Road survey is a job for specialists, says PSD

PUBLIC Services has justified spending up to £12,500 on a survey of island roads by saying it spends nearly £3m. on repairs and maintenance each year.


PUBLIC Services has justified spending up to £12,500 on a survey of island roads by saying it spends nearly £3m. on repairs and maintenance each year.

It followed questions at a parish surgery over why the department had spent the sum on a UK consultant when local expertise could have been used instead.

The department said it was aware of fewer than 10 companies in the UK able to carry out they study.

‘They have to meet certain quality standards, and they provide a consistent assessment that you would not get using a piecemeal approach,’ the spokesman said.

‘As it has never been done before in Guernsey, we do not believe there are any firms locally who have similar experience.’

The department also rejected the suggestion that the company was employed just to examine potholes. ‘The firm was appointed to survey the condition of every single road in Guernsey – some 300 miles – and not just to report potholes,’ the spokesman said.

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I saw them!

They did indeed look very specialised.

One of them had a digital camera and the other a measuring wheel.

I was in awe of them.


I spoke to a friend who got the details on this. It was done with a van that had an elecronic scanner and it's all electronically mapped to a DigiMap map. So MrsP what you saw was some randoms with a camera and a measuring wheel. Oh dear! Minus 1 for you!


Oh, Mrs P, you really are always one of the first to start sniping from the sidelines at anything the States are doing.

How very helpful - look foward to seeing you standing in 2016 to help right all the very obvious wrongs, and not leap to conclusions....


Ok then Mr Fish when I get in here's my first idea.

An email address dedicated to reporting potholes.

Crowd source the info, I bet people will be more than happy to report potholes and other road problems as they see them.

Cost? Free.

(Assuming the tech bods in land are allowed to create their own email addresses without getting an IT consultancy firm in to do it for them.)

Island Wide Voting


There has been such a report feature for yonks at ....

I have used it several times to grass up Martino when I see him cycling on the pavement


As you can see Mrs P, the shockingly bad government have already beaten you to that one and it's also free.

My understanding is that this is a very sophisticated survey which somehow looks at the base of the road surface as that is where the more costly work is done - if that can be avoided (ie resurfacing before the base starts to break down) then the States will get more bang for their buck (ie targeted spend)

Looking foward to your "Maiden" speech! :)

BTF (that's Mr Fish to you)


Thanks IWV, didn't know of that page but can't see any 'report potholes/ road problems' link there?

Best that page offers is "if you don't find what you need here then you can e-mail us by using the 'contact us' link at the top of this page and we will direct your e-mail to the most appropriate person."

How did you manage to find that page anyway? I, like many others, gave up looking for anything on a couple of years ago when it was revamped.


Mrs P

And then will you run around filling holes that are reported to you instead of actually finding out where the issues are and fixing them before they become a pothole? You could genuinely tell people you chose the more expensive option of fixing problems once they have happened, but only because you hadn't done a survey so couldn't possibly have foreseen these.

Cost? Not so free.



Hi Rob Darhling.......I'm getting something, I'm getting something........ it begins with a "B", maybe an "S"? No, not it? ahhhhh sorry, it's a "D" yes that's it.

SO, I didn't realise we'd hired the Derek Acorahs of the pothole world.

I see things so clearly now, they can predict the future.

In which case maybe they would have been better employed telling us how far under water the civil service pension fund will be by this time next year.

Island Wide Voting

Mrs P @ 4.06pm

I rang Spartacus at Grange House and she told me where to go


Are you telling me that you need some sort of specialist training to look ata road and say "yep - there's one. There's another one"...


£12,500 doesn’t sound like too much to pay for a survey of our roads.

£3 million for repairing them on the other hand sounds like a lot (especially when they seem to dig up the same roads repeatedly).

Oh Dear

Yes, that's part of the issue. When a road is asked to be closed each company that has access to work on them should be informed. That way they can each work on the road at the same time (or at least keep the road shut until each service is finished). That way the Rohais won't have to be closed twice in one year. It was closed for about two months this year. It's pathetic how slow they are. In the UK, they do far longer stretches of road and have it in a decent condition when they're done in half the time it takes us. Why don't they resurface them straight away? They always leave a raised surface when they're finished which has led to some our roads being ridiculously bumpy.


Err.... really?!

Oh dear is right.

Could have something to do with thousands of tonnes of vehicles rolling over the roadworks that can cause settlement - need to wait for that before you can go and resurface.

And I think they are all informed - but emergencies do happen


unfortunatly the bean counters are now in charge.

Heres an idea, train an existing member of staff. They dont have to do the bit about motorways. They will pay local tax, social and all the rest. Its not like the island has a plan to get rid of roads any time soon.


Typical of the States, chuck £12k away to a UK firm.


You need to read the story, the whole story. If it has never been done before, er... how would you find a local person or company to do the job! There are only 10 who can do the study in the UK. I think it's good thing for PSD to do but surprised it hasn't been done before.


Whilst I often dismay at getting people in to do a job, surely this was an efficent way of checking all the roads and therefore getting an accurate picture? How much would it have cost to do this locally, a lot more I would imagine...

the barron

sorry 12.500 to wander around our roads to spot pot holes then geo map them come on do we really need this just get out there and fill them propaly what was our road tax paying for what a wast of money

Island Wide Voting

I wonder what they made of our newest road at Admiral Park with its Eastbound one and a half lanes?


‘As it has never been done before in Guernsey, we do not believe there are any firms locally who have similar experience.’

Did you ruddy well ask ? Spendthrift states paid 12 grand for guess work ? Nice tender states , nice tender.!



Do you know how a tender works?

Do some research BEFORE spouting out rubbish, you will find out £12k is well below a minimum to tender.

This would of been a quote process and not a tender process, 2 different things altogether.

Oh Dear

Bad Donkey, before another torrent of abuse is launched from you on these pages. Do you really think that the States wouldn't check to see if anyone could do it locally? Do some research before you spout your nonsense.


There are companies in eastern europe with this expertise and considerably cheaper.



PB Falla, can you provide evidence to back up this claim?


I have a dog and I don't need to bark for it!


Of course im a major shareholder,operates from Bucuresti and has many goverment contracts in eastern europe.


i thought that when the vehicle tax was put on the fuel, we would see the end to these problems.

Whats the point in us all paying such inflated fuel prices if they cannot manage their budgets and deliver decent roads for us to drive and cycle on?

To be fair...... The amount of money we have all paid over the top since fuel was fully taxed, should easily cover a small bill like that.

Please sort the roads out, they are a nightmsre to cycle on!