New plan could double household waste bills

HOUSEHOLD refuse bills will double under Public Services’ new waste strategy, latest proposals have shown.

HOUSEHOLD refuse bills will double under Public Services’ new waste strategy, latest proposals have shown.

The enabling report, to be debated in January, also outlines plans to introduce a ‘pay as you throw’ element into waste collection charges – although the full detail of this is expected to be put to the States in December next year.

Currently the average household waste bill is just over £2 a week, or £108 a year. New estimates show it would rise to between £3.75 and £4.50 a week, or £195 to £298 a year.

Public Services minister Paul Luxon, pictured, did not believe there would be a backlash over the rise.

‘We’ve listened vary carefully and engaged very meaningfully with douzaines, contractors and bin men through consultation workshops, and we’ve tried to do something to fit what people have said as best as we can,’ he said.

‘I hope people will be pleased and interested to see how the details are starting to form up.’

The strategy, which was approved in 2012, commits the island to a 70% recycling target  with residual waste sent off-island for incineration.

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It's lucky that everyone on this island is so well off.

I'm sure that we'll all get a doubling of our salary to be able to budget for things like this.

After all, it's too hard to keep service development in line with RPI. So much easier to just double the price and salarys accordingly.

In the very unlikely and unplanned for situation where somebody cannot afford this, they can obviously change their waste services provider. It's not a monopoly, no siree!


Doubling the costs and he doesn't expect a backlash? I can't understand how it costs twice as much to pick up just as much rubbish as it did the year before.

On another note Mayside Recycling make profit from something we're giving away for free - perhaps it's them who should be paying us?


Mayside recycling not only make money from selling something that 'domestic customers' give away for free - 'commercial customers' have to pay for the right to deliver recycleable goods to them by the van load...


Have you looked into disposing of your recyclables using a skip? It's usually cheaper to send to landfill, unfortunately.


We currently, as an island, recycle half our rubbish.

I would have thought it was blindingly obvious that it will cost twice as much to collect all out waste, seeing as twice as much will be collected ...

guern abroad

Even with the predicted rise this is so much cheaper then what I pay in the UK and it is part of the waste strategy then so be it as the long term aim is greatly improved.

I pay more in one month what you pay rates for in a whole year both occupier and property tax combined for the same services.


Good post. Well done for putting some perspective on the situation. It's not as though we have economies of scale on our rock.

Nick Le P

Too true, £1600 per year for my rates!


Oh dear ! The penny has finally dropped and the realization that getting rid of rubbish will never again be cheap has dawned. I just hope all the ordinary islanders who were swayed by the sandal-wearing, tree-hugging do-gooders who campaigned against the incinerator wlll now see the error of their ways. Will those who stood outside the Royal Court and who greeted the news that the incinerator was dead (again) with loud cheers now see that perhaps, just perhaps, the several reports over many years stating quite clearly that incineration was best for our Island, were in fact correct ? Well guys, you got what you wanted - perhaps you will in future listen to the experts and ignore the green lobby with their selfish demands that have effectively doubled our waste disposal costs and will inevitably lead to fly tipping on a scale never seen before. Thanks a bundle folks!

guern abroad

Burning is as very short term solution and very much for the hear and now with little regard to the future for the next generation and them some.

It is selfish to burn rubbish as the only person benefiting is that one person in that one moment getting rid of what they generated with no thought to the long term impact of material loss or environmental impact.

As soon as the waste management comes full circle and there is less waste in the first place by change to consumer attitudes and product packaging it will become cheaper.

Right now we have heavy consumer waste and excessive packaging so the price is high.

Island Wide Voting


... and the cost of the Suez incinerator was?

Just add your numbers here £...,000,000

Meanwhile Les Vardes quarry is getting deeper by the week


Isn't les Vardes privately owned by Ronez? I heard it's slated to be used for water storage or perhaps a trout farm!

Island Wide Voting


That's correct,but so was Chouet Quarry before it was purchased for the perfectly legal purpose of landfill,which as far as I am aware is still perfectly legal even in the world's largest known gathering of weirdos,the EU

There was talk of producing electricity economically from the waste gasses at Chouet to serve several hundred homes.Think how many thousand homes could be served from a quarry 8-10 times as big and which would take our black bag residue ,after proper recycling,for the next 150+ years at a mere FRACTION of the cost of the proposed so called gold standard export scheme

I do hope that during the debate on divvying up multi millions for the infrastructure and millions more every year FOREVER on shipping charges, that a deputy (any deputy) will press Mr Luxon to see if he has any valid reason other than his usual platitude of " It's just not acceptable (i.e. fashionable)to continue with landfill"

I can't see it happening because PSD have taken an embarrassing four years to fill their blank sheet of paper but here's plan B devised during the ad break of Stig of the Dump

The States should purchase and demolish the single bungalow at Chouet headland,part exchange the headland with Ronez for Les Vardes when it is all quarried out,and let them dig out the entire headland to form the basis of a new Beaucette type Marina after 20 -25 years


No, it's not so much to do with environmental concerns as cost.

Happy for a more expensive option.


Yes we got what we wanted and those with incinerators are trying to get what they need, i.e more waste to keep those hungry toxic burners going. The particles they exhaust are to small to be included in the EU health and Safety limits but they are in USA specifications on pollution. Sooner rather than later when everyone is up to speed with recycling etc those with incinerators will be offering to either buy or ship our waste for free as an alternative to burning oil to keep their machines running at optimum performance so thanks to all who voted the incinerator out. By the way if we had gone for the Suez deal it would be out of date and far to big.



