Vandals damage Christmas lights in Market Square

MARKET SQUARE businesses have been left disheartened after vandals targeted lights on the new Christmas tree.

Tina Dorfuer from Libro and Hannah Hearing from joys examine the damage

MARKET SQUARE businesses have been left disheartened after vandals targeted lights on the new Christmas tree.

A section of lights on the blue tree has been either snapped or cut.

Guernsey Police said it had been made aware of the damage.

Sonia Taylor, director of Bailiwick Estates – managing agents for Market buildings – said the culprit/s must have climbed over the railings to get to the tree.

‘Somebody has purposely gone out of their way to ensure they break the lights.

‘It is really disheartening. We try and put a lot of effort into our Town and encouraging people to come to Town and then things like this happen.'

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Just Sayin'

I recall walking past this at the weekend and commented to a friend that it looked lovely but not doubt someone would try to climb/destroy it.

Unfortunately it appeared I was right.

Some people in our island really are idiots...


The level of vandalism on such a small island never ceases to amaze me. Part of the problem is a lack of deterrent. Whether it be damage to private property, public toilets or Christmas decorations,the perpetrators know they can act with impunity. These criminals should be named and shamed regardless of their age, and made to do community service, with the word vandal emblazoned on the uniform provided by the state.


Got to catch them first!

Looks like mobiles are a necessity of every day life yet businesses/public areas woefully lacking in CCTV coverage

Sad sign of the times here


With any luck, the Police CCTV camera positioned above market steps caught something useful!

Angry Guern

What is wrong with people - lets hope the CCTV in the area picks them up and their photo is published!


what is wrong with the island ?

perhaps if the ( politicians) States of Guernsey ( unfit for purpose mob tnat they are) allocated sufficient resources to the police then the police could catch this feral uneducated ( no doubt local unemployed ( make that unemployable) youth!

But do remember this is the States of GSY ...all 49 of them and not a chance they will do what is needed and if you dont like it tough because there is not a thing you can do about it!


Insufficient police resources? They get more than enough! It would help if they wouldn't go out buying armoured vehicles more commonly seen fighting the IRA in Ireland!


My Husband has been to and from the Islands for over 50 years, me personally approx 30, over the last 15 years, we have seen so many changes, Guernsey, sorry mainly St Peter Port & St Sampsons, not the place to be, the standard of vandalism has now become unbelievable, how can this happen on such a small Island. WAKE UP Residents, you know who does this. Cannot believe you are allowing this to happen. Guernsey has now become a pretty undesirable place to be, safety wise. Before all you complainers have a go, think about what you are saying, look at the recent headliners. I am from the Southwest and our local crime rate is lower than Guernsey at present, you are having a laugh, you cannot find the perpitrators??? I rest my case.


Caroline, I am sure if people did know who did it they would report it. As for Guernsey being an "undesirable" place to live, I for one prefer to live here then anywhere in the UK. A few attacks have of late have been shocking, but no worse then the UK. It's just makes more of a headline here.


Ask yourself Caroline is it local people perpetrating these crimes ?


Caroline, are you seriously telling us that drunks never damage anything in the West Country? If so, sorry, I don't believe it. As for Guernsey generally being unsafe, that is just plain ridiculous. Whilst we are not as crime-free as we used to be these things are all relative and I still can't think of anywhere I would be less likely to be murdered, raped, burgled or assaulted.

The impression you get from reading headlines is always likely to be sensationalist and sometimes first impressions are quite wrong. The frequent deployment of our overmanned and overequipped armed police must compound that impression. But it makes good headlines, more exciting than lost cats or States overspends. But as for Guernsey being a "...pretty undesirable place to be, safety wise", sorry, I cannot agree. Stay in St. Saviour next time you visit, nothing ever happens, we don't even see a police officer from one year to the next.

I bet if I looked at the news headlines from your own area for the last week or so I could find scarier stories. Rather than worry about headlines, think of your own experiences in Guernsey over the last 30 years. Did you personally have any bad experiences? As for "the standard of vandalism has now become unbelievable" Have you actually seen much vandalism here? I haven't and, believe me, thats not because I am cowering at home afraid to go out.


first site I looked at.


That is a real shame and I for one have enjoyed the change in Market Square this year with the tree and the market stalls, it's had a real festive buzz about it.


In Zurich, Switzerland there are rows of christmas trees in the main shopping street with baubles on and absolutely no protection around them Nobody touches them or tries to vandalise them.

Also, flower shops leave christmas trees and christmas plants outside the shops overnight, unattended. They must be confident in doing this that no-one will steal or damge their stock.

What makes behaviour so different here? I guess one reason (but not the only one)is alcohol consumption and size of measures. A glass of wine in Switzerland is 100ml, whereas a small glass here is often 175ml. If you have a beer its nearer a half than a pint. People still enjoy themselves with a drink, as they should if they want to, but don't lose control.

Sadly, another reason is the total lack of respect which a minority have for other people and their property.

It's not just a Guernsey issue, but it is unfortunate that such behaviour seems to be coming more common place in a small community such as ours.

Terry Langlois

IMV it's not alcohol, it is cultural

there is something about the northern European / British culture which allows some people to act in anti-social ways.

the Swiss are generally conformist (huge generalisation there).

whilst our culture does have some downsides (such as vandalism) I think that on balance I am more comfortable with our culture than with the restrained conformist culture that you see in Switzerland.


perhaps guernsey would have more traditional buildings if we were more 'swiss'?