Guernsey Post to examine evening delivery of parcels

PARCELS could be delivered in the evenings from next year as part of Guernsey Post’s effort to enhance its service.


PARCELS could be delivered in the evenings from next year as part of Guernsey Post’s effort to enhance its service.

The States-owned utility commissioned a survey by Island Analysis to investigate support for a number of improvements to its operations.

Results showed that nearly 60% of the 644 respondents said they would like the option to have parcels delivered in the evenings.

Chief executive Boley Smillie suggested these could take place from around 6pm when islanders returned home from work.

He pointed out that there were no plans to charge extra if the service was introduced.

‘The overriding message that has come out is that people don’t like coming home and finding cards left saying “we tried to deliver...”

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What we really don't like is finding a card saying "we tried to deliver..." when we haven't heard the doorbell and the postman is still walking out the gate!

Cousin Vinny

This happens to us all the time. We "tried to deliver" that is without knocking on the door, ringing the bell and ignoring the car in the drive!

Island Wide Voting

Cousin Vinny

To be fair to the postie he could be thinking that you have either walked,cycled or taken the bus to work

Cousin Vinny

Well to be fair, his curiosity would be answered if he actually knocked!

He should probably tell us we keep leaving all the lights on too!

At Home

I use to experience that quite a bit a year or so ago. Always when I was around to sign for the delivery too. I complained politely a few times and got nowhere with my dignified approach. I complained again not so politely, as in hit the roof when they caller on the other side attempted to reverse the responsibility and make out it was my fault, after arriving home from an all night drinking session. I lost it, in a big way, completely and think the message finally got through.

Boley Smillie

Keep/Cousin Vinny,

Sincere apologies. If you would like to email your address details to me I'll have a word with the guys. If it's any conciliation filling out the form and bringing parcels back is more work for the posties so it should be easily resolved. Apologies again.


Brilliant Idea.

Oh Dear

Great idea!

That'll mean everyone's internet shopping could arrive even quicker. Bye, bye town.


I'd prefer a return to Saturday deliveries myself.

Boley Smillie

Hi Bunty,

Not sure if you are aware but we deliver parcels on a Saturday every week.

Island Wide Voting

Boley Smillie

Thank you for clearing up that little 'complaint'in fifteen words and within the hour

Can you imagine the standard reply from any one of our open and transparent States bodies on the lines of ...

'Whilst it is not our policy to comment on individual cases the department is nevertheless disappointed to be appraised of the apparent ongoing lack of knowledge concerning our Saturday delivery regime.Our Director of Saturday deliveries and his team are in the process of preparing an information booklet detailing our policy on this matter and it is hoped that the booklet ,together with an online version,will be made available to the general public sometime in Q2 of 2014'

Boley Smillie


Brilliant! I've saved that one for future use.


What about in Alderney do you do deliveries on a Saturday there???

That's something that I would like to see a return to

Boley Smillie

Hi Pete,

At the moment we just deliver Special Delivery items on a Saturday in Alderney. This is because we have limited air capacity. I'll have a detailed look to see if there is anymore we can do.


you say you have "limited" air capacity but things that arrive in Alderney on a Friday can still be delivered on Saturday but this doesn't happen. Things get left up at the airport until Monday morning when it is then delivered.

Carton Crusher

Or how about they deliver our parcels then take away our sorted recycling. Kill two birds with one stone! (Or should that be one 'stamp')

Devil's Advocate

That is an excellent idea!


I'd love to get home from work at 6pm...

Devil's Advocate

Best change jobs then. Looks like your work/life balance is out of kilter.

John West

This is a good idea - excellent actually. Kudos

Although I suggest if this was to take place that it finishes no later than 8pm as I know some older relatives of mine that would be quite nervous to have someone knock on the door after 8pm (especially of a dark winter evening).

Boley Smillie

That's a really a good point John thanks. 8pm would seem to be a sensible time to stop.


To be honest this isnt really on - Please keep to office hours, and no sunday trading. stop trying to convert the island into a concavee

It use to be good here!

The Guernsey we knew has gone and unfortunately claiming it back is going to take a while? However, basically what is the point of sticking to office hours, when no one is at home in relation to parcel deliveries, this is a good idea and makes sense. Especially in this day and age when nearly 90% of things introduce serve no purpose or make any sense.

Terry Langlois

Agree. I love the fact that our posties will do things that you would never expect elsewhere - like delivering parcels on a Sunday, or (as has happened to me) calling back one of their colleagues to make a delivery now that they know that you are in. It is exactly this kind of service which makes Guernsey special.


GuernseyFRED, I think you will have the option to have your deliveries in the evening or not, so its about freedom of choice.

I think this is a great idea and well done to GPO for doing a survey and then acting on the results.


To be honest your sort of comment isnt really on. Refusal to move with the times and progress is holding this Island back.


Leave the system as it is.A postman has a family life and needs time in the evenings with his family.

Parcel post collection is open early in the morning for collection on your way to work.

Its not the postmans job to work around your WORKING HOURS.



Leave the system as is. If they really want to they can come to my place of business.


Maybe they could deliver hot pizza and takeaways while they are at it.


I think the posties do an excellent job most of the time and don't feel that they should have to work evenings. If we are going to sit at home and order from the comfort our own houses I don't think it is too much hardship to collect a parcel if we are not in when it is delivered.

One thing I don't really appreciate though is having a parcel thrown through my bathroom window because we are not in. Luckily my sons had not left the toilet seat up that morning and the parcel was still dry!


No Boley please don't have postman working evenings,you will be just pandering to peoples needs,the system has worked like this for a long time,I am sure people can spare the time to pick up a parcel from your depot.I understand where you are coming from but I hope evening deliveries is your last resort.

Island Wide Voting

" pandering to peoples needs"

Seems like something that should be near the top of every businessman's 'things to do' list

Boley Smillie

Hi Valeite,

Thanks for you response. At the moment about a quarter of the parcels we take out on delivery have to come back to the Post Office because people are not at home to receive them. Its just as frustrating and ineffecient for our posties, as it is for customers. As such anything we can do to improve that situation will have benefits for everyone. Its not just about offering an evening delivery, I hope we can also introduce more convenient collection points as well as better communication I.e. Text and email. To reasure you we will not be changing the hours of our employees to accomodate evening deliveries, this will be an additional service.

Tony Webber

Well done Boley Smillie for listening and taking action.

A fine example to set for others in States Commercial operations, and indeed public services generally.


Thanks for replying Boley, I do understand about the deliveries and yes it must be a nightmare having to bring back all those parcels because people are not in,I suppose gone are the days when parcels can be left in the shed or garage,or even in old Uncle Fred's coat hanging up in the coal shed eh!

I am sure you will come up with a solution and yes maybe a collection point scattered around the island would be beneficial to both parties.

Online shopper

Brilliant idea! I would love to take advantage of this service. I would even be happy to pay for it as I usually have to collect packages at least twice a week. Especially around this time of year.