States would have final say on any church split

ANY split from the Church of England would need States approval, it has been confirmed.


ANY split from the Church of England would need States approval, it has been confirmed.

Two senior bishops from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s personal staff fly into the island today with tensions between the Diocese of Winchester and the Channel Islands running high.

Although triggered by Jersey’s handling of a safeguarding complaint by its Dean, the visit comes amid talk of Guernsey and Jersey moving to a different diocese because of a range of problems.

The two islands are linked by legislation that cements their relationship with Winchester, but also secures the necessary independence because of the islands’ special constitutional position.

It is a sign of how strained the relationship has become that consideration is being given to splitting from Winchester and moving to a diocese in Europe because to do so raises a string of questions about what happens with matters like paying for the rectors, their healthcare and whether they would remain licensed.

The Dean, the Very Rev. Canon Paul Mellor, pictured, described the current situation as a ‘family difficulty’.

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Where's God when you need him eh!!


Definitely not looking after the poor lady at the centre of the Jersey Church scandal.Placed in prison for two weeks then banned from the Island for three years for complaining about harassment by a Church warden with previous.The Church has a lot to answer for,the sooner people wise up to what's going on the better.

The big question

It is custom that says orders all islanders to pay for the Church of England and all started when Henry V111 wanted nooky with other women and to get divorced, so he set up his own Church splitting with Rome and Catholicism to do so.

Every rate and taxpayer are now paying for King Henry V111 (long time deceased ) legacy to support " His " church now handed down to the Queen to head.

Time for change is now due, all believers should fund their own churches and worship, including her majesty, it is nothing at all to do with non churchgoers, however they try and spin it.

It would be interesting to know exactly how much this religion costs Guernsey and the other Channel Islands ?


The big question.

Totally agree with you.It's up to the Parishioners to get together and push for the Church to pay for themselves and not put the burden on the rate payer.User pays.


That canon should be fired.


hahahaha....funniest thing I've seen all day!


Surely not a man of his calibre!

Tip your waiters

They would but they don't have the courage.

tip your waiters

Just like to point out that this was a pun, and in no way an opinion. Unfortunately, the TIG moderators didn't get it and censored the punchline...

nicky, st peter port

Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut. From the failure to properly help a vulnerable female member of a congregation, to the possibility of the Islands leaving Winchester and joining a French Protestant diocese.

A few ecclesiastical heads need banging together.

Paul whicker

Dig the hat Rev Melly. Lady gaga would be proud.


Ah, I thought I'd seen the Rev Melly before and now you've reminded me.


I sense a letter from E. Mauger coming on...


This makes a change, its usually the Churches wanting to try and run our government.