Dog attack woman withdraws complaint

A WOMAN who claimed her dog had been hit with a hammer in a homophobic attack has withdrawn her complaint.


A WOMAN who claimed her dog had been hit with a hammer in a homophobic attack has withdrawn her complaint.

Jenny Harding, 25, claimed that paint was daubed on her property and her dog lost an eye because of the attack.

However, police said this morning that they were no longer looking for anyone in connection with the attack.

‘All allegations of homophobia, bullying and harassment are taken extremely seriously,’ said a spokesman.

‘As a result, we fully investigated the incidents described by Ms Harding, especially as she is a very vulnerable individual,’ he said.

‘As a result of this investigation, Ms. Harding tells us she wishes to withdraw her allegations and would like all donations offered by sympathisers to be returned. We are no longer looking for anybody in relation to these matters.’

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Very curious....


Very obvious…...


Can you expand on that please?


@insider and everyone else who fell for this untruthful story by setting up FB pages etc, more fool you for being so gullible. It was so obvious that this was not as it was portrayed.

Lets just hope that the animal involved ends up in a safe home and the person responsible gets the help needed.



Can we assume from what the Police aren't saying that the GSPCA will deal with this matter and Alice re-homed with immediate effect....?

Nice One

So if the poice are not looking for anyone further, who is being charged with animal cruelty for hitting the poor dog?

Or are the police ignoring that this crimnal act occured?


I just want to know...Who hurt her dog then!!??


Through the grapevine, the vet believes that the dog's injuries were more likely to have been caused by a cat attacking it rather than it being hit with a hammer.


Not come as a shock, had a feeling after the second "attack"! I hope she gets done for wasting Police time!

curious indeed

what a change in circumstances. I dont want to read into this, especially as the Police are no longer looking for anyone else!

I hope the dog and all concerned are being looked after


I don't care about her, i care about the Dog. Take the dog away from her if she's not willing to find out who's attacked it...


OMG, wake up and smell the bacon @annoyed


Stop bragging about knowing it all the time and we were all stupid...Unless you know the person you would take it at face value that someone wouldnt do this to their own pet.

Your just arrogant.

Luke C

I would have to say he is more observant than most. I saw right through her from the beginning. The caring side of me was telling me to give her the benefit of the doubt. Which I was prepared to do. Then, as things progressed, my first suspicions grew stronger and stronger.

As human beings we must try to understand the situation fully before speaking too soon.

I did state on a previous thread that I hoped to be proven wrong. However, it would, indeed, be a first.

My record remains squeaky clean and intact. Unlike Terence's and so many other suckers for a sad story over here.

I suppose that's a trait with those who have an opinion on everything but know little about most things.


@BLH66 , Arrogant ? LOL, no just realistic, it was quite obvious that something wasnt right with this story, and being an animal lover and knowing plenty more, I would have been distraught, not calm and collected if that had happened to my pets, and I feel quite relieved that what I was starting to think of myself as being too cynical, has proved not to be the case at all.

Its people like yourself who probably thought the Bass was a worthy winner of the fishing competition and that it was neap tides the weekend the diver went missing.

Terry Langlois

my my, giving yourself a great big pat on the back, aren't you?

I assume that your reference to "Terrence" is to me. Unfortunately, your comment is misplaced as I reserved judgement as to what may have happened with this incident.

I did take issue with the comments made by Local, but that was on a wider point than the particular circumstances of this incident. He was claiming that there is no homophobia in Guernsey and belittling the experience posted by people replying to him. Regardless of whether this incident was a homophobic attack or not, his comments were patently ridiculous and insulting to those who shared their experiences in response.

Luke C

Oh Terence. You do hate to admit you're wrong, don't you? Like somebody else has pointed out, you would do well to be more open and receptive to others and less full of your own self importance and arrogance.

You remind me of a spoilt little child who can do no wrong in his mother's eyes. Whilst others around him know only too well what the brat is all about.

You have contradicted yourself on this thread numerous times, which is nothing new in itself really, and now you are trying to blame that on others. Accepting one's wrong is not that difficult. Try it. You may get to like the feelings of elation and ease with which it brings you in future.

I can see your overly strong opinionated personality traits leading you into trouble one of these days.

Terry Langlois

Very happy to admit when I'm wrong. Which of my statements do you think was wrong?


Not looking because they probably have the person.


Someone attacked the dog, and the Police are apparently doing nothing. How is this acceptable?

Terry Langlois

The report does not say that the Police are doing nothing. It says that she has withdrawn her complaint and that they are not looking for anyone else.



You are wrong, yet again. Only your opinion counts eh. You need to open your mind more and realise others tend to be right more so than just you on this island.

Terry Langlois

er, kindly point me to the part of the report that indicates that the police are doing nothing?


'As a result of this investigation, Ms. Harding tells us she wishes to withdraw her allegations and would like all donations offered by sympathisers to be returned. We are no longer looking for anybody in relation to these matters'

think that clears that up.

Terry Langlois

here you go, this confirms that the Police are not "doing nothing"

deciding not to look for anyone else does not mean that they are doing nothing.


Like I said, clearly not a homophobic attack amd the police have stated that there is no threat to the gay community in Guernsey.


Exactly. Take note, Terence.

