HSSD gets it wrong on cancer screening

HEALTH and Social Services has been forced to reveal a ‘significant underspend’ in a potential lifesaving screening service after claiming previously that it had spent its entire budget.


HEALTH and Social Services has been forced to reveal a ‘significant underspend’ in a potential lifesaving screening service after claiming previously that it had spent its entire budget.

The full extent of the miscalculation in the 2012 and 2013 bowel cancer screening funding will not be revealed until next year, but Treasury and Resources is scrutinising the figures.

The shock admission comes amid growing concerns that HSSD was not screening as many islanders as had been promised.

In an email to all deputies, HSSD minister Mark Dorey revealed significant underspends in the 2012 and 2013 budget, following an original business case allocation of £294,000 and £327,500 respectively.

Long-term campaigner and former board member Mike Hadley, pictured, who claims that the underspend could be more than £200,000, said that islanders were dying unnecessarily because just a single cohort of 60-year-olds was being screened and not another group of people aged 65, as had been planned.

He said Deputy Dorey had misled the States and called on him to resign.

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And presumably deputy Hadley has overspent by a similar amount on sour grapes...?

Island Wide Voting

I wish we had a few more Hadleys prepared to break ranks

How much more goes on that we never get to hear about because of the old boy's club mentality?


Far, far too much. I think Kevin Stewart is the man who throws our money away like he is a billionaire and conveniently forgetting who it belongs to.

What do we get in return? Project Proteus and unpteen "visions."

I'm uncomfortable with some of the things I've been hearing in regards to a few of the newly elected. All a bit keen when it comes to living "the life" at our expense.


So do I. Mike Hadley is one of the few with real guts.

You ask 'How much more goes on that we never get to hear about..' well, I think that it's a hell of a lot.

Even when asked to investigate, the civil service simply won't, or camouflage the result in such a way that the politician prepared to look the other way, can. Pretty nauseating when you're at the receiving end.

I suppose there is an argument that this could be in the short term public interest. In the long term it must be, of course, absolutely detrimental to the public good.


Absolutely agree.


Sorry Questor, Dep. Hadley can have as many grapes, sour or otherwise, as he wants because at the end of the day it is money that belongs to you and me that HSSD are misappropriating. We need a few more Dep. Hadleys to ensure we are not fiddled by desperate Civil Servants as they try to balance the books.


keep at it mike.


Island Wide Voting

So very very true, it's a pity it takes an Englishman to break ranks.


Mike Hadley deserves two things:

1. Public appreciation for his efforts to communicate to a wider public errors or weaknesses in HSSD administration

2. A public apology from the Policy Council and the Assembly for the shameful fiasco of censuring him for his previous effort to communicate to fellow Deputies information that HSSD was keeping under wraps.

We need more Deputies with the courage to speak truth to bureaucratic power.

transparency please

Perhaps this was going to be used to offset this years overspend.


Mike Hadley deserves two things:

1. Public appreciation for his efforts to communicate to a wider public (at least to his fellow Deputies) errors or weaknesses in HSSD administration

2. A public apology from the Policy Council and the Assembly for the shameful fiasco of censuring him for his previous effort to communicate to fellow Deputies information that HSSD was keeping under wraps.

We need more Deputies with the courage to speak truth, in public, to bureaucratic power.


Mike Hadley proves himself yet again to be one of the very few elected officials on guernsey to be worthy of his position- ie serving the people.


Fully agree that Mike Hadley should move to top of the class for his wanting openness and bringing it to us with HSSD, but begs the question was Mark Dorey aware that he mislead States Members who was he just informing them of the facts supplied to him by Civil servants that should now be looking over their shoulders, as I believe when he became aware of the true facts he did the correct action and let everyone know the facts that he had unearthed.

The long and short is top civi servants should be on the way out without big hand outs for incompetence, preahps its some of these so called experts that fly in and out on a weekly basis at great cost to the Island, not board members who can only act on what they are informed.


Kudos to Mike Hadley. We should all know who is spending what and where. Some are in the States merely for what they can take out of it. There are very few with a true personal interest to make a difference.

Dave Jones is a grafter and worth every penny of our money. His actions over the years has made a huge difference locally. It would be nice to say the same about the rest but the truth is it just can't be said.

Expense allowances should be disclosed annually to the people. There are far too many perks being taken advantage of by a few as far as I'm concerned. These perks and jollies add up to many hundreds of thousands of pounds over the course of each year.

