Guernsey and Jersey to establish joint office in Caen

GUERNSEY and Jersey will establish an office in Caen to represent both islands’ interests with the French authorities.


GUERNSEY and Jersey will establish an office in Caen to represent both islands’ interests with the French authorities.

The Bureau des Iles Anglo-Normandes replaces the Bureau de Jersey and will support relations with France in areas including energy, fisheries, transport links, tourism, and business development.

It is expected to be launched in early 2014 and will be funded jointly by Jersey and Guernsey.

Deputy Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq said that it was a hugely constructive step.

‘Earlier this year Senator Bailhache invited us to join Jersey in developing a joint Channel Islands presence in Caen, and the Bureau des Iles Anglo-Normandes is the outcome of that conversation,’ he said.

‘BIAN is not a new service development along the lines of the establishment of the Channel Islands Brussels Office. Rather, this is a more efficient and effective use of existing external relations budgets.'

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Ar!! we're best of mates again are we!


What exactly will this achieve in terms of bringing new revenue into Guernsey?


I am sure that most days will be spent with the French and Jersey diplomats saying to the Guern...come on, share your fishing grounds with us...we're all friends and we've ruined and raped ours so we could all spoil what's left of yours together


In other words they are trying to Caen us

Island Wide Voting

A permanent French Market in place of long term parking on North Beach?


This is very encouraging news and I for one hope that the states of both islands build upon this to develop stronger links both culturally and commercially with France.


If my memory serves me correctly, something similar happened about 30 years ago - not sure where it ended up.

We should have better contact with France (Normandie and Bretagne). As far as Guernsey is concerned, I have always believed that Guernsey should work more closely with France, in for example, specialist medical treatment and education.

In regard to health-care, the use of French specialists and hospitals, would not only save on costs, but also provide better and more up-to-date treatments. From family experience, I am able to say that France's hospital hygiene standards are far superior to those of the UK, and with a range of treatments available which are generally more advanced and less expensive.

I have very good reason to believe that our French neighbours would be prepared to negotiate "very interesting" terms for the Channel Islands, if approached by the insular authorities. However, I anticipate that our local health department and medical specialists group would find, what they consider to be good reasons, not to use France. Let's hope that "foreign language" and "I use the chaps I know" aren't wheeled out again as the lame excuse!

If anyone is interested, there are some excellent dentists in Bretagne and Normandie too. Big savings to be made here! Private consultation charges …. crown 50% cheaper; check up £18.25, scale and polish £25. The dentist did comment on the mercury fillings which I have, with the observation that they use a stronger and safer material. I didn’t have them changed, but I more than saved the cost of my travel!

I'm sorry if I got carried away (perhaps should be), but good reasons exist to link more closely with our neighbours!

nicky@St Peter Port

One would hope that a renewed air link would emerge between the Islands and Normandy.


After the fiasco of Jersey leaving the plane registry all I can do is wish luck to all

Not much else to add

Norman Duke

Confirmation that the Channel Islands are already part of the European Region Basse-Normandie. NUTS Code FR-25.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey has area code EU-114. Includes Alderney, Brecqhou, Burhou, Casquets, Guernsey, Herm, Jethou and Sark. 49º20–49º50N 002º05–002º50W

The Bailiwick of Jersey has area code EU-013. Includes Elizabeth, Jersey and Les Ecrehous.(Not Les Minquiers Islands) 49º08–49º20N 001º50–002º20W

Curiously Les Minquiers Islands have their very own code EU-099. Includes Les Minquiers Isles [namely Maitresse]. 48º56–49º02N 002º02–002º15W

Moral of the tale; ignore history, geography and heritage at your peril. Has anyone told the Barclay Brothers?


Explains why out Govt are on the Austerity track along with Portugal and Spain/France.

When will people wake up.

EU is dying faster than fish swimming in sand.

Jacques P. Haebig

We are also concerned in Continental Normandy by the little interest of the Young people for the history and the traditions of our region.

We try our best to increase the contacts with our neighbours from the Channel Islands.

We hope to welcome you in Carteret and keep our partnership with le Vale alive.

Kind regards,