Terry Langlois

Ignorant - what do I have to take note of? you have obviously completely failed to understand the point above. Unfortunate choice of username.

Pretty Obvious

Pretty obvious really that she has been spooked after at least 2 attacks that we know about and feels that the police cannot protect her or her animal.

Very sad state of affairs indeed.


Pretty Obvious - you've reached the wrong conclusion. Now we all want to know what is going to happen to the dog. Forget about her

to the vale

i hope the dog gets a new loving home . She is unstable and needs help


Read between the lines.... if she is requesting that all donations are returned, and has dropped her complaint, surely that points to something fishy going on? Personally I never believed the story in the first place- it had a tinge of untruth about it from the start.

I hope the dog is rehomed and isn't traumatised too much by this unprovoked attack. If I had the space I would take her myself the poor thing.


I can't believe that some posters are so dumb that they can't work out what has happened here! Hopefully charges will be forthcoming!!


I guess most commenters here have never actually been through this kind of thing? When you are harassed and bullied to the point where you daren't do anything and hope that pulling out your statement will make the perps leave you alone?

If not, don't judge her! Yes, her dog got attacked and it's sad she's not seeking help for that but at the same time she's saving her and her dog any more damage and trouble from pursuing these assailants.

Don't judge her actions, especially when you've not gone through this yourself.


Are you joking!!! Are you her?!!!

It was clearly not anything to do with homophobia from the start and I'm amazed that anyone would still want to associate this disgusting crime with their sexuality!

Jean Luc Discard

I think the fact that 'die filthy queer' was written on the van suggests this may have something to so with sexuality.

Victor Meldrew

Have to agree with you on this. Its too easy to misjudge the situation.

Luke C

Absolute rubbish. I have studied a little about profiling in my past. The way she courted the media, from the very outset, had alarm bells ringing in my head straight away! When she presented herself for photo opportunities later on I knew instantly there was a very slim likelihood of anybody else being involved

She never fooled me, even for a second. Just her posture for the photographs had "please feel sorry for me, I want to be portrayed as a victim" written over every single one of them. A picture speaks a thousand words.

I wonder how much good taxpayers money has been wasted on these imaginary investigations? I am not knocking the Police. Far from it, they have a job to do and must treat every investigation with the attention it deserves.

I am glad I was not one of the ranters fooled by her sob stories. Most of the small pieces I wrote were removed by the Moderator.


Like you, I had come to my own conclusions about the case from the outset.

Not sure what was to be acheived by these acts, but it is very disturbing, and very naive to believe that the truth would not come out eventually. Forensics and facts are hard to argue with, vs gossip online.

Sad to see that so many were moved by the plight of the dog when so many people are also in urgent need of our care, love and compassion.


So what is the truth?

Some are still supporting her and some are condemning her...

Have the police ceased investigations at her request? I am lost on this


The police statements are not always true and the circumstances are not always as they should be told to the general public. I feel for the lady and the dog, just hope they are both treated with respect in the future.


This is astonishing that she goes to the police station and withdraws her complaint and wants all donations returned that anyone would still buy this!

There is no homophobia issue in Guernsey as the police have said on their facebook page, there is no threat to the gay community! Can all those that have been banging on about how this was a hate crime please direct their attention the the fact someone has just got away with bashing a defenceless dog


I though some think was not right with this to

Terry Lihou

Guernsey Police will be dealing with this.. They will make a statement and charges will be made. The dog will be removed and rehomed. All of this will happen, because Guernsey people will insist this happens. At the very least, wasting police time and resources is a criminal offence.


From the Police statement

"Police have also told BBC Guernsey that there is no evidence that Ms Harding harmed her dog. They say the injuries were more likely caused by a road accident or a fight with another animal, such as a cat."

That is some cat! Do we have a Lion or a Tiger on the island?


I've just paused for thought did the other cat use the hammer in the attack?


Amazed at how many can jump to conclusions with such little fact...

Must be great sitting in ur armchairs piecing it all together.. Sure MI5 are recruiting ;)


fully agree with you Josie!! as fishy as the whole thing is, i dont know the facts and am not involved with the investigation so couldnt comment either way as to what actually happened. I find it odd and a little sad as some people who have posted on here think they know it all when in fact they have no more details on the situation than i do!!

I'm amazed we have any crime in guernsey with all these wannabe detectives out there!!


With virtually the whole island supporting her, are people really going to suggest she felt threatened and that is why she withdrew her complaint? If you're 'terrified for your life' you tend not to get your photo taken on numerous occasions and say you're not scared about what happened.

Come on people, the truth is staring you at you. I thought it was suspicious from the beginning and hope now that she is dealt with in a serious manner.

Lets hope the dog is rehomed quickly and well done to the Guernsey people for coming together and providing a enormous level of support (even if now we realise it was not deserved)...

Chicken Legs

"I thought it was suspicious from the beginning and hope now that she is dealt with in a serious manner"- no I hope that she is dealt with appropriately but she is also in need of support, not just punishment.


