Former nurse quits HSSD board

A DEPUTY who spent years in the local health care service has quit the Health and Social Services board.

A DEPUTY who spent years in the local health care service has quit the Health and Social Services board.

The department is looking to elect a replacement for the departing Deputy Sandra James, pictured,  at next month’s States meeting.

The retired nurse, who had more than 35 years’ experience in the field, has not given a reason for her resignation.

The replacement will sit on the board for the remainder of Deputy James’ term until May 2016.

With her resignation, HSSD has lost the experience of a respected retired health care professional, who is a former Royal College of Nursing council chairman.

n The new member will be elected at the States meeting which starts on Wednesday 29 January.

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Pity to lose someone with that amount of health care experience but perhaps it is essential to replace the lady with someone who has experience in reading and understanding multi million pound account spread sheets etc?


Would have made more sense for Hunter Adam to resign . He as been no use at all.


Oh you mean "another" accountant ? Oh joy. not. There is no need Capita already run the show in that aspect.


This is incredibly sad and a truly sad reflection of the current management of HSSD. If this was a amicable departure then HSSD should state their disappointment at her loss. She was the chair of the RCN and had local knowledge too, her knowledge and experience is needed for a board. Accountants needed too, but this type of person also needed without doubt. This loss should be questioned loudly.


Very sad news for the HSSD. Sandra is one of a very very small group of peoples deputies who represents those who are victims of the social injustices prevalent in our island.


Indeed Pete, she was probably forced to keep quiet. Cats out of the bag now anyway. Watch this space.

This one will rock Guernsey


We know why, thank you Sandra for your service to Nursing.

The reason is clear to many in HSSD as they are all now coming out with the facts.


It seems that both Education and HSSD have problems with worms in the woodwork!


Indeed Wendy this will be the push for 2014, transparency or some Board members will need to clear their desks.

BadDonkey Like most of our landlords, oh sorry I meant Deputys.

Island Wide Voting

Perhaps the lady jumped ship because she knew her Minister's bowel cancer figures were false?

Resigning for 'personal reasons' leaves it far too open to speculation that the 'Old Boy's ( & Girl's) Club is at work again