to make decisions based on planning law and policy, rather than personal preference sadly, and I doubt any developer will be proposing a park.

I gave particular attention to the report produced by the Traffic Services Unit and many of the 20 or so conditions imposed on the developer relate to traffic issues, including a pedestrian crossing with central refuge, a right turn lane and a new off road bus layby with shelter incorporated in the development.

I don't personally think there is much point in increasing duty on petrol because it is pretty inelastic and does little to reduce car use.

I have posted a link above which details some of the conditions relating to Traffic management, a final version in the light of this morning's Open Planning Meeting will be available in due course.

Election Issues

Deputy Burford @ 7.34

Thank you for responding and sending link.

However you say..

"..there is not much point in increasing duty on petrol because it's inelestic and does little to reduce use"

Would a new car tax be more elastic? Like the new system in the UK which relies on electronic register where people just pay but do not get a physical disc

If a complex car tax was introduced it could be ramped up every year until only the wealthy will be able to drive cars. This like Education Department when they remove the Grammar School... as only the wealthy will be able to pay for a decent education. Is there something going on that we don't know about?

A car tax is unfair because an elderly person may only drive short distances will pay similar amount as someone who drives much further distances....not unless the tax gets really complicated with weights and size of engine.

However, the tax on fuel automatically factors in engine size, the number of miles driven, transmission efficiency, style of driving and frequent user pays which is a much FAIRER system all round.

Election Issues

Deputy Burford @ 7.34

Thank you for responding and sending link.

Have the Environment Department gone mad?

Allowing Comprop to build a petrol station, shop, offices, warehouse, car wash, lighting, illumination and parking is startling!

This site has been derelict for years and anything would be a visual improvement...but a petrol station, shop, warehouse and parking???

One rule for Comprop but lots of authoritarian rules for the TAX PAYING commuter who has to get into St Peter Port for work but has no where to park so has to resort to the bus, cycling or walking??????????... BUT.. a new petrol garage, shop, warehouse, offices and parking are all acceptable here!

Perhaps Comprop should take these plans back to Environment to discuss building this development in the Beautiful South! Is there a petrol station every few hundred meters out there? Can the North really sustain any more development like this in all honesty?????

Environment have allowed Comprop to build this petrol station in the middle of a residential area. What about any thought or compassion for those people living in these homes. It will affect the quality of their lives won't it?

This is all because the main commuter route between Town and the Bridge is currently poorly served by petrol filling stations?????? What?

What about health and safety issues and environmental risks. Even Guernsey Water has expressed concerns about contamination.

Environment should persuade Comprop to abandon this venture and put it all out to grass....literally!

the barron

is this not the same outfit that planned a picture house at admrial park that we are still waiting for I think those in power should sort this out first as it is still a derelict site witch still needs sorting out before the move on to other sites in our island or maybe someone should ask what are there real intentions in our island ?


A series of objections were received ahead of today’s planning meeting, but no neighbours turned up to voice their objections publicly before Environment’s board unanimously approved the plans.

Can someone clarify what date and "TIME" this planning meeting took place. During working hours no doubt . Crafty...


Well if the neighbours felt to strongly then surely they could afford to take an hour off work?

RIP Guernsey

Why would they bother taking an hour off work when their objections would have fallen on deaf ears and the plans would have been approved regardless.

nicky @ St Peter Port

It will be interesting to see how the Traffic folk deal with the problem of Town-bound traffic emerging from the complex and re-joining the flow.