"serious manner" meaning legal punishment and appropiate psychological support.


the very fact that the police described her today as "a VERY VULNERABLE PERSON"speaks volumes as to her mental state,we few were right,many were wrong and I think the dog will be rehomed. more fool those taken in by this sad and sorry tale of woe at christmas

Nick Langmead

This whole thing saddens me. I really hope the majority of those who've posted on this feed don't represent the majority of the population otherwise we'll have a good old fashioned lynching on our hands. If she did fabricate these allegations she is clearly in need of some help, and when I say help i don't mean a public humiliation by a bored and angry mob. If she didn't then she must've been pushed to dropping the statement by extreme circumstances that most of us will never know about or in dropping the allegations is making a statement of forgiveness (which, believe it or not, some people are capable of). Why don't we leave the judgement calls to the police? The law is the law and this is a high profile case, it will be dealt with.


Nick - The previous two threads on this horrendous affair were filled with pro homo, anti hetero, howlers. Now I know they are very threatening, but as one of only about three people that had the courage to stand for the truth, I do think it's a shame that so many are now agreeing, just because the promoters of homosexuality have gone very quiet as they wipe copious amounts of egg from their proverbials.

When I have time, I will be adding to this thread, a list of all of the homosexual supporters submissions of what they wanted done to the perpetrator because they were conned into thinking it was a heterosexual.

The lynch mob and their threats are now licking wounds working out how to positively promote this now.

So far we have a starter with "If she was not feeling threatened, then it would not have happened"

We have "A cat did it" A spray painting cat and a trick cyclist, mmh!

We have "A car did it" A painting car, mmh, Japanese technology?

Let us wait for a huge unreserved apology from all of those people that posted the horrendous and defamatory remarks about those few of us that were correct all along.

That apology could be lead by Ellis Bebb as a leader of men and seconded by Charles Parkinson, who has huge influence. Peter Roffey can follow as he was no better in the Guernsey Evening Press yesterday.

Charle Parkiknson

Jeffers, my initial comments were aimed at your outrageously homophobic remarks, and I stand by every word of them. I did assume that Jenny was the victim of an attack, and I offered her my sympathy - again I have nothing to apologise for in that. I also said that the reported events might lead to a reconsideration of the public policy issues surrounding gay rights, hate crimes and the anti-discrimination laws, and I still hope that this will happen.

So I have said nothing that I am ashamed of - and i still consider your comments on the gay community disgusting.


Thank you, you didn't quite manage "Sorry" but never mind.


loking at your narrow minded and bigoted views on the other threads I would concur that you are in the minority


Correct, definitely in the minority, but the truth won through and I and about two others are not the ones licking ours wounds and hiding our keyboards for a few days.

I notice that when it was a heterosexual blamed, all of your mob wanted biker groups and I will check later, but I think even guns were suggested in one post (I will look back on that one) to hand out retribution.

Now the truth is out, your crowd are bleating that a car broke into the garage and did it, a cat climbed through the window of the shed and did it and the latest is that it wasn't a car or a cat, but it was a moment of illness,

I told you all about the illness right in my first or second post, but you all poured scorn on the idea.

I think the best plan now, is for you all to threaten the police that to pursue any animal cruelty laws would be a homophobic victimisation.

I think you will find that animal lovers are quite passionate about cruelty issues and I can't see them letting this incident be swept under the carpet, just to keep the local homosexual population happy. I might be wrong, but I think they smell a rat already, when they read that the dog was not taken away but just handed over to give somebody a break.



It's a while since the phrase 'self righteous t*sser' was levelled at me, but I'd have to say on that front, you've beaten me hands down, and seriously rethink the way I express myself in future.

Just in case you hadn't noticed, this isn't about you or your views on how other people choose to live their lives - or have sex with - but about what appears to be a very unhappy, disturbed individual and her poor little dog, who's just lost her eye, due to reasons yet unknown.

Most reasonable, decent people take solace in the fact the matter is being dealt with appropriately, no one has been accused wrongly, and both Jenny and Alice are safe and being cared for in the best way possible (in Jenny's case, perhaps, protecting her from herself), whilst you're on here massaging your ego and crowing on about how you were right and pro gay supporters were wrong and nah nah nah-nah-nah.

You come across as an incredibly insensitive, ignorant idiot, and I seem to remember from previous posts on the subject you have children who are supposedly learning from your example.

I can only hope they don't read your comments on here and realise what sort of person you really are.

Shut up, already.


More abuse and name calling Futu,just like almost everybody else, but it flows from your frustration that all said and done, you and yours are wrong and you are in fear of my next post which will highlight your horrendous and bigoted attitudes.

I will not need any of my own words, I will be using your own.

Am I crowing? yes I probably am guilty, however having been ridiculed ever since this sad story hit the news and completely outnumbered by your group, rightly or wrongly, it is good to be vindicated.

As you appear to be a bad loser, I suggest that you don't read the post that I am putting together. It will be my final comment and will be made up of comments all taken from pro homo group.

By the way, your comment "Most reasonable, decent people take solace in the fact the matter is being dealt with" is not true, since the baying mob have stopped the threatening, from what I am reading, animal lovers are not very happy. Your group only held majority whilst the threats were flying.



Why do you seem to think that there is a "pro homo" team and a "pro hetero" team?

Normal, balanced individuals support the rights of everyone whether straight, gay, bisexual or not interested!

Initially this incident looked like a homophobic attack and caused outrage, that is a very positive thing, it shows that a lot of people in Guernsey see homophobia as completely unacceptable.

I'd like to think the same would happen if any crime was committed because of someone's race, sexuality or religious or political persuasion.

