Cancer gaffe minister will not resign

HEALTH and Social Services minister Mark Dorey has dismissed calls that he should resign after misinforming the States about the bowel cancer screening budget.


HEALTH and Social Services minister Mark Dorey has dismissed calls that he should resign after misinforming the States about the bowel cancer screening budget.

‘Although this situation is very regrettable, it arose from a genuine error in answers that were given in good faith, and which will be corrected in the January States,’ he said.

‘It would be a very different issue if there had been a deliberate intention to mislead the Assembly. But there was not.’

The minister has been accused of misleading fellow politicians when he told them that all the money for the potentially lifesaving screening service had been spent when in fact there has been ‘a significant underspend’.

Deputy Dorey could face a vote of no confidence with Mike Hadley leading the calls for the minister to step down.

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So which of his staff gave the inaccurate information to Mr. Dorey? Was it wilful or negligent?

For once I agree with Dave Jones (post 9:

'.. if of course he has been mislead by staff whose job it is to collate the information,and there has been no collusion in withholding information whatsoever by the political board at HSSD, then those advisors if it was on my watch would need to clear their desks.'

Please let's not hear the bureaucratic 'we got in a muddle' excuse again. Not paid for that.

Graham Bates every time someone makes a mistake in their job they should be fired? Odds are that this information had at least a few people involved in its calculation and reporting; do they all get the chop, or just one to appease the public?

Would make for good headline though: "Man does something wrong at work"


Another guernsey shambles


this minister reminds me of a past deputy who blamed everybody but himself for mistakes made,he was known as( tefal man)this man will now be known in my book as TEFAL MAN 2.if the senior civil servants in hssd is responsible for bad management let them face a states inquiry as to why they have not got their act together.this will also send out a message to all departments that you will be accountable.


It's the civil servants that should be sacked, not Mark Dorey.


This needs to be sorted out and quick, my Husband is in the last stages of bowel cancer, no more treatment can be applied, he has had 3 years longer than he should have thanks to early screening, think on. No cuts should be made in this department.


Deputy Mark Dorey is only President of HSSD and responsible and answerable to the States of Guernsey.

The present problem lies with the managment system.Unworkable,cutting corners to impress all concerned of working within a budget.An hidden agenda [cancer screening]un-noticed by the States of Guernsey.

I think the States elected deputies should investigate the civil service machinery of power.

The civil service are paid to maintain a workable budget with no shortcuts.To use their experience and not consultants advice always to get them out of a hole at huge expence to tax payer and huge increases in forth coming budgets.

Jerry Jihad

I agree, they are running amok, accountable to no-one. Nigel Lewis 40yrs without realising he should be implementing States Policy and the highlight of his career buying two Ships without The States knowing - put him on the list 2 .


Perhaps the fleet of 150 or so new cars on order(to be used as an essential mode of transport by all and sundry,) will help dispel fears that the HSSD is short on cash.

Dr Kildair

So now we have at least 5 dysfunctional States departments – Education, Environment, Health, Home and Policy & Resources. I am not holding my breath to see if any of them all get their act together in 2014. I just hope that we don't continue to keep hearing the worn-out phrase “lessons will be learned” every time something goes wrong. Bet Capita is making even more room for all the extra dosh it will be creaming off us all!