Avoid recycling rush on Boxing Day

EXTRA bins are being provided at all the main recycling sites with additional collections also laid on to cope with the peak demand this Christmas.


EXTRA bins are being provided at all the main recycling sites with additional collections also laid on to cope with the peak demand this Christmas.

But Public Services is still encouraging islanders to avoid the traditional rush on Boxing Day.

Although no problems have been reported for the last two years, in the past some bring bank facilities have struggled to cope with the volume of recycling straight after Christmas.

Recycling officer Tina Norman-Ross said the improvement was not just because additional facilities were provided, but thanks to the efforts of contractors States Works and Mayside Recycling.

‘While most of us are enjoying a relaxing Christmas, the guys will be out there until late on Christmas Eve clearing all the sites and then back in early on Boxing Day to keep on top of what is a bumper period,’ she said.

‘It would help them a lot if people don’t leave any items beside the bins. So if anyone finds the bring bank is full, please, please take it away and try again later.

‘Boxing Day is traditionally the busiest, so it is worth waiting a day or two if you can. Just relax and enjoy the holiday.’

Any Christmas cardboard packaging and wrapping can be deposited at the bring bank sites, and polythene and bubble wrap can be recycled at Longue Hougue.

The Longue Hougue site is closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

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Im sitting in the sun and no one is asking me to do this, not my problem

re-cycling is a modern day scam



I suppose its only your worn out PINK lyra`s that will be recycled PB Falla.

Garbage Absolutely Gone

What is a lyra? Is it some sort of a Guernsey knitted bonnet?

Guernsey Fudge

Take all the packaging back to the supermarkets.

They have charged us for it.

Let them dispose of it at their cost.


PB FALLA why not ?



Its called personal choice

Garbage Gone

Sorry, but if you want us to recycle, I will do it when I want to. And what is the difference etween doing it today, and tomorrow anyway? Just been down to Salerie Corner and there are loads of bins, and also very early today, loads of recyclers too.

Think I understand what PB Falla is getting at, in the UK and Paris all our waste is taken away for us, no shlepping down t'ip to gt rid of cardboard etc. i also feel actually that all this recycling is pretty meaningless anyway, given the Indian archipelago it all ends up being tossed on,

Island Wide Voting

Just read the bloomin' report and it will explain ( to most people anyway) WHY they are asking for the busiest recycling period to be stretched over two or three days!

Garbage Absolutely Gone

Yes I read the report, luckily I am fully equipped in the "reading and understanding what is written" department Mr Rude! (sorry you may be a Ms or a Miss, but one cannot tell by your banter. )

Island Wide Voting

Yes I can see that you are OK in the reading and writing departments.It's just the comprehension department that appears to be troubling you

Terry Langlois

Garbage Gone - you will soon have your wish when kerbside recycling arrives. But bills will most probably increase in order to compensate for the fact that the States will be doing a job that people currently do for themselves.

IMV, recycling is particularly important in Guernsey as we are running out of landfill options. Regardless of the wider environmental considerations, a failure to recycle suggests a lack of consideration for the welfare of this island's own environment.

will do now

I would like to know where our recycling goes as it appears not to leave the island?


I have just been looking for a cardboard recycling bin,all to no avail as they are full. But while I was at Salerie corner looking to offload my cardboard,States Works were their tiding up the overspill and the mess that people had left alongside the bins,they had quite a lot of cardboard etc etc and they were doing a great job,I asked the guy if he could take my cardboard as I saw them chucking it all in the back of the truck,well no this lot will be dumped,he said it would be better to find another empty cardboard recycling bin,as we just go to the dump with this.

Now surely If States Works can't come up with a system,why should we,even to have compartments in their lorry would help. I am not blaming the poor guys picking up the mess and but I have to say it was boxes and boxes of cardboard not mixed rubbish,this would have been easy to recycle.

So come on States works bosses let start with you, and put a halt to this dumping of cardboard etc that can otherwise be recycled.


Probably has a lot to do with the fact that States Works aren't responsible for the collection of recycleables?

Terry Langlois

Had the cardboard got wet? If so, it is useless for recycling and is only fit for dumnping. That is one of the reasons why they ask people not to leave cardboard outside of the bins.


Yes Mark I understand that,but if States Works are'nt recycling,why should we.

We are all supposed to be singing off the same hymn sheet as it were.


But if Joe Public had heeded the advice in the newspapers and hadn't dumped refuse around the bins then States Works wouldn't have been picking it up in the first place.

The only way it would work to have States Works collecting separate recycleables would be if they were responsible for all refuse collection including recycling. As a tax payer I don't want to pay for SW to also have the facilities for the odd occasion when some lazy sod dumps their recycling beside rather than in the bin.

At the end of the day, if a rubbish bin was full would you chuck your rubbish on the ground next to it? I don't know why people think it's acceptable to do this next to the recycling bins.


I totally agree Mark,why are people so messy,I cannot understand people leaving their rubbish alongside a full bin, I have in the past removed rubbish from a site and taken it with mine to another site. All I was saying on this particular day theSWD were just chucking dry cardboard in the back of the lorry and I was told it was being dumped.

Well if they had turned right when they enteredMont Cuet instead of driving straight ahead they could have placed it in the cardboard container to be recycled,surely that is not too much to ask. Plus it would not have cost YOU too much.


If the bin is full I take the cardboard back home and return another time when I recycle other stuff.

In Basingstoke, all recycling is collected once a week, after being sorted by the householder, into two different bins whereas,all bottles are taken to the recycling containers (situated at the supermarket) during the weekly shop,avoiding an extra journey,.This way, at least neighbours are not awakened during the early hours, by the sound of breaking glass.