My own safety does not worry me, says attack victim

A CHILDREN'S entertainer targeted in a brutal homophobic attack has not sought police protection.

Jenny Harding

A CHILDREN'S entertainer targeted in a brutal homophobic attack has not sought police protection.

Jenny Harding, 25, discovered on Thursday that someone had used a hammer to smash her dog, Alice, in the face and had also daubed 'die filthy queer' on the back of her van. They were both at the bottom of her Torteval garden.

But Miss Harding, pictured, said she was not scared, despite the nature of the attack.

'I am not concerned for my own safety,' she said.

'If someone wants to go for me, then they will go for me. But there are people in the area who are scared about what happened. I don't want police protection. They can protect the people that need protecting.'

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Rebecca Le Prevost

Brave chick.

I despise homophobia and animal cruelty.

I so hope your dog gets better quickly. I can't understand how some people are so evil.


The Idiot who has done this should be punished big time. the problem is in this world today that if convicted they just get a smack on the hand and this is why crime is on the up of this silly nature. criminals dont mind going to prison because it is an easy life in there free quality food,free heating ,free tv, free gym, free dental care,and much more.

Just Sayin

Don't underestimate the loss of personal freedom. I'm sure it looks cushy from us looking from the outside in but I think it would be a totally different story from those on the inside. Not saying of course that it's not warranted, that is the whole idea of prison and rehabilitation.

nicky@St Peter Port


Don't be foolish. If Police protection is offered or available, please accept it.

Otherwise the moron(s) who are responsible will take advantage.

Your poor dog won't be of much help now, unfortunately.

I sincerely hope your neighbours will be public spirited enough to give you 100% support at this time and more importantly, WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY SO.

Just Sayin

I admire Jenny for this though. It's not being foolish it's about standing up and saying you're not going to be intimidated and live in fear.


Lets us hope that the GSY Police catch the feral scum who carried out this sickening attack.

Worrying signs for Guernsey when yesterdays GSY press has the following headlines on pages 1, 2 and 3

Front page :Hammer Attack on Dog

Page 2 – Cyclist punches 61 year old man

Page 3 -Three arrested after lamb is killed

let us hope that the ( usless unfit for purpose States of Gsy ) Politicians who run ( not) this island give the police the resources needed to Identify and arrest the scum on this island. There are far too many uneducated “local” unemployable thugs who need a hiding.

Was it not only a couple of years ago two locals ( employed by the states of Gsy - remarkable)were kicking rabbits to death and filming it to post on youtube!!


Ditto Nicky please allow the police to support you. Not just for you but for anyone else who has to deal with this awful behaviour AND for your poor dog!

Everyone who suffers abuse needs to take action to help prevent it happening to them again, or to others.

I hope your poor dog is ok. x


Please give me the opportunity to address the scum that felt that it was not only acceptable to terrorize a persons sexuality, but to think that's its o.k to take that out on that persons innocent pet. A truly revolting person. WHEN you are found out i will be waiting for you. good luck coward;-)


I really think it should worry you, Jenny. There is a much evidence which shows that anybody who would do this to an animal could treat humans similarly. I hope the police catch this psychopath soon.


If you will not accept police protection for yourself, accept it on behalf of your dog.


i agree with gsysquirrel Jenny.I hope and pray this scum is caught soon and heavily dealt with .Justice for you and alice Take care Jenny you have many friends x


Recidivism was very rare before prisons became rehabilitation centres. They used to be places of discomfort not palaces of pleasure. Every day lumpy porridge (no sugar) for breakfast. Midday - boiled poor quality meat and boiled cabbage. Tea - stale bread and poor quality cheese. And this never varied. Every morning you left your uncomfortable and stinking cell to go to work cracking stone with a sledge hammer.

And when you came out your were shunned by almost everybody you met - ashamed to have even known you. Yet you had already started to know the meaning of shame yourself.

With this kind of crime though, the chances someone would have got to the perpetrator before the police.

Bad luck to him and all who stand up for him!

Luke C

I think most of the people are overly consumed by this and are quickly overlooking the obvious. I wouldn't get what my thoughts are past the Administrator so I shall leave it at just that.

Just see what materialises before suspecting something that simply doesn't exist is all I can say about it really.

Terry Langlois

if you think that the moderator will not allow you to post your thoughts, just think for a moment about what that indicates about those thoughts...

what do mean "something that simply doesn't exist"? Have you seen the pictures of Alice?



I can very easily see why you would grate some peoples nerves. You believe only your opinions, which you appear to have on everything as well as the kitchen sink, to be valid.

What else do you include in your life besides militant blogging? Do you feel empowered whilst online and does it create an escape from reality or something?

I reckon you'd suffer a breakdown if somebody took away the internet.


We have seen the pictures of Alice.

What do you mean Terry?

No wonder she didn't want police protection but why did she feel the need to have her photo taken yet again and have it in the press?

Some people think any exposure is good exposure.