States employees' performance to be looked at

MANAGING and incentivising the performance of all States employees is a key priority that must be addressed, incoming chief executive Paul Whitfield has said.


MANAGING and incentivising the performance of all States employees is a key priority that must be addressed, incoming chief executive Paul Whitfield has said.

In a clear signal of intent, Mr Whitfield, pictured, said staff must accept responsibility and accountability throughout Guernsey’s government.

He would not confirm whether this included performance-related pay, but pledged that he would be addressing how to promote better performance within the States.

‘What I would say is performance management is absolutely key to how we deliver and improve on the organisational performance and getting further where we have some lacking performance.

‘But it is also about having better mechanisms to encourage and promote better performance.’

Managing activity within the civil service has long been a hot topic locally. Some deputies, including former Treasury minister Charles Parkinson, have expressed concern that staff moved through pay grades via ‘incremental drift’ instead of salary increases being determined by performance.

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Actions speak louder than words... Let's hope he can deliver, the Civil Service needs performance-related pay increases, rather than the current yearly automatic pay increase (if not at the top of the pay grade set).


But surely Mr Whitfield will have to clear anything he does with Deputy Trott before he makes any changes.

According to Concept's write-up on Deputy Trott on their description of him as a Non-exec director of the company. He is God personified and it makes you wonder how Guernsey ever ran without him. Rarely have I seen such a load of bull**** in my life.


Lyndon is currently serving his fourth term as an elected member of Guernsey’s government and previously served a four year term as Guernsey’s Treasury and Resources Minister. He progressed to become the jurisdiction’s longest serving Chief Minister. With 5,500 employees, over 62,000 stakeholders and net assets in excess of £5 billion, the role of Chief Minister of Guernsey is often described as being similar to that of a non executive chairman of a FTSE 100 company.

Has anyone else heard that the Chief minister's role is described as that?


You're right Sue - prime bs if I ever saw it. I hate it when these self-servers get likened to movers & shakers in industry, they really aren't. And BTY (to the toady who wrote Lyndon's eulogy) I loathe being called a 'stakeholder' unless it is PC-speak for 'taxpayer sick to death of being ripped off by empire building spongers'.


Blimey, that's really going to open a can of worms, I bet there will be lots running around in circles trying to find things to do eh.


Great news. Accountability.

Can Mr Whitfield declare that he is not a Mason?

Speak uo we cant hear you at the back

I am not a mason but am a CS. whats your beef? Or just jealous of our generous wages, huge holidays, massive bonuses, fabulous pensions.... Oh, sorry, I was dreaming for a minute and thought I was working in the finance industry,


My beef is accountability; being responsible for what you do or for the decisions that you make.

In the finance industry there's the (over) regulating GFSC, and peer review/competition and performance and all that naturally regulating stuff...

In the Guernsey civil service there appears to be little control that is effectively policed. Where the main policeman is expediency you should not expect to be paid as much...

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Well,at least that's the 'talk the talk' bit out of the way

Good luck with part 2

cyril serbant

very welcome

Mrs Meat

Nice to know they have the time and money to spare.

Can I suggest they start with Income Tax. My family is not alone in being driven to extreme frustration and even despair by them.

Many of my friends and family are being told their paperwork has suddenly been 'lost' not just for 2012 but for previous years and that not only will all of it need to be resubmitted but they are liable for fines for non-submission and massive but inexplicable bills. Many of them were in fact waiting for rebates. Which of course never arrive.

My husband has been taxed on his full income all year leaving us continually short of funds because Income Tax won't issue a coding notice despite us putting our return in on time.

We're obviously not alone as Social Security are now issuing form letters to thousands of people telling them that as their 2012 tax returns are still unprocessed SS have had to apply 2014 SS codings by guess. So more work for SS on the back of Tax's inefficiency, and more work to come when (if) Tax finally sort these returns.

Ironic that we're all wondering what our tax is actually paying for.

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The Scrutiny Committee is mandated to scrutinize and challenge the effectiveness of departments, including the Policy Council, in their policy development, policy implementation and service delivery



I hope not enjoying an expedient myopia, driven by 'not in the public interest'...


Mrs Meat

It's paying for an extra £900,000 for Guernsey finance to go running around the world pretending that they are drumming up business for Guernsey.So far, after years of telling us the same, we have still not seen the benefits of all this spending of taxpayers money.

The finance industry is cutting back on staff and therefore the tax take is lower. zero ten means many are zero rated and not paying tax in the first place and yet we pour more money into Guernsey Finance whilst the island runs at a deficit and we are all told that the States must save money.

What has happened to all those deputies who were going to change things for the better, it appears that the Policy Council's external relations are becoming a far worse bureaucracy than any civil servant department in their exponential expansion around the world to the detriment of our local society.