How can anybody stop what is going on when nobody knows the extent to which it is happening? It's all a bit too convenient for my liking.

I believe Kevin Stewart has got the message, with regards to his taking advantage of the public purse, and has no option other than to put the brakes on his extravagant jollies. If the public knew the actual amount he has cost all of us so far I believe many would be demanding his immediate resignation.

He has achieved precious little other than come up with a name for a pet project, which he obviously likes, and has demonstrated nothing tangible that anybody can speak of.

Dave Jones


I thank you for your comments but I have not done it on my own.

I have had a very dedicated and talented team of Civil servants at Housing over the years who have put in a huge amount of work which has helped us archive the improvements in social housing that were desperatly needed.

The CHP has had to be driven and that has been my primary role together with other board members who have shared the same enthusiasm for making sustained progress as me.

I think the mistake Mark has made if any, is by making a statment to the assembly before checking that what he was about to say was 110% accurate, if of course he has been mislead by staff whose job it is to collate the information,and there has been no collusion in withholding information whatsoever by the political board at HSSD, then those advisors if it was on my watch would need to clear their desks.

As politicians we are responsible and accountable for the information we give to the public, it is our job and especially a Ministers job to ensure that information given out is supported by the facts and that we do not mislead anyone. When we make a statment in our parliament, then that stament carries all the gravitas and political sovereignty that is found in all parliaments and it is a very serious offence when we get it wrong.

Dave Jones

Yes I know more typos


Was one of those typos "110%"?

Dave Jones

No Phil, it was to illustrate that we need to go beyond certain when we make Statements in the States.

Matt Fallaize


To the extent that "expense allowances" even exist, they are disclosed annually.

There is a fixed sum per annum made available to every member which makes a contribution to postage, paper, printing etc.

The remuneration of each member is published annually as an appendix to a Billet d'Etat.

I respect the view held by some people that remuneration should be reduced. A proportion of contributors to this site believe it should be reduced to zero. I do not, however, recognise your description of "perks and jollies".


Extravagant luxurious holidays. At our expense. Cloaked under whatever plausible pretext one can dream up to account for them at whichever given time.

Lyndon Trott took full advantage, a good while ago now, and now we have Kevin Stewart doing much the same. Even to the extent where Lyndon and himself have an extra 900k to contribute towards travelling budgets to get the message "out there" Guernsey is open and transparent, yawn, and looking to do business.

When schools are being closed down to save 600k and that same amount of money, actually fifty percent more, is being abused by those who feel they can get away with it then something is not quite right.

KS has a taste for the good life but has now learnt he can enjoy that taste at our expense and simply return with half a page of rubbish which is easily found on Google or Wikileaks.

Do we honestly need a Minister who spouts rubbish that any one of us can state as fact? I don't believe we can afford the man. He may well be entertaining for some but that value can't be sustained for a full four year term.

Project Proteus is just two words. It is something any school child could come up with and what it identifies is just common sense. These visions are just laughable. If we could get KS a crystal ball and these visions could become reality then we just might be onto something.

It's the start to a new year and I believe it should be one where those who abuse their positions with "perks and jollies" shouldn't feel hard done by when asked how much everything cost us.

Currently, all we can do is pick up the tab every single time without question. We are being mugged off and there is nothing currently in place for disclosure on costs. They are simply budgeted for and that's that. End of story.

Of course this is being absolutely abused. Anybody who tries to say otherwise would naturally have their fingers in the pot. I feel aggrieved when my money is being used for some to live a great lifestyle "because they can" whilst making cutbacks wherever possible to pay for it.

Dave Jones


On expenses, I don't bother with trips away for Housing.

I could be off island every week looking at different types of housing complexes and new social schemes for housing development. I get lots of invitations at the department and privately to go and look at this that and the other by Eco firms and different UK councils who think they can teach us something we don't already know.

We at Housing know what we need to do to improve the situation with modern eco homes in Guernsey and as far as I am concerned it is absolutly pointless traveling around Europe looking at schemes that we are already adopting, not only that but we have much better uses for taxpayers money.

Our personal expenses as Deputies are included in our salary and you cannot claim anything above that fixed allowance.


I know you don't abuse your position. You have put in many times more than what anybody could ever expect of somebody. We need more like you.

