Lara puts laptop on hold and gives cash to the Philippines

A NEW laptop will have to wait for one girl, as she donates her money to disaster relief in the Philippines.

Lara Norman has created a little shop selling her books and toys within Freedom Surf shop, owned by her father, to raise money for the Philippines

A NEW laptop will have to wait for one girl, as she donates her money to disaster relief in the Philippines.

Lara Norman, nine, had been saving for a new laptop and cleared her room of unwanted items to go towards the fund. But, when she saw news of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, she decided the money could be put to better use.

‘When I heard about the typhoon I thought the children there needed the money more than me. Hopefully, they can get shelters and medicine and start their life again.’

Goods were sold in her father’s store, Freedom Surf Shop, and she has been raising between £10 and £15 a week.

‘I had a couple of piles of DVDs and bits and pieces. All were 20p or 30p each and I usually come down late Saturday afternoons to help out. It makes me happy to help.’

Her father, Pete Norman, said people had been impressed by Lara’s effort. ‘It turns a lot of heads, people think it is so sweet. Children are coming in and buying things with their pocket money.’

As for Lara, while a new laptop will have to wait, she is able to use an old one given to her by her sister.

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Why its a very nice gesture,i wonder how much of the donations actually get through to the ones in need and how much gets taken by corrupt officials

Not a place i would make a donation to via the the normal procedures

Terry Langlois

This is a wonderful story - shame on you for undermining the gesture of this child.

I imagine that she is donating to an official charity, what more do you want her to do?


Why don't you for once in your miserable life be nice to someone?


After all the bad news stories of the last couple of weeks how nice to see a good story. Well done to thia young lady!


You only imagine Terence ? I said it was a nice gesture,however as you are well aware this part of the world has very high levels of corruption and would not be my choice of making a donation,same reason usa and uk goverment stopped supporting thailand after the tsunami


I said it was a nice gesture, is that not being nice ?

Terry Langlois

well, given that Lara has decided that she wants to do something to help those people who have experienced a disaster in the Philippines, where else in the world would you suggest that she sends her donation?

are you saying that we should just leave the people of the Philippines to their fate?

just accept a kind and generous gesture for what it is, especially at this time of the year, and especially when made by a child who has probably (and hopefully) not yet had to learn the art of blocking out negativity.


I said it was a nice gesture,whats negative about that ?

Having opinions and stating facts sometimes hits the nerve points,time of year does not even come into it.

I wouldnt have sent to this part of the world for the same reasons uk and usa stopped sending to Thailand after the Tsunami,maybe they was wrong also Terence ?


Well Terence it didnt take long


Thanks very much! Very much appreciated!