Air Search to buy new aircraft

CHANNEL Islands Air Search will buy a new plane to replace its downed aircraft.

CHANNEL Islands Air Search will buy a new plane to replace its downed aircraft.

The Lions’ Pride crashed in Jersey during a search mission early last month after the tanks it was using ran out of fuel.

CIAS began reviewing the options as to how to get the lifeboats’ ‘eyes in the sky’ flying again as quickly as possible.

It now says it believes the most cost-effective way is to buy a new aircraft.

CIAS founder Roger Dadd said the decision was reached after five weeks of ‘exhaustively looking at’ all the options.

‘As the engineering inspection of the Lions’ Pride continued, it became increasingly apparent that the complexity of the repairs meant it was a borderline decision whether to repair the aircraft or not.'

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Tom gnapp

Why don't they buy Joey?


Let's hope they get a new pilot,one that knows what he is doing.


Why don't you apply for the post, you obviously think you have more experience than the present crew?


Sorry, but where in John's post does it say he has more experience than the pilots? Specsavers appointment for CSR please!


Probably because they aren't a pilot, however I didn't know pilots are the only people able to determine when somebody has been at fault and suggest they get someone better.

It's gutting to see when you give to a charity and someone messes up and doesn't get any wrap for their fault, then the charity has the nerve to ask for money to cover that persons error.

I for one would like a written statement as to how the crash happened and why the insurance is not paying for damages before I give them another penny.

Yvonne Burford

AAIB report here:


Josh you don't need a written statement as to how the accident happened because the pilot did not check that the main fuel tank switch was on.This pilot took off using the reserve tank fuel and of course when that ran out the engines stopped and he had to crash land on Jersey.Everbody was praising the pilots skill for landing the plane with no engines and no loss of life,but I cant get over a pilot not checking the most important switch on the aircraft.


was nt the one they damaged insured??