Site visits could check road closures are real emergencies

ENVIRONMENT will conduct site visits if it believes emergency road closures are not genuine, it has said.

Emergency closure of Fort Road, St Peter Port

ENVIRONMENT will conduct site visits if it believes emergency road closures are not genuine, it has said.

The department explained what action it took to ensure companies did not try to short-cut procedures, after announcing a change to its road closure planning policy.

From next year it will only allow seven major roads to be closed at one time, instead of eight, to give more flexibility for emergencies.

Environment said that an ‘emergency’ was considered to be a serious situation requiring urgent attention to prevent danger to people or damage to property or vehicles.

It also includes any loss of service that is considered by the provider as essential.

‘Obviously, in many circumstances the need for emergency traffic-management measures and closures are clearly evident . i.e. in cases such as a burst water main, where there is a strong smell of gas, a fallen tree, damaged earth bank, collapsed sewer, damaged road surface/dangerous pot holes etc,’ a spokesman said.

‘However, in other cases, such as when electricity or telephone cable faults occur, the department has to trust, to some degree, that the contractor is genuinely carrying out emergency works.’

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Engineer (rtd)

Check it? But would they know what they were looking at?

Island Wide Voting

Surely it's simple enough.Someone reports a hole in the road and your told to go and look into it


Who would make up an emergency? What an utter waste of time! The real problem is - too many people on the island putting pressure on its infrastucture of which alot runs under the roads.



You ask "Who would make up an emergency?". Simple answer - any business that has a customer who needs some extra service. For example:-A householder wishes to build a swimming pool and needs a larger water supply. The road outside his home was resurfaced last year and cannot be opened up for another two years so what do Water Board do ? "Hello Environment, we have a problem with a water service at (wherever) we need to open up the road asap, yes, it is an emergency"

Someone else builds a big extension that requires a larger electricity supply, so "Hello Environment, we have a connection problem and yes, of course it is an emergency !" Somebody else wants a super fast Internet connection so the call goes out "Phones are packing up in Rue des Whatever, we need to get at the cables, yes, it is an emergency". Looking at the number of telephone, electricity and water "emergencies" that seem to blight our roads Environment need to either check carefully and then relegate the non- emergency to fit in with the other scheduled closures or, more easily, charge heavily for all closures so that we, the public, are not paying for the continual reinstatement costs of our roads nor being subject to so many unplanned closures.


But how would a visiting Environment official know the difference between a hole dug to mend a broken pipe/cable and a hole dug to connect up a new bit of pipe/cable ?


They should charge companies wishing to close a road per day according to the its importance. If a company was paying £10,000 per day to close a main route into town you can bet they would keep the closure to a minimum. Unlike the present situation where roads are closed a few days before anything happens at all, then proceeds at snail's pace. Of course the closure cost would add to the cost of the job but proceeds could perhaps could be used to reduce the cost of petrol we waste litres of doing absurd diversions half way round the island. Doubling the length of so many journeys obviously has a pollution impact too, why does nobody care about that?


In answer to your question at the end of your post, because most of us have got more important things to think about I imagine, particularly as the amount of journeys that are "doubled" is miniscule.

I've told you a million times not to exaggerate haricot head, yet still you persist. When will the message get through the legumes and into the limited amount of grey matter beyond?

Island Wide Voting


Come off it.It's been nowhere near a million times