Thieves take family’s kayak from Petit Bot

A BOY has been left devastated after his family’s kayak was stolen from Petit Bot Bay.


A BOY has been left devastated after his family’s kayak was stolen from Petit Bot Bay.

Reuben Hale’s kayak was chained to a wooden pole at the side of the bay when it was stolen.

Even the sturdy bike lock, used to keep it secure, was taken by the thieves.

The 10-year-old, pictured, said his family used the kayak most weekends during the summer at the bay and could not believe someone would take it when it was chained up.

‘I’m quite upset,’ said the St Andrew’s Primary pupil.

‘Me and my two sisters used to kayak quite a lot. I’m going to really miss it.'

The family now want to warn others of the dangers of leaving one unattended – even if it is chained.

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Is it possible that this kayak has been removed rather than stolen? Should it really have been just left, chained or not, at the side of the bay? If all beach/kayak users left their items at the beach until they were required again, our beaches would be very cluttered.

Guernsey Fred

To be Honest - it wasnt removed, Or it was! By Theives! HA!

No Seriously, this makes me put two padlocks on my kyack and i keep the firmly on my own property. maybe i should paint my name on it so others will not use it if they steal it. could be an idea for other Kyakers to Have a go at painting their names.

on their kyacks.


Modern day guernsey


It's a shame, but it's common sense not to leave something valuable unattended for that long.


I presume they had a permit to leave it there?

Royston Gauno

They are licensed in Jersey with a disc, if they where paying £25 a year maybe they would look after them and not leave them laying around.


I think I can resolve the mystery.

Many people thought who frequent the area thought the kayak was an eyesore and appeared to have been abandoned on public land and put complaints in about it being there.

A notice was placed on it saying to remove it from public land within a certain time period or it would be removed and destroyed.(I think this may have been from the douzaine) What has happened here is exactly the same as happens in all other areas around the island, eg, rousse, Port Grat etc when abandoned boats are disposed of by the douzaine and PSD. This is carried out regularly to the island looking neat and tidy.

Basically these people should have taken their kayak home when they finished using and not abandon it on public land causing an eyesore.

If everyone who kayaked at Petit Bot abandoned their Kayaks their at the end of the day, instead of taking them home, then there would not be any room for people and it would look terrible.


OMG you guys are unbelievable...

'I presume they had a permit'

'it's common sense not to leave something valuable unattended for that long'

'If all beach/kayak users left their items at the beach until they were required again, our beaches would be very cluttered'

You guys are a bunch of negative, insensitive idiots. This is a young boy who unlike most other children of his age, gets exercise and enjoys outside activities.. his pride and joy has been stolen, and YET you guys in a round about way criticise him..

If he had his Playstation taken, no doubt you would have said, oh well, now he can get off his backside and get outside.. I swear, you guys wait for a story to be placed on here, and then you pounce with your negative crap... You need to get out more.. in fact, go buy a kayak or take up a hobby and in future, think before you type...


GSYGIRL,my thoughts exactly the people that put some of these things here are just out to get a reaction.its their kind of thinking that makes me dis pear at what the world is coming to,as you say they will moan at anything.i expect most do not even know what exercise is,and are just cyber bullies.


If you had read the comments to this story you would have known that the only comments that could even come close to cyber bullying is your's and GSYGIRL's. Implying that the other commenters 'do not even know what exercise is' is quite rude.

@GsyGirl Calling me and other commenters 'insensitive idiots' because we have a different viewpoint to you is completely ignorant. Maybe you should think before you type...



Gsy Girl's comments make perfect sense, although "insensitive idiots" probably doesn't go far enough. Your viewpoint is different, yup ! Most posters display a little pity for the lad's loss, you, and others, merely jump up on your soapbox, puff out your little chests and pontificate. Get a life!


Next along will be Terence to enter the fray!


@Paddler I agree that most posters on here do like to jump up on their soapboxes, me included. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this a comment section? Isn't the entire point of a comment section to share your comments and opinions?

If you check my comment from Dec 24th you'll see that I said 'It's a shame..', is that not displaying pity? It's at least comparable to the pity you've shown to the boy so far.

Nice original insult telling me to 'Get a Life!'. That's quite a funny pontification coming from your little puffed out chest. The phrase 'takes one to know one' comes to mind.


I have to say, in my original post, I didn't use the word 'idiots' in fact, TIG changed it.. I used a totally different word.. obviously one not 'politically correct' to use on this forum.. :)



Dont be so down. Might only be for a while


If he'd had his PlayStation chained up at the beach, how long do you think it would've remained there?

Donkey's Wotsits

One family treating a beach area as their personal storage area is bad enough, but what about the outdoor pursuits company who do it on a commercial scale? They should pay rent at least.


The Killjoy police strike again. Can't help but agree with Mr PB Falla, hmm that's twice in as many weeks :-/

It's a kids kayak at a beach, does it really cause that much distress to others? I don't think so.


The truth be told his father could not be botherd to take it home each time they used it


Oh for heaven's sake ! What happened to that good old Christmas Spirit ? Surely Dad was being sensible in allowing Rueben to keep his kayak down at Petit Bot - not only reducing the journeys he made (a la Rosie) but ensuring Rueben could cycle down to the Bay to use his kayak whenever he wanted ? If Dad drove to the beach and back every day some keyboard cowboy on here would starting whinging about wasting petrol and clogging up the highway. I hope the miserable thief realizes just how cruel he has been and returns the kayak. As for the whingers ? You are every bit as cruel as the thief - get a life!