It's a shame Kevin Stewart doesn't adopt your same principles. He must have a ready packed away case, for every location and occasion, for whatever excuse he can dream up next.

He has had a bit of a laugh at our expense already and I am demanding to know the costs for it all? That shouldn't be too much to ask.

His visions always seem to involve travelling wherever and returning with a paragraph of nonsense. I will keep on his back because I know, only too well, he travels enjoying the very best treatment money can buy and conveniently dismisses the fact it's our money that is paying for it.

When LT trumped up with his external relations position that must have been a "vision" for a taxpayer funded "Wish You Were Here" four year term in politics. That would have frittered away many millions and returned little other than smiles by those who couldn't believe their luck.

It's time to cull the vultures within the system. That would happen naturally if we had FoI in place but will continue to be an issue until.

Island Wide Voting

Have to agree with Guern

Politicians are in effect paid amateurs who have to rely almost completely on whatever information is fed to them by the full time professionals within their department

If there is to be an investigation make sure it goes deep enough to discover if Dorey was merely an honest patsy reading out lies prepared by his trusted team of civil servants

Not sure if PAC could handle such a job though


We also need to know why Mike Dory and the HSSD Board were not, and still aren't receiving routine updated accounts at each meeting in order to monitor the level of spending on projects for which they are responsible; (whether underspending or overspending).

My understanding is that after the last financial fiasco more accounting staff were to be employed in order to ensure adequate control of HSSD budgets. Apparently, if Mike Dory was misinformed, or even uninformed, a great deal of progress is still needed on this front.

We should remember that Department Boards and T&R are not only to be judged by their implementation, or failure to implement policies, but also by their ability to exercise financial control that reaches down to the level of individual budget lines.


From what I've heard, I'm not surprised that financial information was inaccurate and misleading.

Thanks to the disastrous SAP introduction, I don't think any department could have proper and full confidence in the numbers it sees.

And that's not the fault of HSSD.....



You're absolutely right. Unfortunately each States Department will find it all too easy to hide behind and blame SAP.

Its going to be impossible to trust ANY financial reports coming out of the States, making Gavin St Pier's task even more difficult than it is.

Time for the senior civil service accountants in the States to stand up and be counted...

Keith Brookfield

Good for Mike Hadley,Mark Dorey has to go and also the civil servants who provided the information,it seems almost impossible to get rid of civil servants that under perform and in the private sector they would be out straight away,time for a big shake up again for our states deputies who always promise so much and never deliver,

excepting a few the likes of dave jones and matt fallaize,just look at the joke of the so called environment department who I keep writing to about the traffic strategy,with the same old answers,wait and see!!!


What would be refreshing is for Kevin Stewart to make arrangements with a journalist to disclose everything involved with his many away trips in such a short period of time in office. Down to the exact penny with every detail so we can all turn green with envy.

I know that would never happen because it would be political suicide and guarantee the end of his career.

It is just wrong for some to be able to come up with excuses and then spend whatever the going rate happens to be in pursuit of whether the hairbrained idea would be achievable. It's wide open to abuse and will continue to be abused until transparency is in place to prevent it.

Well then, Kevin Stewart?

I won't hold my breath on this!


If I am in a minority demanding these answers then that will be the very reason why our economy will soon come crashing down around our ears. A few would have enjoyed a great lifestyle along the way though.

I simply can't allow that to happen when I know it is going on.


Whilst I agree with so many of the comments above regarding the political aspect, can we go back to what this is actually about - or should be about - the bowel screening process?

This year, thank heavens my husband turned 60, and therefore was "invited" for screening. He really really really didn't want to attend, but did so eventually. Result. Pre-cancerous growth found, removed, follow up treatment undertaken. Recently checked again - all clear.

The screening process HAS saved his life, or if that is too dramatic, it has at least saved him the horrors of bowel cancer in the near future. He is writing to the Press, and has offered to speak publicly about the positives of the screening process.

It has worked for him - now, as this story started off with the planning/budget not being as intended - what the REAL story is (in my own view) relates to getting more people screened. However...my husband has been told over and over again that so many people decline the process because of discomfort and or embarrassment. Therefore part of the issue is overcoming the squeamishness of the public - it isn't all just about "mis-appropriated budget".