Your recent comments portray you as having a very blinkered view of the world, perhaps you should use the season of goodwill to have a long conversation with yourself so you can hear how ridiculous you sound.

Merry Christmas


What the hell is going on here, who smashed the dog in the face and whats going to be done about it we want answers fast.


Yes Steve you right, I have emailed the GSPCA to ask if they are going to be issuing a press release about this case, I would urge you to do the same, nothing on Guernsey Police Facebook page either.


This is disgraceful - if she's lied then throw the book at her


It looks to me that the last threat was enough , to withdraw her statement for her own safety. has would most people with a horrid threat to be the next 1 hit with a hammer,

Guernsey Fudge

So the whole episode was just a shaggy dog story then ?


I hope this woman gets the help she clearly needs. Quite what made her do what she's done - be it withdrawing the complaint through fear, or the more likely withdrawing the complaint as she was responsible herself. I think the police are right, she must be very vulnerable especially right now.

These aren't the actions of a genuinely bad person, let's not be too quick to condemn her.


I agree she will be extremely vunerable at this point.

The woman is clearly experiencing issues, but she way she played out this story,she knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted out of it (attention from the kind hearted sympathisers).



Please, as it's Christmas, can we reserve judgment until we know the facts?

I don't know Jenny at all, but I was one of the members of the public who was 'gullible' enough to sympathise with the apparent ordeal she had been through. I think most decent people are shocked when something like this happens in a small community and I believe it is a sign of a strong societal moral conscience that so many people offered sympathy and assistance. I do not think that makes them stupid or naive, it simply makes them caring.

I think the two important things to note are that the police have confirmed the dog has been taken into their care, but also that they have stated Miss Harding is a very vulnerable individual.

Please can we just leave her alone for Christmas and let the police do their job?

Terry Langlois

best comment so far

Dave Jones


It is not a crime to find that we are all “gullible “ on occasions, one thing for certain is that given the initial reaction we do have a community that cares very much what happens to others.

I don’t know what the truth of this matter is and whatever it is, I hope that Jenny gets all the help she needs regardless of the rights or wrongs of the these recent events.

I also think if nothing else, it has raised the profile of us as a community and how we react to what might have been a possible hate crime,

So Bridge my reaction was the same as yours and we will move on knowing that at least we cared enough about someone to make comment in the first place.


That's right Dave a lot of us still do care these days and I am in particularly very worried for the safety and welfare of the dog as a dog owner and animal lover myself.

When I first read the story like many others it made me feel physically sick that someone would to this to a dog.

Stephen John


Excellent post.

Neil Forman

Excellent post! Totally agree.


Well said Bridge


Very well said!


Bridge for CM

Now is the time for the public to show even deeper compassion to Jenny.

We all matter eh?


AMAZING HOW MANY 'CLEVER CLOGS WE HAVE COMMENTING!! Always easy to say I Told ya so! Why don't all you miss Marple types do one!! Body posture,knew something wrong,blah blah blah. Forget being smug and let the full truth be reported before casting assumptions.


Something to think about - the story I heard was that she has admitted doing the artwork herself and the dog is not longer in her care. That's the important thing. Alice is safe!The professionals will no doubt deal with the rest as appropriate - whatever that may be.


I never meant anything bad with my comment and apologize for such insult.

I myself went through a lot of harassment and bullying to the point where I was scared for myself. We are not her, we do not know why she withdrew at all. I hope it is a genuine fear of what could happen next.

If it's not, then I do hope she gets help.


What this woman needs now is to be left alone, no "community justice” please. Let the authorities deal with it. Well done Police for clearing this up so quick.

Inspector Gadget

quick? it took far too long! the alleged second attack should never have been allowed to be reported as it was, and ALL reporting on this should have been embargoed as soon as there was a sniff of suspicion, so as not to jeopardise the case.

You can't tell me that all the clever coppers over here hadn't figured this out based on the evidence of the first "attack". If they hadn't they need to step down, and we can appoint all the above Poirot's / Miss Marples in their place.


Peter - community justice is the way of the local promoters of homosexuality as you will see, when I have time to put together their quotes later.

There will be no nastiness or painting or threatening from the normal people of Guernsey, they will just want to know that the dog is okay.

I do think that we have a lot of people who have a heart for animals and will very possibly want to see legal action taken by the authorities. The only way out for the baying mob that want it swept under the carpet, is to go for an "illness" lifeline.


No Jeffers, fortunately, most of the nastiness is coming from you, anonymously, on these comments boards.

'Smug' is another apt describing word.

Just Sayin'

Jeffers, no one is interested in reading your quotes - surely you have better things to do than bludgeon people with your "see, I was right, you were all wrong, I win" attitude.

I may have been wrong initially but I would rather be wrong occasionally and keep my humanity than be right and a bitter old cynic like you with nothing better to do than spend hours cobbling together bits of peoples past comments to prove a point about...I don't know exactly, do you want a sash saying you won?

on that note, I'm going Christmas shopping. Have a lovely Christmas everyone (even you Jeffers)


I haven't seen the police statement but previous reports said the dog had several head fractures (4, I think)-- that could have been caused by being hit by a car, but not a cat attack. A GSPCA statement would be helpful.



Please email them like I have

I have never found the GSPCA very good over here.