Luke C

I have to completely agree with you. Kevin Stewart is obsessed with travelling here, there and everywhere with the hopes something fruitful will become of it. Those hopes would be a huge bonus for him to shout from the rooftops "I told you so."

£900,000 for a possible maybe on a return is just not good enough. I bet all the trips away are very nice experiences for him though.

Politicians are spending in areas where there is no guarantees ever of any returns. The only guarantees that we know about is these offices located at different places around the world are guaranteed to cost lots of good money that could be spent for things on island.

These presences are a complete waste of resources and need to be stopped immediately. No doubt Kevin and the chosen few will already have their tickets booked to fly out to important economic meetings which conveniently coincide with the Caen Film Festival. You see if I'm wrong.

I don't believe any of these offices will ever bring anything in return revenue. It is more a case of having something which provides an excuse to travel first class somewhere pleasant at our expense.

Kevin Stewart should be forced to disclose his expenses so we all know we aren't being taken for a ride and treated like a bunch of idiots. He doesn't have to so I doubt anybody will hear anything until his political career is over with. Then the shocking truth will surface about the expensive lavish extravagances enjoyed by the few.

Metric Anvil

CAEN film festival:-)rofl


Start with the "Duty of Care" of many foreign medical staff at the HSSD. Want to start big , try that one.

W Wonga

Please start with IT!


"States employees’ performance to be looked at..."


'We have reviewed your performance, and can confirm that your work is entirely sub standard.

We are therefore delighted to confirm that you will be receiving a promotion to management along with your regular pay rise this year, and can look forward to a nice fat pension, underwritten by the tax payers, that we know you will fail, unerringly, to provide with sub standard service up until that point.

Well done.


Or perhaps they will pay a big fat fee to consultants who will then write an 'independant report' report saying whatever they damn well want to hear.


Perhaps he will start by telling us what is happening with Dr Sloan, and also tell the public about the other senior States employee who is being investigated for his behaviour whilst out of the island representing Guernsey, and subsequently has had to write formally to the French authorities with an apology.

Why try and hide these facts in a small Island, time that the Civil service came clean and open with its employers the PUBLIC, and this would stop rumours.



The "other" senior States employee's alleged misconduct in St Malo will be very interesting when it gets out into the open as I am sure you know.

I am surprised that the matter is not subject of enquiries from the Press and TV, given that it is now quite well known what is said to have happened. It cannot stay off the news much longer. I suspect another resignation in the offing !!

The enquiry is under way - look out for TIG when it gets out - should be good for 200 quotes at least !


I am also aware that the same gentleman has been, asked to leave several local pubs when he has to much to drink, a man in this position should not be allowed to continue his role, it really is time that the cat was let out of the bag, but I suppose that nothing can be said till a lengthily enquiry has been conducted by someone from the UK at great cost to the local tax payer.

I wonder if he is still working or has been suspended another interesting point.

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Guern @ 9.03pm

'Gentleman' you say! Hardly the term that will be used if the details of the alleged St Malo incident is exposed to public scrutiny


Mac, I did respond but obviously free press is not permitted, I did not name the person but only added other complaints that have become common knowledge in relation to this top civil servant, outstanding how neither the GEP, TV or Radio have taken this story up, because as you quite rightly say it will be another top job going begging.


Interesting , I think too much bad press raises eyebrows, seems the States are in damage control at the moment.

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If the rumour circulating in the Mariners is even 10% true it will knock the Dr Sloan fleeting aberration into a cocked hat

The next few weeks should be interesting to see whether or not the two incidents are treated in an equal and uniform manner



I know about the pubs and which ones -however as I had a good contact in one of them and he said he knew nothing about the incident , I did not mention it.

The first level of this enquiry is already under way -a man from the UK is here and doing his job of taking statements. Only a matter of time.

IWV. I did not know you frequented the Mariners -much respect !!

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Apparently the gentleman hasn't been seen in the office all week ,but that may of course be down to holidays owed


Curiouser and curiouser, all I can say is if this was a nurse they would have been hung drawn and quartered by now! It is fascinating how different standards apply across the SoG. I think as an Island community we should be VERY worried about the image being portrayed by these high profile individuals who are so arrogant that they think they are above it all....seriously who would want to come and work here? Nurses and teachers can choose where they want to work, what really is the attraction of coming to Guernsey? Good quality professionals do their homework. With the aid of Google they can clearly see that Guernsey is run by a bunch of... I shall stop my rant.

Stephen John


I think your fears about reputational damage to Guernsey are a little over stressed.

Most teachers come to Guensey from the UK. Central and local government in the UK is tainted with maladministration.