Keith Brookfield

Alison totally agree with you but the main problem here is that I am very happy that your husband had treatment but there are people aged above 60 who should have been invited for screening and have not had that opportunity because it was decided there was not enough money, when it now seems there was.Unfortunately people may have been missed because of this.

Project Leach

I prefer to keep with the piece on outing Kevin Stewart for what he is, actually.

One person has asked for facts and figures from YOU! Kevin Stewart.

Now this is a second. Anymore who would like to know what he spends and how quickly on personal hospitality?

I hope the rest of the public start demanding these figures because unless we all do there will certainly be economic trouble on the horizon.

Well then Kevin?

House Wife

Add me as the third person, amongst an island of well over 65,000, who would like to know how much Kevin Stewart has been spending please.

If so few are interested in what would seem as though it could amount to large sums being lavished away then we could be in trouble very soon.

This needs to be addressed quickly. Before it's allowed to become an issue which we all end up paying for. Kevin Stewart's silence is very telling on this.

I hope the rest of the public get behind this because it happens to be crucial for the future prospects of every contributor. It will inevitably end up with all of us being taxed higher to enable those who can play the system taking full advantage of every perk available to them without question.

Provide answers to the electorate then, Kevin. People should be demanding this in their droves. How can it be that we get taxed into poverty whilst the people we have elected spend whatever they can get away with and we are not even allowed to know how much is being spent exactly?

It's most definitely wrong. Over to you then Kev!


I'm jumping in on this too. It does appear as though Kevin Stewart has quickly grown fond of lots of jollies in such a short period of time in office. I need to know how much has been squandered on these so I can decide for myself if he is taking advantage and abusing the public purse.

It could be the case that he travelled economy class and spent very little on accommodation. I very much doubt that. It's much more likely he travelled business/first class and enjoyed the finest, most expensive money can buy, accommodation at every place visited. How much was spent on food and at the bar? Do we pick up the bar bill? Was any extras included that we ought to know about?

It all adds up and the grand total would be beneficial for us all to know about because it is our money paying for it.

If I were a journalist I would make it my mission to get to the bottom of this. I hope a GEP reporter does some digging so we can all be enlightened. Clearly it is a system which is wide open to abuse. Just how far that abuse has gone and the exact figures involved remain a secret. At least for now.

If many more people demand to be put in the picture then I'm sure it will have to happen sooner rather than later.

Kevin Stewart is tarnished, by his own actions. The best he could do is be open and transparent about everything and furnish the public with a breakdown of the figures before people start losing all faith in any ability he may have to offer and just go along with the popular beliefs that he's in the job to extract the maximum possible from it.

It's down to you, Kevin Stewart, to be honest, transparent and accountable to the people for your actions. More importantly spending habits with our money.


Island Wide Voting

Deputy Kevin Stewart seems to have become the butt of much angst on this bowel cancer thread

Because he is not one of the 16% of deputies I can vote for in my mini district I have no opportunity to support or reject him if he stands again in 2016 so I have not taken a great deal of interest in his off island travels

I know he went to China and no doubt to the more recent ill fated coppergate bash in Jersey,and probably to LVCR meetings in the UK but am I missing other so called jaunts?

I should think our Culture & Leisure Minister is pretty high up the league of expensive foreign excursions


The Politicians have sold out the banking we will be lucky to have midwifery in 10 years.

Dr Kildair

I thgink that the time has come to hear the rolling noise of "headaectomies" in several States departments, including HSSD!


Its obvious that several people are on a witch hunt against Kevin Stewart, who has rapidly taken over from Lyndon Trott as the politician to be targeted.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Kevin Stewart and I'm astonished that we couldn't find somebody with better credentials to head C&E, even though he has far more commercial experience than he is given credit for, but I'm going to defend him here.

His objective is to try to diversify Guernsey's economy so that we are less dependent on the finance industry. I don't think any of us would dispute that objective.

The big challenge though is to find replacement industries. This has been on the agenda for the past 20 years although his predecessors have merely paid lip service to it. Kevin Stewart has been left holding the parcel at the time when we MUST make progress.

The replacement industries are going to have to be different from what has worked here in the past. The stretches of water between here and the UK and France are far too expensive to enable any business relying on imports of raw materials or exports of finished goods to be viable. Labour costs here are far too high for any labour-intensive industry to be viable.