Could this turn into a El Classico guernsey shambles thread.


Im off for a swim, maybe a dolphin will swim by and rescue me if I get into trouble?


There is a strong smell of BS here.

One week ago, it was stated, by this fine publication "..found her pet’s eye was bulging. A bloody, flat-headed hammer was lying nearby."

Today we are being told by the Police that.."the injuries were more likely caused by a road accident or a fight with another animal, such as a cat."

Presumably the "cat" or "vehicle" has then gone to the trouble of trying to turn this "accident" into a "sickening homophobic attack".

If the dog was indeed injured in a road accident, or a fight with a (presumably giant) animal...then why did Ms Harding decide to tell this woeful tale?

Why, also has it been reported as fact that the dog had been "smashed in the muzzle with a hammer as part of a sickening homophobic attack"?

The fact that Ms Harding has turned this into such a huge story means that the public DO deserve to know the facts of what actually DID happen here.

There is NO threat to the local LGBT community and it's horrible that a member of that community has attempted to manufacture a problem in this way.

Hopefully this won't be quietly swept under the carpet. National & indeed International news outlets have already run with the original if this a case of one "vulnerable" person fabricating a story (for whatever reason), then they need to be charged with their crime(s) and dealt with in the public eye, so everyone knows that this is the case...rather than having the outside world thinking that Guernsey has a problem with "sickening homophobic" attacks, which could potentially cause more damage to our already struggling tourism industry.


Agree with every statement made here. Very good points.

Guernsey Person

I completely agree. Although we can't know for sure until official reports are released, nothing adds up here. If you were subject to such an attack why wouldn't you want something done about it? I definitely would. Also makes me wonder why she didn't want the police protection? Maybe because she knew something about what was going on? As said before, we will only know when the full investigation has been completed.

Yeah ah

Is there another story somewhere because I can't see where the police stated a cat or RTA may have caused the damage?


Rather than leave alone I do think that the public needs to know the truth.

The Guernsey community was horrified by this alleged attack but now nobody is being sought with regard to the attack on the dog or the homophobic graffiti. Why not?

If the public are not told then I am afraid that public speculation will be that the whole episode was made up apart from the injury to the dog.

if the public are told then at least we will know what was truth and what was a lie. This story is already in the International Press making Guernsey look like a homophobic island. Unfortunately we will all be tarred with the same brush so please let us have the truth.


yes i agree the public needs to know the truth.


I hope that poor dog is in safe hands and having the care she deserves the innocent in all of this poor little thing bless her.


I called Trim Dog today to enquire about my donation and they assured me that the dog has been removed. Such a sad story


For those saying we need to know more, am sure we will in time. But as the investigation is still ongoing the most important thing from a legal point is that any crime is properly investigated and where appropraite charges laid. Last thing we want is for any prosecution to fail due to the Police saying too much.

Terry Langlois

well said


Maybe the donations shouldn't be returned,but transferred to MIND


You can always rely on Guernsey. A young woman has been so frightened by attacks on her that she withdraws her complaints which allows all the brave homophobes to pile in and attack her. Nice one Guernsey, keeping up the standards.


If there is an award for gullibility, you just won it.


You complete idiot. She/he is the only being who brought sexuality into the equation.




I cant believe some of you actually believe she has withdrawn her statement because she is afraid and frightened for her safty,WAKE UP!!! she also gave back all donations, obvious sign of guilt, put 2 and 2 together people.


This sickens me, and to think we as an island backed her up! That dog should be taken away from her and given to a home that cares. Although I am far from homophobic, it doesn't do them a great deal of favours! I would be fuming if I was a gay! :-/


I will throw in my tuppence worth as there is one scenario nobody appears to have considered. How about Alice was hit by a car and sustained injuries that would quite obviously require extensive surgery? Vets bills are often on a par with doctor's and lawyer's fees and it would appear that Jenny is not in a high paid job and possibly would struggle to pay vet's bills. Perhaps, just perhaps, she loved her pet so much that she was prepared to concoct the homophobic attack story in order to gain support from the community; support that might lead to her vet's bills being paid, in reality that is what actually happened. Not as newsworthy as some of the comments on here but possibly more like the truth.

Until we know what really happened perhaps it is time to draw a line under this one.


Just for one credulous moment lets assume the dog sustained the injuries in a car accident. Almost instantly the 'gay hate' scenario is dreamed up, the van gets the vile threat painted on it, the hammer is covered in blood, police and media are contacted, mournful TV news interview recorded, she keeps the whole fiasco going for days then another threat is painted on the shed. And thats the BEST complexion you can put on it?



Unlike you, I try to look for the best in people - especially at this time of year.


You must have a lot of disappointments in your life.


why is trial by message board being allowed here? whilst there appear to be some very sensible comments, there has been a concerning amount of vitriol, even aggressive statements made. if this lady is as vulnerable as reports are indicating, I'm not entirely comfortable that the GP is allowing some people to whip themselves into an absolute foaming frenzy on this. due process will be followed , whether that be through the justice system or through support of mental health services, may be a mixture of both. If it is mental health services,then no-one will have the right to be updated on this other than those actually involved with Jennys well being, and quite rightly so. Last week much of our island were berating ourselves about intolerance shown towards the gay community. That may not have been the case, but perhaps we could take a minute to reflect and consider our attitudes towards what appears to be mental health issues?


