Door damaged in attempted burglary at Paperbox

A SHOP owner was astonished when he returned to his store after Christmas to find that the door had been damaged by intruders.

Paperbox Co-Owner Scott Cockburn in the doorway of the shop.

A SHOP owner was astonished when he returned to his store after Christmas to find that the door had been damaged by intruders.

Police are investigating the attempted burglary of Paperbox, Church Square, and burglary of commercial premises in the same area.

Both incidents occurred some time between the evening of Tuesday 24 December and 7am on Friday 27 December.

Paperbox owner Phillip Morgan was shocked when he returned to his store on Friday to find the door had been damaged.

‘They tried to jemmy it open with something but couldn’t – it just created a lot of mess,’ he said.

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Not all crime is hate crime you know. I am certain the culprits will be aprehended thanks to the high level of survalience in the metropolitan area of St Peter Port.

Just Sayin'

Nobody said it was a hate crime. They probably tried to get in, was too difficult so wandered off.


Modern day guernsey


There is so much more to come now we have lost the banking with the inevitable cutbacks that will follow.


Lol, what a stupid comment @Andy , this type of thing has always happened, in all parts of society, for ever. Nothing new here, its not even a story. Someone tried to break in, the alarm worked (as its supposed to) , the shop didnt get robbed !! Its because of how low in crime this island is that this kind of thing makes the news, simple as that !!

Just Sayin'

ey?...what you think some banker who was made redundant did this?

I don't think we're quite at the point where normal upstanding members of society are forced to commit crimes just to get by...

rob jennings

Pity he didn't have a pee in the doorway

he would have been caught for sure eh !

Dee Sharisse

Indeed, Rob Jennings... or change his parking clock while he was standing there!

Maybe I'm just missing parts of the news, but I seem to see a lot of articles on this site reporting serious crimes, but hardly ever any reports on the offenders being found or prosecuted. Anyone know the detection rate figures?

Island Wide Voting


Unfortunately you will have to wait until about June 2014 (in this computer age!)for the 2013 figures to be released.Here are the 2012 stats ... not sure if they have been SAP'd

I see the UK government are changing the crime counting rules yet again for 2014.It's almost an annual event to bend the figures in whichever way the government of the day wishes to present them,and is something which we will no doubt follow

Perhaps Mr Rice could be interviewed to give a preview of the 2013 results


After reading this i was scrolling down to read the comments and i stopped and thought i bet that PBFalla has written 'Modern day Guernsey'...hey presto a couple of comments in...

PBFalla, why do you bother posting? I have yet to seen you provide a single constructive point on any thread.

It is either RIP old Guernsey, or Modern day Guernsey.

Please stop posting unless you have something insightful or worthwhile to say


Well done Damo! Most people are getting increasingly fed up of these nonsensical posts from this obviously disgruntled and (from what I gather) former resident.

Perhaps with this new year he should be permanently blocked, after all his posts are technically trolling and he offers absolutely nothing to any discussion.


Well said Crispin and Dano,

There are a growing number of nonsensical posts that merely insult other contributors or just try to inflame the situation. The recent "pops" at Deputy Stewart are a classic example. The man's post necessarily involves him in a fair bit of foreign travel, he should not be subject to the veiled and not so veiled comments on his expenses. Small wonder that the man has gone silent on TIG. The forum has gone from a useful exchange of views, often involving politicians, to cynical and poorly worded attacks on those same politicians and the work they are involved with, often emanating from ex-residents or even never -residents. Time to clean up the act before TIG just fades away on a tide of apathy.


Watcher. I agree. Anyone with a reasonable argument should be able to state their opinion reasonably and politely without resorting to defamatory and snide comments purely designed to intimidate other posters, whether Deputy or not. TIG can be a useful site for gauging opinion and for sharing ideas and viewpoints but not if so many people are put off posting because of unnecessarily aggressive responses.



I never type guernsey with a capital G

There are more questions than answers.


Guernsey is a proper noun, therefore it has to begin with a capital letter. That's the rules of English. Not typing it with a capital letter just implies inadequate keyboard skills or a petty hatred of the noun in question.

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I'm sure PB FALLA will come back with 'But guernsey isn't English...'

Give it a minute...