Add to this the promises of lore taxation etc plus most incoming teachers will enhance their pensions and you can se some of the attractions of Guernsey.

You can further add the good standard of education in the colleges and grammar school.

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A wise move to stop your rant there.If the moderator don't get you the law probably will ... unless you happen to be someone who is above the law


Whilst this particular incident happened abroad it is probably best to think closer to home



Thanks - that helps but I'm not quite there yet!


With you now IWV!! For once!

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In retrospect I believe that the removal of several posts and the complete blocking of others on this thread has been done quite rightly and in fairness to the person who is currently subject of an ongoing serious enquiry ... and of course to totally unconnected parties who the necessarily 'loose' clues may have accidentally dragged into the frame

On the other hand,the facts of the alleged incident in St Malo and of other behavioural episodes within the island are spreading like wildfire via the Guernsey grapevine and any attempt to brush this under the carpet,or any enquiry ending up as an obvious whitewash will merely add further ammunition to those of 'The worst States ever' persuasion

I suppose we'll just have to be patient until the official version replaces and perhaps corrects the rampant rumours


IWV are a tease!

Merry Christmas and here is to an interesting new year



I would like to satisfy your desire for a clue but unlike too many on these threads I am well aware that making statements that you cannot fully substantiate without reverting to your original sources is very dangerous.

The allegations are becoming better known by the day but due to the person's position in the States it would be wise to wait and see what does officially come out. There are several allegations and the most serious is the incident in St Malo when he was representing Guernsey States. Within the affected departments the alleged facts are well known and are slowly but steadily emerging. An enquiry is under way and I think if the facts are as alleged at present , he will struggle to keep his job.

If you have friends or contacts in the civil service just ask around and see what you can glean .

I would not be surprised if the press and media have knowledge of the matters but are as wary as I am of making statements before it becomes officially acknowledged that an enquiry is under way.



Thanks. I will find out tomorrow.


I know who I would put my money on.....but I am not a gambler!

White Rock Caff

As well as States employees I think that Deputies behaviour should also be looked at.


Another point that he may like to look at is the cost to us as tax payers the extra day off that a lot of States workers are getting on the 27.12.2013, hopefully it is coming out of their annual leave entitlement and if not what is the cost to us of those poor other essential service personnel that have had to work it are they being paid extra, and if not why not as other are getting the day off!

Come on those who want open Government, lets start getting some of the answers or is it just hot talk and no action as normal.

Dave L

Not sure if it is the same nowadays. When I worked for the States I would have had to take the day off (ie.27th) and lose one day off my annual leave. There was no choice in the matter.

Mostly Civil Servant

Most of the admin CS took leave for 27 Dec as it is deemed cheaper than opening and heating the admin buildings for one saving us, the tax payers, money. I say most as obviously some are working all through the holidays and I for one thank them for doing that, and the fine job they do all year, when the rest of us are lucky enough to be spending our time with our families. Happy New Year to all!


Whilst I believe what you are saying, and yes do fully support those who have had to work throughout the holiday period, it is them I am asking the question on behalf, as why should they be disadvantaged.

But still would like the answer from someone accountable to the public but then I can dream on, as they all believe they are not that is the higher Civil Servants and those who we elect that like to call themselves People's Duputies.


Before he was elected you would always see comments on this forum from Gavin St. Pier, but it is below him now to make time to answer anything like the above now, but come election time you will see a number of Deputies coming out the wood work with lots of opinions that they will FAIL to sustain whilst in the HOUSE.

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The Press could run a page early in the New Year with a title such as 'What question would you like to put to a deputy?'

I think I would ask Mr St Pier how SAP is coming along


Answer is likely to be, "It is not in the Public Interest to be told or know!!!"

This seems to be the in phrase/response to any embarrassing question.

I for one would like to be told what is going on.

Open Government? I think not.


But who decides "it is not in the public interest", surely that is the public they either will pick something up and run with it or leave it alone.

In this case we are asking questions and getting no answers, so the public have an interest but are not being told anything.

In which case those who should be answering have got it wrong and either have to give answers or GO.


Carb overload

I have it on good authority that a certain carbohydrate can be very offensive to French women, and indeed Guernsey women too. How long before it is removed from the Guernsey menu?

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Did you find that in a fortune cookie?


Looks like he will have his hands full now with all the civil servants that need to go at HSSD, bet that it will be the status quo in six months time.

Will prove that all our Deputies and civil servants could launch several hot air balloons, and that is about all they can do.

But then if they make promises like Mr Whitfield has, he should also be accountable to the public and if he fails to fulfill them his position should be reviewed as he has been given the job on these grounds amongst others.