Reading through some of these comments really saddens me... I'm a girl who happens to love a girl and we have three dogs who we absolutely adore. You wouldn't know that we are gay if you passed us in the street but we are so proud of each other and our little family unit. I'm not on Facebook, we don't flaunt it and respect that we are the minority so please try not to judge and put us in the same box as this person who clearly needs help. Poor Alice sustained sickening injuries and I just hope she is being swamped with so much love and cuddles. I found out about this on our civil partnership day last Saturday and it filled me with horror. Our civil partnership by the way was in jersey because guernsey still denies us the opportunity to legalise our love and all of the basic rights that brings. So whoever posted about guernsey not having any homophobic issues was right in a way because guernsey doesn't even recognise our love or our family. We walked down the aisle to the song 'same love', I think some of the people who have posted here may benefit from listening to it or at least think twice before typing...

Island Wide Voting

Good post Tina



It is very easy to focus on the negatives, however, I think what most of these comments have clearly shown is that Guernsey is most certainly not backward in it's support of people's lifestyle choices and that there are a great deal of caring animal lovers over here.

The allowance (or not) of civil partnerships aside, most people on here have been very empathic, understanding and as horrified as you were regarding a situation which was originally thought to be caused by homophobic prejudices, but has been found not to be the case.

It would be a great shame if you ignored those comments, which are clearly in the majority, just because of some bigoted idiot who chooses to anonymously vent his homophobic spleen on here, and indeed, appears to be now relishing the idea that the different turn that the story has now taken makes his ridiculous notions right, and everyone who was appropriately outraged that such a thing could happen, wrong, whilst clearly ignoring that both Alice and her owner need the help that they are both clearly receiving.

I hasten to add that though I post here anonymously, I would be more than happy to share the views I have expressed on here directly to people, indeed, I DO, whilst I very much doubt that the likes of 'Jeffers' would have the b*lls or audacity to do either, for fear of risking a very well deserved smack in the face.

Just remember, Tina, those who have such a narrow view of life and depend on others conforming to their belief system in order to find peace of mind, seldom do.

We should feel sorry for them, really.

...and btw, congratulations...! ;)) x


Unfortunately, my last post that I promised to forward was banned and so I will try and submit it in two bits this time. This first part is going to be acceptable as it is made up of the quotes made over the last week toward the alleged heterosexual who was blamed for the crime.

I will try and comment in a separate post, but it is possible that this will never see publication. If it doesn't then I want to make it clear that this is my last post which I am sure will come as a great relief to many.

Suggest you install infrared cameras with optional shotguns! How dare they.

Lucky they havent tried such intimidation on me, i’d catch them and break their necks!!!

If the bikers are involved then justice will be served. As it should be to little homophobic stalkers.

we nail him to a tree, preferably.

Could this scum and the sheep murderer be the same scum maybe?

homophobia towards Jenny….I hope they do not get legal aid funding for it either.

Please let’s stick to blaming the person who did this and not persecuting poor Jenny

The person who did this is clearly unhinged

I would describe this as ‘a terrorist’ attack

Walk tall and proud, you are really impressive. Remember you now have lots of friends.

Its not some nutter randomly attacking animals. They did so because they have some deep-seated and pathetic hatred of anyone whose sexuality does not conform

This mentally disturbed scum that did this cowardley act on this poor defencless dog must be caught and dealt with before it does it again we dont want evil filth like this on the loose

Lets us hope that the GSY Police catch the feral interbred scum who carried out this sickening attack…..who need a hiding.

An eye for an eye I believe would be a suitable punishment

Parkinson at me -"they are not homophobic bigots, who seek to blame a minority group for all kinds of social ills"

this was clearly a homophobic attack

You’re saying that someone who is homosexual is in the same category as someone who tortures animals

Bring back the birch.

whoever carried out this attack must be dealt the harshest possible sentence.

Filthy evil scum they need to be harshly punished name the scum shame the scum….These sick evils are giving our Lovely island a bad name

I would really like to be passionately applauding in the viewing gallery when they get sent for a long time in prison.

Let’s all hope they catch this evil, sick person and the magistrate shows them as much sympathy as they did to the dog!!!

Take no notice of people hold your head up high x

Jenny, please don’t let this shameful act of unadulterated cruelty and mind-numbing ignorance rob you of your faith in humanity.

So come on schools, play groups, private families throwing a kids’ party, give her a call and book her for her services. I’m sure she’ll put on a good show.

don’t let these culprits get off lightly, we’re counting on you to make an example of them and show that on the whole as a community we just won’t tolerate this sort of mindless ignorance and outrageous cruelty.

I personally think if found should be hung drawn and quartered even then that sounds to much of a light sentence to give who ever could stoop so low to actually do it

deal with so many ‘low forms of life’

This girl has done nothing to hurt anybody. Apart from dare slightly be different from the norm. Hold your head high Jenny.

Horrible attack by closed minded vile ‘human beings’. Lets not forget that this isn’t just harming an animal and vandalism but is a hate crime by sick individuals.

Whoever did this needs to get a grip on the issues they have surrounding their own sexuality. They also need to be arrested,charged and tried

that will go to such lengths to prove the hatred they have, and to a poor innocent animal

these narrow minded jerks,,

why don’t we do the same thing to you and see how you like it!

