Deputy reassures neighbours over Bridge waste storage

ASSURANCES have been given that waste stored at Griffiths Yard will not become a nuisance for nearby residents, a neighbouring deputy has said.


ASSURANCES have been given that waste stored at Griffiths Yard will not become a nuisance for nearby residents, a neighbouring deputy has said.

Public Services has chosen the yard for the temporary storage of black bag waste before it is shipped off-island for incineration under the department’s new waste strategy.

Northside resident Deputy Dave Jones was concerned when he first heard the plans.

However, he said he had been reassured after a discussion with Public Services minister Paul Luxon.

‘By the time the waste comes to the yard it will have been properly sorted and baled – I was concerned about the smell and vermin and all the rest,’ he said.

‘The storage will be off the ground and the waste will be properly wrapped, for it to be ready for shipment it has to meet certain health standards, so by the time it comes to the yard it will have had to pass those requirements. I’m less concerned than I was.

‘We didn’t want an incinerator and this is the option we’ve got – I was one of the people who voted against having an incinerator.’

For the past 20 years the States-owned site has been leased by Marine and General Boatworks on a rolling contract.

‘We’ve been in discussion with PSD for some time about them taking back an area to be used for storage of waste,’ said managing director David Norman, pictured.

‘The details of what area they will be taking up, and how much, haven’t been decided yet. We use the yard for the storage of boats and equipment but boats aren’t laid up as much as they used to be.’

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Heathers Elbow

So unconcerned that you've been trying to offload your house, egh Dave!

Dave Jones

Thank you Heather

The House was taken off the market over a month ago, I have a four bedroom house for just two of us.

We wanted a bungalow but just like lots of other people our search for something affordable proved fruitless. So we are quite happy to stay here with the Sea views we have.


Dave Jones.If they store at Griffiths Yard will you still have a beautiful sea view?.

If you lose the view you will have the seagulls to remind you there`s sea beyond the storage containers and the dust from the returning ash containers.

Best plan is purchase les vardes quarry fill it with residual waste and keep recycling other material.

Due to demand property prices have gone haywire.Your property has devalued due to more industrial pollution activites on your doorstep.

Dave Jones


There are no houses opposite Griffiths Yard.

And as I understand it the ash will only be returned if we send our waste to Jersey which is looking more unlikely everyday as their are much cheaper a better deals available in Europe with the added bonus of not having to deal with the ash problem.

As for the property being devalued, I am not sure that is true at all, we have a property that overlooked a marina which is very desirable for some people.


Oh dear .


I assume Mr Jones although you did not want an incinerator here you have no issues with some where else burning our waste in theirs. Seems a little Hippocratic to me. Will you, and all of the people who protested against the evils of incineration be marching again, bet not, as long as it's not in our back yard. And we will all end up paying much more than they are claiming at present because of this minority of hypocrites who have gone very quiet on incineration else where.

Dave Jones


Not at all, it was very simple for me.

First of all it made no sense at all to build to enormous incinerators at circa 80 million each just 20 miles apart.

Secondly I did not want a waste management system that produced 1,800 tons of toxic ash for us to get rid of every year, there were / are other heat treatment systems that do not do so.

I also from the very beginning, wanted a waste reduction programme, not an incinerate everything solution and we have shown as a community that we were very keen to do that with our putricable waste now down to around 35,000 tons with the rest of the waste stream being recycled.

I think that we can get that down further in the future and once we deal with food waste by way of anorobic digestion, the dry recyclables will go up.

We only contaminate much of the dry packaging we put in our black sacks by

chucking food waste on top of it.

Eventually I believe we will have a heat treatment system of our own on island but I doubt it will be the mass burn model that was envisaged at the start of this trawl for waste managment solutions.

I am not being hypocritical for wanting the best a most cost effective waste solution for Guernsey, after all isn't that what we are supposed to do as Deputies, not by the first thing of the shelf at a horrendous cost.

Of course our households bills will rise for disposing of our rubbish as we won't be taking the cheap option of dumping it in a hole in the ground any longer but I am happy that the costs will still be significantly lower than building, maintaining and running a huge oversized inefficient incinerator which is what the Jersey model is starting to look like.


Dave Jones is making a case that deserves our respect and support.

Dave Jones

Sorry about the typos but I am rushing this post as usual


Typos show you are human Dave. Unlike a lot of Deputy's I would love to mention. Have a Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hope we have a better 2014.

Dave Jones


I thank you for your best wishes and I hope all islanders have a very happy Christmas and a better 2014.

I know that many families are struggling at present and I hope we can come further out of this recession next year and things will look brighter for everybody, especially the less well off in our community.

Bon Noel


If the area near his house is to become a refuse sorting area perhaps Deputy Jones should rename Pilots Lodge as Pile of Sludge....



I think dave comes in for a lot of unfair flak from people,he is probably more approachable than most

Have a pleasant xmas Mr D Jones

Dave Jones

Thank you

At least Christmas is not another shambles.


Good one Dave. We stopped the incinerators.

Now as a New Year resolution, we need to resolve to dump FTP,( Fleece the Poor).

Seriously challenge the bloody not financially challenged blue coat Tories who are ripping us off. You know who they are and I do too.

No belt tightening needed in them circles.

Am amazed that the rich robbin gits are still getting away with FTP?

Dave Jones


I am not sure I am with you on this one, the FTP is essential if we are not to continue spending more than we earn.

The days when we had 40-50 million pound surpluses every year are long gone and unfortunatly the government became bloated and profligate simply because the money was always there to fund whatever we wanted and whatever demands were made upon it.

Massive overspends were common place because the money would always be found.

The rude awaking came with zero 10 and the global crash. We have had to slim government down and cut our spending . At present our target is 31 million every year in savings it is perfectly achievable in my view and I would be the first to agree that we have all had to stump up more to get the books to balance, we still have a little way to go.

No successful economy can survive very long living above its means but on the other hand we are still in remarkable shape, with no external debt high levels of employment and a fairly buoyant economy given the global circumstances.

Many jurisdictions gaze at us with envy because they have managed to do none of that.


Again I'm pleased to be able to support Dave Jones's forthright position respecting the Government deficit and the urgent need to learn to live within our means.

The only criticism that should be made of FTP is that it has extended the period allowed for relatively minor corrections in expenditures to take a projected seven year; a period that is, in the opinion of many, irresponsibly long!

Perhaps we needed more Deputies like Deputy Dave Jones to face up to the real issues and the changes required.