Our replacement industries will have to rely on the customers being outside of the island, just like finance, and will need to be based around digital technology so that import/export costs are not an issue. Computer-based businesses allow anything developed here to be un constrained in terms of growth potential. Guernsey is worth the intellectual property needs to be developed to add value. This is where the "brains" need to be based, and from where what is produced by those brains can be exploited by being digitally exported.

Software design, app design, biotech development etc, these are where we need to be focusing. We need to attract the brains here and develop our workforce to be the teams of technical boffins and support staff which the brains need.

We need state of the art Internet systems before this is even remotely a possibility, instead of a system which is barely better than what can be found in the third world today. Somehow, this must happen. Instead, we currently not even have a system which the schools can use to do the basics. This is nothing short of a disgrace and has to be right at the top of the list of the States' priorities to sort out. Without it, we fall behind the rest of the world as each day passes, and we close more and more doors to economic diversification.

So, Kevin Stewart is on the right lines there. Can he deliver? No, unless the States fully support Guernsey having a fit-for-purpose communications system.

In terms of Guernsey successfully exploiting new high-tech businesses, we need to find a way of partnering with the research departmenrs of the right universities to find the next new big "things". We need to identify which are worth backing. We need to provide them incentives to bring their ideas here. We should act as venture capitalists by proviing first and second stage (ideally second) capital in return or equity stakes. We need to provide housing licence incentives to bring in the brains. We should link this funding directly to the number of new local jobs created by each new business.

Our schools need to be majoring in teaching advanced IT programming skills, as well as sciences. That investment in our young people is critical.

We need to tweak our corporate tax system so that the new industries created here produce tax revenue for the island beyond the generation of extra ETI. At the same time, we have to ensure that this doesn't negatively impact on the finance industry. That means that ACTIVE income from trading activities must be taxed here, but PASSIVE income must remain exempt. This would immediately mean that all companies actually trading from or within Guernsey cease paying zero tax. This is crucial, and it is possible to achieve. Without such a change to our tax system it is utterly pointless to find alternative industries ad we will never reap the benefits.

Guernsey has reserves in its rainy day fund. A proportion of those funds could be used as a sovereign wealth fund to back the right new industries. I'm not talking about giving grants, but taking direct equity in the right businesses.

Back to Kevin Stewart. He is not going to find the answers sitting on his backside in Guernsey. He needs to be out there talking to the right university research teams in the UK and much further afield (Silicon Valley, Israel, Scandinavia etc), but all of that is completely irrelevant, and would be a waste of taxpayers money, if we don't bother to put the essential infrastructure in place as a matter of urgency.

Without this essential investment in infrastructure, in 20 years time we will be 20 years further behind the global technology curve, and 5 C&E ministers later we will be no closer to diversifying our economy.


Could this be post of the year already?

Project Traveleus

Project Proteus has already highlighted all which you mention. I believe people are more concerned about how much is being squandered on the journeys to look for this illusive golden goose? It just happens to be what every other man and his dog are on the lookout for.

If Kevin Stewart, or any other member of the States for that matter, has been enjoying too much hospitality, which we all end up paying for, then it is only right it's disclosed so we can decide for ourselves whether some are being rather extravagant because they can and happen to enjoy a regular pampering when it costs them nothing. The point is that many know they can simply get away with saying nothing and that will be the end of the matter. Full stop.

Until what gets spent is made public it may be abused and to be honest we will never know how far such abuse goes and will probably find out when the reserves are in trouble and mechanisms like FoI are in place to root out what went wrong and where. That will probably happen at a time when it is too late to do anything positive about the historical damage created by some who have come and gone.

This should be an area where many more hold a keen vested interest. At present we hand some a blank cheque book and entrust they will do the right things by us with it.

There has to be more accountability to ensure abuse is not allowed to happen unchecked. I hope Kevin Stewart is open enough to lay his cards on the table and divulge what is in the publics interest.

We all know if these same questions were being asked of the good Dave Jones he would have sprung from his corner and dealt with them head on. Sparing no punches in the process. Accountability is the order of the day here. It has to happen quickly. Kevin's simply remaining silent is speaking volumes and people are starting to form their own opinions with the rumour mill rife on what can be chalked up as an expense whilst travelling off island.

We already have had an embarrassing situation develop with a professional high profile employee getting into a situation due to the excesses of alcohol consumed whilst away. If these trips encompass an eat all and drink as much as one can hold then it's easy to see why some are making the most of it and failing us at the same time.