Some low life probably has issues with their own sexuality and is

Our island doesn’t need people like this

Let’s hope this tolerance does not extend to the sentence imposed on the animal/s who perpetrated this act.

I am absolutely appalled that humans are capable of this …karma will get them in the end!

I truly hope this person/s is caught and their picture placed front page!

Who ever you are, you will be found! Watch your backs. Many people will be after you! I’m in the queue!!!!

why are there so many low lifes on this island?

What kind of filth do we have on this island

if they don’t like the way people lead their lives mind your own business don’t harm a defenseless animal to prove a point.

The problem is our strongest punishment isn’t strong enough.

I will be waiting to find out who this despicable person is.

feel the person SHOULD be named and SHOULD have people staring and throwing comments at them in the street because that is no different to what this person has done to Jenny’s life!

Whoever did this is a pure waste of air!

it’s some kind of caveman clearly,

I also hope that the Police find who did this as soon as possible and a lengthy sentence is given to the sick individual.

I seriously think a petition to remove this person from the island should be made. If they are local they should be banished.

People of this kind are the typical sociopaths

They are just cowards.

hope this idiot closet monster gets caught.

I hope when they catch this person, and they will, they get the book thrown at them, this is threatening violence .. disgusting, pathetic cowards.

what this attacker doesn’t realise is Jenny is friends with some of the local biker groups. she’s not somebody you want to mess with.

Oh dear someone is struggling with their sexuality to be this unpleasant..

they should be sentenced to a long sentence in the Siberian Salt Mines

I can see them meeting their punishment from beyond the law. I am not saying that is correct nor will I be dispensing this but it is a matter of time.

Are you perhaps confused over your own sexuality?

All you have succeeded in doing is rallying support for Jenny and her way of life – you’ve failed in what you wanted to achieve and I think that is the greatest message of all.

This low life needs to get his brain looked at. I hope you find them and name and shame them!

The sad loosers must be outed.
Name and shame! Name and shame!

Unforgivable, discusting AND poor taste.

Now I’m proper mad…there someone with a serious mental illness out there and who is dangerous,

Just Sayin'

Too long, didn't read.


I have been accused of being very nasty by many people over the past week. I will not continue to make my point after this as I can't do any more.

I admit to straight speaking, I admit to using ridicule to two people who wrongly accused me of things and slipped up on a few facts. For the ridicule, I was wrong, I could have shown more sympathy.

I have no nasty feelings whatsoever toward the woman involved in this particular case, as you know, I offered my help on two occasions.

What I am amazed at is the threats made by one section of society toward another, which are deemed quite acceptable.

You have never seen anything like the posts above, written or said by the other party, it would just never happen and would be totally unacceptable.

I am known as the most nasty poster on this forum, but have I ever threatened anybody with a shotgun, a biker group or to nail someone to a tree? I have never ever done anything of the sort in fact I merely point out facts, I don't threaten at all.

As I said, I am leaving this thread, but will still follow it with interest, I wish you all well for this Christmas period and ask that those that have been issuing the threats, would have a contemplative time over the coming days, thinking of how they might contribute positively to our society.




Very good decision by you to retreat. Please take your medieval views on life with you. It is 2013 you know.


Oh, I was blind, but now I see!

So what you're saying is, Jeffers, is that it's ok for you to dislike people just because of their sexual orientation, which, between two consenting adults, hurts no one, and is no one's business but theirs, because most of the other people posting on here are equally prejudiced, in your opinion, as they intensely dislike and disapprove of people who could, as it was claimed, terrorise this young lady because of just that, and, allegedly, seriously maim her helpless dog...?

So we're sort of one and the same in our prejudices and moral outrage, but you are right and 'we' are wrong, as the story was proven to be untrue....?

Seriously, I don't know how many precious minutes of your life you spent putting all that together just to prove your righteousness, but I do know it's time you'll never get back.

Either way, I hope you feel better for it, as it is ALL, quite clearly, about YOU.

Lady Parsnip


Other than you, no one on this forum appears to be promoting any particular form of sexuality. Rather, most of us are defending our right to live with our sexuality without experiencing insults, harassment or oppression.

Many people now welcome, see strength in, and celebrate human diversity - but I doubt you could ever be persuaded of this view.

Many people are hardened to the sort of prejudicial garbage we have heard from you - others will suffer.

To suggest that people who are gay are abnormal, or that they are gay because of a hormone imbalance, and that they must control their feelings, is oppressive, insulting, ignorant, and insensitive.

I can't imagine the pain, confusion and anxiety a young person, who may right now be going through the difficult process of discovering their sexuality, might feel, if they happen upon your posts.

Your words will not change someone's sexuality, but they may taint and scar lives forever.

Irons rock

It is all about sexuality, that's why the girl was targeted, that's why everybody was outraged. A Facebook support group grew to several thousand in less than a week to show support for the young ladies sexuality and the activities carried out against others like her.


The polce have said its not a homophobic attack and that the gay community are under no threat...

The dog still got a fractured skull by a hammer though...

Irons rock

Whatever did or did not happen to the dog did not catch the imagination of Guernsey people. It was the fact that the people of Guernsey are so hateful of those that do not conform.

