Winning ticket announced in record breaking lottery

TOP prize in this year’s Christmas lottery of £1,038,000 has gone to ticket number 1135507.


TOP prize in this year’s Christmas lottery of £1,038,000 has gone to ticket number 1135507.

It is the first time in the Channel Islands lottery history that the prize has risen above £1m.

Second prize of £50,000 went to ticket 2614902 and third prize of £25,000 to 2048778.

For full details of the other winning numbers and reaction see tomorrow’s Guernsey Press.

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Happy Christmas to all winners


What a strange way of holding the draw,so exciting,not.

Someone pulling out the already drawn numbers out of an envelope on television after the channel news, with that amount won you think they could have made a bit more of it.

Congratulations to the winner I hope it was a syndicate.


Couldn't agree more Valeite - so pathetic and amateurish


Winning ticket sold in the land of the Toad, again!


All three top prizes have apparently gone to Jersey yet again. It would be interesting to know how many of the top prizes have been won in Guernsey over the past ten years...

Clearly the draw for the three numbers had already taken place (behind closed doors again??) - so only which number had which prize was televised. Rigged draw springs to mind...

Recommendation to all Guernsey residents - only buy your tickets in Jersey!!



I wondered how long it would take for a conspiracy theorist to come out of the woodwork.

FYI - second prize was won by a ticket sold in Guernsey


Maybe the winner printed his own ticket? just a thought :-)

Guernsey Person

I don't see why people are complaining about Jersey winning the lottery, they brought their tickets fair and square and had the right to win just as much as anyone else.

it use to be good here!!

The fact is, in my opinion with numbers being issued to each island, it is easier to allocate the winning number to a particular place? Not so easy if you pick your numbers like the UK or Euro draws, not saying this is the answer.

Guernsey Person

Maybe so, but I just felt it was unfair for people to complain that Guernsey didn't get a fair chance, it's always Jersey etc. etc. when everyone has just as much chance of winning as anyone else that brought a ticket.

It use to be good here!!

Guernsey Person, I agree that if you buy a ticket you have the same rights as everyone else. However, as many on here have pointed out, this seems to be a re-occurring theme that Jersey keeps winning these big lotteries. Again in my opinion, the way around this would be to have two draws, one in each Island, I am sure that the way people buy these tickets once a year, enough tickets would be sold in the Bailiwick to generate large enough local prizes and contributions towards local charities?


Grammar Nazi says: Bought their tickets, not brought!


I didnt buy into this malarkey

Its another example of the greed factor


ah yes supporting local charities is such a greedy thing to do


That made me smile,i assume its a joke MP ?


As per usual a lot of moans about Jersey winning more again.

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that Jersey has far more people living in that island than us. All are given the opportunity to buy and as the old saying goes..Ya pays your money and ya take's your chance..

Stop whinging and like others have stated pop to Jersey to buy your tickets..

I bought mine there last year, and I was unlucky yet again..Boo hoo


Do people really think this was fixed? I am sure there would be independent observers to witness the draw. If it was fixed it would mean fraud on a massive scale.


If it's not a fix -which I'm sure it is- why is there no transparency on the draws, the winning numbers are picked in secrecy behind closed doors. Every other modern lottery nowadays televises large lotteries, why should the Channel Islands be any different?

It's definitely fixed. Too many years it's gone to jersey, it's not just a coincidence there's something not right.

And by the way I don't buy channel island lottery tickets so please spare me the jealous bad looser taunts.

Island Wide Voting

It's probably all above board but it's a pity that the organisers have left it open for those thoughts to even materialise


Quite correct. In this day and age a lack of transparency does create a mistrust. However time and time again we see that when the truth comes out it usually shows up some very strange anomalies ;)


With the old lottery you used to see the machine and the numbers drawn, now you have no idea how they generate the numbers! Even accounting for the 'more people in Jersey' there still seems to be an issue with the odds. I say lets get a Guernsey lottery and be done with them toads!

Island Wide Voting

The 'now let's see which numbers we selected earlier'ceremony was subject of much mockery around the Christmas lunch table

GEP Editor,you could whip this up into a few column inches which would hopefully bring about a rethink on standards for the 2014 draw which I presume will be held in Jersey.It won't go down too well if yet another first prize goes to Jersey when the numbers have been drawn in secret

The Bridge shoppers will tell you what they think!


In no way was I saying it was a fix,it just seemed the whole thing was a damp squib,this envelope given to the presenter,which had the winning number in,no drum call ,no whistles and bells very very poor IMO.

Let's face it ,it was a hell of a lot of money and I think it deserved more air time. There is no sour grapes,as most of my tickets were bought in Jersey so I had just as much chance as anyone else.Maybe I watch too much x factor and strictly with all razzmatazz. Am I expecting too much?