Christmas sprit?? I drank that two days ago.

I'm afraid these days if you don't nail things down you'll get um nicked.


A ten year old kid out kayaking without adult supervision is not good parenting as far as I'm concerned. The fact that it has been nicked may be a blessing in disguise.

His parents should consider the dangers.

Whatever next?


Paddler. Was this child really cycling down to Petit Bot? I would be delighted to think that they were although I think 10 is too young to be allowed to paddle out alone without supervision. Maybe the whole family were cycling down there which would be fantastic but the cynic in me suspects that they were driving, in which case I think they should have been taking the kayak home with them as most other posters have said.

I have often thought tho' that there could be more storage down at some of the beaches so that it would be possible to leave big beach things and then not need to take the car. Particularly at places like Vazon where it could be really useful to be able to leave surf boards, paddle boards, wet suits etc.


You will pay for such facilities then, or will you expect motorists to cover the cost to implement those too?

Other than extravagant travelling allowances our elected can't seem to find much left in the pot for anything else at the moment.

You live in a dream world. One day you will wake up and see the reality. I wouldn't want coastal scenes littered with all manner of things. It would pose a health and safety hazard and would quickly turn into a dumping ground for all manner of things.



Too young at 10 to be out in a kayak on his own - but quite safe to cycle on our roads. Yeah right.


Paddler .. you really are out of your depth there, the sea is one hell of a deadly place to be in a kayak especially in our waters and if you're only 10 and you haven't the mussels to paddle when you tired.



I assume you're not local? Nobody in their right mind would use mussels to paddle, ormers would be much more effective.


Ignorant. Obviously you would have to rent the space.... I figured that that went without saying. I also mentioned ‘storage’ as in meaning some sort of building / beach-hut or something. Why is that living in a ‘dream world’? It’s just an idea. I also don’t want our coastline ‘littered with all manner of things’. I don’t know how you could have read my post and come to the conclusion that that was what I said! Weird!

Paddler. I presume that the point you are making is that our roads are too busy / dangerous for 10 year olds to cycle on. If so, you confirm a point I have made on here many times that our roads are just too dominated by private vehicles, deterring adults and children from cycling.



Rent from those who we already own the land?

Rent, and be taxed further, from the same people who we are already paying to keep in work?

For what exactly?


What drugs do you take?

You are on something fantastic that the rest of us need to know all about.

Your simplistic, and very childish, idealisms is a part of your being which I doubt with everything you say/type.


At least whilst you're ahead.

You look more foolish as you progress!

My trust in you has gone.

That will be that, then.

You are a has been.

At least as far as I'm concerned.



Hmmm! Ignorant. I simply don’t see the point in your aggressive post- it’s so full of poisonous bile that I can’t even work out what your argument is....if there is one! My suggestion was just that- a suggestion and hardly radical for goodness sake.

I can only presume that you are trying to live up to your name. Well you're doing a good job.


I have 3 kayaks I would like to leave chained up down Petit Bot on public land aswell, for my children to use, any objections?


Go nuts, I could use a new kayak!

Jerry Jihad

So long as you mark your possession by placing a blue pebble on top and its left no more than 30ft from the high water mark they cant do anything about it in Old Guernsey Law.

Island Wide Voting

Funny you should mention that Mr Jihad

I always keep half a dozen blue pebbles, a tide table and a tape measure in my pockets for that very purpose


Has anybody considered it may well have been used by one of PB Falla's groupies joining the Exodus?

I'd ask the French to be on the lookout!


I think you need to stand 30ft below high water with a peddle on your head.

Island Wide Voting


Been there,done that without a paddle in a very deep puddle,but the peddle made me piddle


I have a kayak for my children to use and have had for a few years now. During the summer it is kept on the roof of my car and I heave it on and off when they want to use it - not an easy job. In the winter months, I wrap it in a tarpaulin and keep it in the back garden. In this day and age I don't think I would risk chaining it up at ANY beach to use as and when I wanted.

I have to agree that no-one should allow their 10 year old son to "cycle down and go for a paddle whenever they wanted" - although I am not sure if this is what was actually happening.



LM .. all good points. My question is how often will it have been used at this time of year with this weather?

was the intention just to leave it there until summer?


Trouble with these stories is that someone always ends up giving the boy/girl a new kayak / bike!

Who needs insurance? A sob story in the press is much cheaper!


If some misguided soul does cough up for a replacement one following this sob story, I think I shall scream and scream until I am feeling most unwell.


Surely you mean you shall scweam and scweam?


Surely you mean you shall scweam and scweam?


These type of stories do my head in, its as bad as the poor kid bike theft stories. The 'Press should stop printing these stories.

Jerry Jihad

The truth is out, it was forgotten - left on the roof rack of the car all the time.

Alyssa Hale

My brother Reuben never cycled down to Petit Bot, he's 10 years old for god sakes. In this article does it say anything about him cycling down to petit bot? I thought not. It's people making pathetic accusations. My dad and family thought it would be safe to keep the kayak down at petit bot, but clearly not.

on the other hand

Look. Clearly people have their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with leaving stuff around. I get that!

But maybe we should also be looking at all the businesses around the island that leave their hi-abs/skip lorries and any other profit making equipment in our coastal carparks without (as far as I know) paying a bean towards? The storage of plant should be part of the business model surely?

I reckon a lesson has been learned in this particular incident and our attention should be elsewhere.

Mr Falaize, i know this particular incident is not in your parish but what about the businesses I mentioned. There are plenty examples in the Vale.