Deputies sign letter asking HSSD board to resign

A DEPUTY calling for a vote of no confidence against health minister Mark Dorey has secured the seven signatures needed to ask the entire HSSD board to resign.

A DEPUTY calling for a vote of no confidence against health minister Mark Dorey has secured the seven signatures needed to ask the entire HSSD board to resign.

The vote was launched by Deputy Mike Hadley after Deputy Dorey admitted misinforming the States about the bowel cancer-screening budget underspend.

Deputy Hadley has signed a letter along with fellow deputies Roger Perrot, Barry Paint, John Gollop, Lester Queripel, David De Lisle and former HSSD minister Hunter Adam.

The letter, which asks for the resignations of the Health and Social Services board members, will be emailed to them, said Deputy Hadley.

He said that if the board did not resign within five working days, he would give the requete to the chief minister for the issue to be debated at the January States meeting.

Deputy Hadley said he had struggled to get enough signatures for the letter, with the last one being acquired only yesterday lunch­time.

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Deputy Hadley really does seem have a chip on his shoulder over HSSD... Always seems to be out for their blood


A chip on his shoulder? It appears that he is very concerned with costs and service levels, would you prefer him to say nothing?


I'm all for deputies doing their jobs and questioning things that need to be questioned. However, Deputy Hadley appears to have some personal vendetta against HSSD and seems to attack them over every minor detail, to the point where it often wastes time that could be better spent debating other issues


Minor detail? Not screening enough people for cancer, or the unnecessary spending of millions of pounds, you consider them minor details?


Looks like Woody is correct in what he says.

A thread from the Presses own webpages.


Brilliant link Observor that shows exactly how it is.

How about a game of spot the news story involving hadley and NOT the word HSSD ....

.... I suspect a tumbleweed moment coming on


Guernsey (and the Civil Service in particular) has a real problem with honesty, accountability and best practice.

Deputy Hadley can smell this. Others look the other way and ostracise him until it becomes too uncomfortable to continue to do so.

'Observor's' link shows this only too well.

Could we say: 'Another Guernsey shambles...'

Mr Mint

Has it ever occurred to those whinging about Deputy Hadley's criticism of the HSSD that he might actually have a grasp of medical matters, having been a qualified pharmacist ,unlike the majority of the sitting board members who have no professional medical experience at all.(especially now that Sandra James has left the board)

It is quite remarkable how he is nearly ,if not always right on the issues that he champions.

If only we had a few more deputies who actually knew what they were talking about when investigating (or interfering as Nigel Lewis put it) the murky machiavellian world of the Civil Service.


I agree with you Woody he doesn't seem to do anything else othr than question HSSD continually.

You know what instead of all this in-fighting and calls for resignations why dont the 7 people that signed up for this witch hunt instead put the same time and energy helping to sort out the issues.

The political board resigning and then another one being formed will not make any positive difference it will simply cause more uncertainty and the need to waste time going over old ground getting the new politicains "up to speed" on how it all works. A far better use of this time would be fixing the problems otherwise HSSD will tread water for yeat another year.


Why don't the political board explain why they were 'misinformed' and by whom?


Totally agree with Woody who presents all the evidence of this farcical behaviour. Hadley has an axe to grind and he's given one to each of his cohorts too. If the HSSD minister resigns, who will want to fill his shoes now. What a wonderful merry go round..


Well said Woody, Hadley clearly has his own agenda, the best place for him in HSSD is the medical waste bin.


Let's cut through the argument and get straight to the point.

Woody is right that Mike Hadley is always on the case against HSSD.

Phil is also right that we should expect Deputies to ask hard questions.

Clearly Mike Hadley thinks he has a grasp of how HSSD should operate. My solution: Mike Hadley to put his money where your mouth is and stand for HSSD minister.



That would create rather a strong conflict of interests when HSSD next negotiates with the MSG, given who his wife is!


A new year but nothing changes

Another guernsey shambles.


The fact that Deputy Hadley, in his words, "struggled to get enough signatories" suggests this requete would be as likely to be passed by the Assembly as a requete to remove payments to States Members. Still, it does fire a warning shot and may prevent similar situations developing.


zzzzzz....same old, same old.


One should question the chief officer at HSSD of misforming the president of changes to the cancer screening program.

If the money that was set aside for this program was used elsewhere then an internal investigation should be opened up.


At the least we need to know if the Bowel Cancer Screening Budget underspend was deliberate,'accidental', the result of 'misinformation' (by whom), or 'misinterpretation'?

Thus far to little is clear, for the public and Deputies to make a judgment?

In any case it would be a serious dereliction of duty for the Board or a Senior Civil Servant to deliberately ignore an established policy of the Assembly with an adequate budget allocation?

Just as serious as an unauthorized overspend?


a very dear person I know has just had the all clear from this terriable decease, who was nt screened, I just hope know one is going to suffer because of mr doreys cover up, there should be more deputies like Hadley, to keep a eye on these departments, after all they are getting paid.


