Hotel-to-flats plan triggers traffic fears among neighbours

RESIDENTS of a lane neighbouring the former St Martin’s Hotel are concerned that a new development at the site might increase the traffic going through the tranquil road.

Rue de L'Eglise, St Martin's, resident Kevin Lancaster

RESIDENTS of a lane neighbouring the former St Martin’s Hotel are concerned that a new development at the site might increase the traffic going through the tranquil road.

St Martin’s Hotel Ltd, the owner of the run-down property, has applied for permission to build 35 apartments on the site.

And although Rue de L’Eglise property owners welcome some development, they are worried about the impact any additional traffic would have on the lane.

Kevin Lancaster, 64, has lived in the area for 30 years.

He questioned where the entrance and exit of the new development would be.

There is currently one leading out onto the lane.

‘It was always eventually going to end up as something,’ he said.

‘But I think the less people that live there, the better.

‘I have been speaking to the other people in the lane about it and we all agreed that it would be good if they blocked off the back entrance [that leads out onto the lane].

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So when it was a hotel did it not have traffic going in and out?

Devil's Advocate

It did, but it will have been outside rush hour times. Residential traffic will contribute to the rush hour - an extra 70 cars makes a long line of traffic!


You just cant block the back entrance


Wonder if the concerned neighbours (concerned about decreasing house prices more like) would enjoy it better if a new housing system run by the States were to be placed there instead? Oooh, can you imagine the uproar? Surely any new project built on what has been a doss house for the past few years can only be a good thing. More traffic problems? 70 cars.


Stack it high and sell it cheap give the first time buyers a chance.

Island Wide Voting

Unfortunately 'cheap' for a brand new flat these days is around 300K, requiring a 30K deposit

Make that 400K when the proposed population rule changes come into play coupled with an influx of students into the University of the Channel Islands

There may be trouble ahead

Chunky monkey

Oh, so leaving the building in the state it is in, and vulnerable to break ins, squatters and arson is preferable?

Guern to the dogs

Horticulture gone tourism gone whats next finance ? they say it runs in threes.


The road network round Le Traudes is pretty insufficient as it is, but the problem is the roads, not having more properties.

The speed limit in the lanes is 35mph, it should be 25, they are also all two way, they should be made one way.

If the hotel was converted into flats, this would directly affect me, but I am swallowing the NIMBY bullet and welcoming new developments for the benefit of the island as a whole.

Devil's Advocate

And how will this benefit the island?


I do not see any problem with the present exit system.

There are established trees bordering the whole roadside boundary that would create a problem if felled.

The out exit is only a short distance to a yellow line onto a busy major road[Les Merriennes].Large constuction vehicles will use this to depart from the present run down hotel knowing that going down towards the church will create problems with peoples property[scraping of hedges or knocking down garden walls with the lane being only fit for resident traffic movement or people walking.


Not in my back yard, just shove them all into St. Peter Port eh Kevin.


Unless you live in the lane... it's not really your concern to critisize worried neighbours who have lived n the lane a long time. (For me 20 years right next door)

Comments about house prices... yeah my parents have worked over 50 years to buy a house there... so what if they are worried about value decreasing... so they should be!

I don't have any objection to them building flats there... as long as they are not full of wasters getting their rent paid for free...

Would be nice if the hotel could be restored but of course nobody in power cares about tourism anymore.

Just cramming the increase of overseas visitors/young parents etc into any small space.

I have lived next door to that hotel since I was 6 years old. I like it. It's quiet. It's safe. I'ts peaceful.

Tell me why I should not be worried about it's future?