Now that the hate campaign has been declared false, very few are bothered. Any welfare officer pressing for charges will get a very rough ride with suggestions that they are victimising minority groups.I do agree with you that animal cruelty is very bad and should be dealt with severely, but this whole happening is not about animal cruelty, it is about giving a minority group a fair deal.


Yes they are dealng with a minority.

An animal cruelty abuser. Gladly there are not many of these in Guernsey.

How does someones claimed sexuality let them off the hook for a horrific "vicious inexcusable attack" (in the words of deputy Elis Bebb)?

Who is the sexual pertner of Jenny that can prove she is in fact Bi sexual? Have you not thought that she may also have lied and isnt even not a hetrosexual and is really just taking you all for more of a mug?

Irons rock

I haven't got a clue Local, its all very mixed up. I only know what has been on the paper, but it seems as though the main problem that everybody wanted to sort out was greater freedoms for the gay community. That was the main story that got everyones support.

Then there was a painted van, which seems to have possibly been painted by its owner to promote her cause.

Then there was the dog which originally was bludgeoned with a hammer and the weapon found, but now appears to have been run over by a car.

The girl did not have the dog removed, she gave it of her own volition and so she can't have been responsible.

All of the protesters have gone quiet now that we know the gay community are not being targeted and it seems as though the dog has largely been forgotten about.

It suggests that the story is more about the ladies protest rather than animal welfare.

At least the little dog is safe for now, thats the main thing.

I don't think we will hear much about it now, it has all been forgotten now christmas is here.

I think it is very good of you to try to help the dogs cause.


This is the problem I have with this. The injured dog is the last thing in this story that is being thought about when it should be the first. This whole incident has proven a complete lack of homophobia in Guernsey but certain people want to try and brand Guernsey a hatefull homophobic island when in reality Guernsey is supportive of all as the facebook page and videos proved. Still no one can point out any actual homophobic abuse that has happened in Guernsey either. Its like people are bored and starved of a cause to fight for here. Well, use the lack of animal welfare laws to direct your boredom towards.

Irons rock

Bebb and Parkinson were only interested in the gay side of things. they left the debate when people found out that it was a trick.surely there must be a few animal lovers in the States that would ask some questions.

Christmas is a very selfish time, hopefully when it is over, people will spare a thought for this dog.

They are probably very worried about questioning the woman for in case they are told off for being homophobic and picking on her.

They dealt with the lad in the 4x4 soon enough, but I think he was probably straight.


Gollop as well and Dave Jones.

It is dissapointing.

On facebook there are some very new, recent pictures of the dog with its "owner".....

Irons rock

I recall Dave Jones saying that he was not PC and so he might take it up. but then he is also very much for the girls lifestyle and so I suppose it comes down to which cause he feels the strongest about.

I don't think that we are going to hear any more about this, as the risk of being called a homophobe is too great a chance to take for the sake of a disabled dog.


Its very easy to label yourself a certain sexual orientation to be able to protect yourself from any criticism or as like you said the criticiser can then be labelled a hate filled bigot.

What about the lad who ran the sheep over? He has been taken to court and charged with absolutely no mention of his sexuality and thats because his sexuality has nothing to do with him running a sheep over. He's male and straight, so its just a malicious act of violence. If he smashed Alice over the head with a hammer it would be even worse. It would never be brushed under the carpet and explained away with "its a cry for help" and I haven't seen anyone posting that "he needs help" either. Iv seen people on facebook make status's that he needs a good kicking etc. there are still posts here in TIG and the Guernsey says no to homophobia page on facebook on the kinds of retribution that Alices attacker should receive and how the posters would like to dish it out but nothing has been posted since the truth was found out.

Its like an island wide gagging order has been placed in Guernsey and dog and owner were back together on Christmas day. Some Christmas that was for Alice. If you were recovering in hospital from a brutal attack by a hammer would you really want to spend your Christmas with the person who fractured your skull, took away your eye and used it all to lie and get public attention?


Thank you, Jeffers, for post 50 above. It's interesting to reflect on where this threat has led. Such hysteria! It conjures up images of the sort of mob frenzy that we usually associate with TV footage from the Middle East. Why such unbridled anger? Shame on you, Guernsey.


We do not get that level of hate over here, Guernsey must have changed a lot.

Is it not breaking any laws to threaten gang reprisals, breaking bones and shooting? I don't think you would get away with printing this in the UK.

On it

Quote from police : hammer was used , hammer marks found on skull of dog,,. New statement by police : we are not shore maybe run over or atacted by animal .... Some one is getting protected for there own safety .

On it

I don't know why the police are protecting her when she was so publicly rude to them in her first press interview ....

On it

Oh no not guernseys Big Bad bikers I'm really worried now NOT !!!!!!!!!!!

Just Sayin'

What are you blabbering on about?

On it

I was regarding a comment made by Jeffers , saying jenny is friends with bikers , I wonder we're she is now .


If the bikers are involved then justice will be served.

Lets look forward to a new year with no nailing anybody, no cruelty to dogs by anybody of any sex. All of the threats in post 50 were quite horrible and most were against the law.

Lets be more tolerant in 2014, but also more caring for animals.


Where is she now?

Wherever Alice is by the looks of facebook, or at least on Christmas day.


This really is a El Classico guernsey shambles


Im a cross dresser and if anyone has a issue with this i dont care