I say be open and transparent so this can be put to bed. By remaining silent people will become more and more suspicious.

Furthermore, many meetings can be fulfilled using Skype and numerous other technologies passing up on the added extra expenses with travelling. Some simply need to learn what Google can offer.

Kevin Stewart needs to disclose the facts and that should be the end of the matter. I bet most other representatives would agree that to be fair? I know very few would openly speak out because it would be akin to turning on fellow colleagues.

Those who are intent on abusing the system would obviously want to keep it the way it is. All quiet and dealt with by a few on a need to know basis. Those few would be the ones making the most of what is in the pot and would look to continue doing so until it's emptied.


On the basis that this question has been asked of Kevin Stewart since only around 29th December, I would suggest that you at least provide him with time to reply instead of attacking his silence for not immediately responding within 3 days. For all we know, he may well be away on holiday and possibly hasn't even seen the questions yet!

Your questions are very valid, but in my view its totally unreasonable to jump down his or any other deputy's throat for not replying in such a short timeframe, especially at this time of year.


Whaaaaat, yet another holiday?

I hope it isn't one us taxpayers are having to stump up for? Dressed up as something political to see how Lapland do Christmas differently to us and exploring their diverse economy.

I would agree many have taken full advantage, Kevin Stewart is most definitely not the first and probably won't be the last until measures are in place to stop abuse happening in future.

This is an area that's very important to have in the public domain. It should be there naturally but for some strange reason it has taken until now before people are starting to shout about it.

Nobody should feel aggrieved when it boils down to accounting for money which doesn't belong to them.

One only needs to ask themselves whether it would happen in any other position. Not in a billion years.

Michael R

Good post GM.

It is holiday-time and many deputies are away.

Furthermore, what on earth have the 'bash Kevin' posts got to do with the thread title, which concerns HSSD and cancer screening which have nothing to do with the gentleman.


So, the CEO of Sure's new owners is now talking about 4G coming to Guernsey.

Big deal. 5G will be out there by 2020, probably before we've even got 4G. Indeed, probably even before our 3G meets the standards that it is already supposed to meet.

We are being well and truly left behind in the technology world, destined to be left behind altogether if we the States and Sure don't remove their ostrich heads from deep in the sand.

What exactly is the plan and timescale for full 4G to be operative here in Guernsey? Is there even a plan?

If this doesn't get sorted out, we will be using the modern day equivalent of quill and ink pen in 2020, compared to the rest of the world.

Somebody needs to take full ownership of this and GET ON WITH IT.

Greedy Kevin

Kevin Stewart is all for accountability. At least he is if his election manifesto is to be believed? On Law & Order, he states:

"In the last report from Guernsey Police there was not a single £ sign to be seen. The public need to know how the Police are performing and how much it is costing."

It's exactly the same for you, too, though.

I want to see those pound signs, seeing as you're are so fond for others to disclose them at the time of your election manifesto.

Give the people what they're demanding of you! Openness and transparency is clearly the impression you were wanting to give off.

Well then?


With the mounting peer pressure for these figures to be made public I would assume they have surface sometime soon.

I have to agree with what some are stating here. It's simply not acceptable to expect others to be frugal with costs when there is nothing stopping whoever that happens to be from having a blast.

If we were all honest with ourselves, most would take full advantage and enjoy a lifestyle normally out of ones reach. I know I would. I doubt very few wouldn't.

I think Kevin Stewart has and many before him have done so. This looks like it will be a time where the excesses will need to be accounted for and is only right that it happens quickly. I'm all for it. Everybody should be.

The media should do an interesting piece on this.

Town Dweller

The attacks on Kevin Stewart remind me of people who attend presentations and do nothing but attack the grammer and punktuation (sic x2) on the slides.

For some reason Guernsey is overloaded with people who do nothing but slag off anyone who even dares to think about doing something different, or mentions the dreaded 'C' word (that's 'CHANGE' for all you key board warriors out there).

So let's accept Kevin has been 'living it large' in China at the expense of the tax payer.

What you armchair/keyboard warriors MUST do is ignore this sideshow and concentrate on the facts and objectives Kevin is trying to tackle; the death knell sounding for the Finance Industry and the need for diversification.

Oh and keyboard warriors, please feel free to criticise my grammer and punctuation while doing nothing about diversifying the economy.