If we have "pay as you throw" ill be having a bonfire each week.


Cher markB

No need for a bonfire, you just do as I do when at my Swiss apartment. Similar situation, you have to buy special rubbish bags from the 'council'. You just pop out with your small plastic bag and dump your waste in the public litter bins situated around the village. As long as you don't put anything in there that can be traced back to you it's an easy way of saving money.

Le problem est solved! Bien!

Martin Wright

£3.75 and £4.50 a week, or £195 to £298 a year.

Sorry, but £298 per week is not £4.50 a week,its £5.73

A rise to £5.73 from £2 per week !!!


Mr Luxon obviously lives in cloud cuckoo world. Less loads going to the tip but we pay more how's that work? And if pay as you throw comes in I will be burning everything and burying the ash in my garden.


News for you Mr Luxon, we DO mind. I'm sure everyone knew that any plan that involved recycling & doorstep collection was going to cost something but as is the usual way with these States plans they get passed and agreed by our elected members based on a few sketchy details then lo and behold the plan unfolds as do the ACTUAL costs.

If an incinerator/energy from waste plant had been built years ago we could have not only burnt tons of our own rubbish and generated electricity from it but we could be burning other peoples waste and charging them for the privelege AND getting more electricity.

Income and electricity from waste; not our States, lets recycle, charge the population more AND pay someone else to burn our waste. Another opportunity wasted, this has not only cost us millions in pay offs but will now continue to cost us for off island incineration and associated shipping costs.


Household refuse bills will double, tell me something I don't know.


And who`s going to "police" this policy and decide who`s going to be fined or charged extra?

Are we all going to get name printed bags for our waste?

If we don`t put out a bag will we still be charged for the collection.

In a block of flats how will the bin man know who`s rubbish they are collecting? I put out one bag a fortnight but the people in the flat below put out three bags a week, will I be charged for their rubbish?

Bring on the bonfires.


More fleecing . How are you liking it so far Guernsey ?


It's not about tree hugging, it's about recognising that the Earth has finite resourses and that burying everything or reducing it to carbon is not responsible, for the sake of future generations we have to be more intelligent than that.

As for cost, what are we really talking about, the cost of a packet of cigarettes or a beer or two per week, it's not that big really.


In principle I agree with this. I do have concerns for those on lower incomes though - finding a bit extra may be difficult for them and I would want leniency and good nature applied if they struggled to pay their bills.

Dusty Bin

I'm told that the true costs of exporting our rubbish and all the other silly ideas we are being forced to swallow, will be very considerably more per person, than the original proposals put forward by Roger Berry in 2001-2002. All the States has managed to achieve by its continual procastination is another massive wastage of millions in broken contracts and staff increases. Something we see all too often these days.

How is it that we have been dragged down our present route without substantive figures to back the proposals? Tax-payers have again been well and truly suckered!

I wonder why Environment has still to come clean with any detailed breakdown for all recycled materials exported off-island, including all costs and income. If Environment does ever publish accurate figures, as opposed to the usual blanket percentages - which mean nothing, I expect they will be another set of “fudged figures”, similar to those which we have seen for bus passenger numbers.

What a shame that vociferous minority has been allowed to wag the tail of the States dog!

Island Wide Voting

Dusty Bin

Don't land this one on YB and Environment.The poor lady and her almost invisible co-conspirator Barry Brehaut will have enough on their plate trying to convince fellow States members to agree to trousering something in the region of £40-£50 a week off the Town workers to hand over to a non-local bus company

THIS particular think of a number,any number, double it and add 10% proposal is the handiwork of PSD which is an altogether different group of chiselling shysters

Davey West

Dusty Bin is actually spot on, the figures should be transparent and open for the public to view, if not why not ? The island does not belong to a few politicians, or heady civil servants, it belongs to islanders who employ them to mange the resources.

How Minister Paul Luxon has the audacity to say that a doubling of charges will not cause any public backlash, shows contempt for the people he is supposed to represent. Charges are never reduced once introduced.

Be afraid Guernsey cousins, if one department that is so out of touch with islanders, pushes ahead with these charges, and is allowed to get away with the increases, without serious opposition, clearly other departments will follow suit, as sure as night follows day.

Car parking charges anyone ?

The Birch

I agree with your views Davey West and also those of Dusty Bin. How can we trust someone's word when they have already hood-winked the electorate over school closures, going back on an ELECTION PROMISE given at the hustings two years ago.

I am sure that Mr Luxon can afford to pay double refuse charges charges from the handsome salary we pay him as a Minister, but how on Earth can he claim that "a doubling of charges will not cause any public backlash"? I am sure that there will be plenty of volunteers queuing up to administer his public back-lashing in Market Square!

I would also like to ask Mr Luxon where people living in small flats will be able to store all the different coloured bags between collections?


Nothing wrong with pay as you throw UNLESS of course there is a huge disparity in earnings !!!

Regressive taxes have reduced the working classes in the UK to begging at fuel banks dont let it happen here.


As a pensioner I, like many others of my age group, recycle more than most and could even manage with one dustbinbag a fortnight,so why on earth should we have to pay 'extra' for those who can't be bothered?

Deputies are not Gods,but 'people's representatives' and should be acting accordingly!