At the least we need to know if the Bowel Cancer Screening Budget underspend was deliberate,’accidental’, the result of ‘misinformation’(by whom), or ‘misinterpretation’?

Thus far to little is clear, for the public and Deputies to make a judgment?

In any case it would be a serious dereliction of duty for the Board or a Senior Civil Servant to deliberately ignore an established policy of the Assembly with an adequate budget allocation?

Just as serious as an unauthorized overspend?

If this is a case of deliberate misinformation of the Minister or Board an internal investigation of the matter would clearly be insufficient. Further, in such a case, questions of the competence/gullibility of the new Board and Minister might then ALSO be involved.


1) Deliberate, or by mistake?

if the former, then:

2) Civil Service, political or both?

That's all we need to know. Absolute transparency, and now. This Island is shocking.

Election Issues


I agree with you.

Money was set aside for bowel cancer screening as it was considered important enough to save lives.

This situation is too important and far too serious to ignore.

Don't sit on it, sort it!


Thanks, but, dare I say it, it's not just about the cancer screening.

This is about fundamental issues within HSSD & the States as a whole, and one person going against the grain to make changes that will benefit us; a crusade for the public good. A search for honesty & a desire to bring accountability to public office.

We need to support people like Mike Hadley. There are too few like him.

I can imagine quite how lonely, frustrating and unpleasant the path he is pursuing must have been made for him.

Election Issues

Zanetac.....I agree that Deputy Hadley needs all of our support because we, the public, should want and need to know what is really going on in this Department.

All Ministers, Deputies and civil servants should be responsible and accountable. It should be all about integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality.

It shouldn't just be up to Deputy Hadley to fight the good fight alone to get to the truth either. The truth should be out in the public domain in an open and transparent way. Isn't that what we were all promised???

Deputy James has already resigned from HSSD so things must be very serious.

I have a terrible feeling that HSSD is not the only States Department with these crucial problems. These other Departments need Deputies or others to become 'whistle blowers' so we, the public, get to find out what is actually happening with our money and our services...these critical situations should never be allowed to be left cloaked in secrecy.

Team Hadley

Election Issues - you say 'I have a terrible feeling that HSSD is not the only States Department with these crucial problems ..'

Well, they are not the only department. Look carefully at the sale of States land in the past when it was Property Services/BoA and IDC and Housing. Makes you shudder. The way planning blight was and is used to protect land for future States use or favoured developers.

What amazes me is how the herd mentality makes most politicians look the other way. Even the more educated, articulate ones.

Who do they think they are protecting? How do the Civil Service pull it off with successive groups of politicians?


I think 'Election Issues' is quite right. The principles he/she mentions are from the Nolan Principles in Public Life. Something the States have yet to take to heart (and Nigel Lewis's recent homily about the interfering politician in the Press proves), although they're enshrined in the Civil Services' and Deputies' codes of conduct.

The point I have been pursuing about this HSSD fiasco is simply 'who did what and to who?' Who misled who, and was it intentional. This is much more important than seeking resignations.

Surely we want to know about culpability, don't we? Or it will happen again, I suspect.


Cancer screening, Cancer Patient and Families dealing with this is the most important situation to be dealt with, I know, I am living with it, SORT IT ASAP


It is easy to snipe at the politicians but it is Civil Servants who provide the information which is presented by the ministers.

I believe it is high time the people actually responsible are taken to task.

The two real issues are the lack of professionalism and accountability in the civil service.


You hit the nail on the head.

like a kid

let us see how dep hadley manages the HSSD budget or see how he fares when demanding more millions from t&r to provide a realistic budget for our health service (if he gets that far). how will the press editor continue to defend hadley then? will the monied classes pay more tax for this? no way, they have private wealth and private health insurance. the states will defend the wealthy and hadley will be as stuffed as all his predecessors.


Me thinks that when some of the other cover-ups and untruths are eventually exposed, HSSD won't be the only department to be receiving a broadside from the States! I suspect that very soon Education might also be found out; perhaps book-cooking is not its strongest subject either, as I can smell hot fudge and burning paper wafting around the Grange offices!

When I was at school, anyone who told big porkies was sent to the headmaster to be disciplined! I think that several Ministers (such a pretentious title don't you think) deserve a thoroughly good caning from the Bailiff!

Our very handsomely remunerated Ministers should not forget that the “buck stops with them”, that's why they are paid more than the rest of the class. They should not blame their minions, even if they did pull wool over their eyes! Step up, take that exercise-book out of your pants, bend over …........ whack x 6 the best of!!!


But I think the real problem is not the Deputies or the 'Ministers'. It's the Civil Service & the Law Officers who run the Island. And they don't have to answer to the public who pay them.

The politicians job is to set policy & make sure that best practice is followed. The curse of the weak political appointee is to look the other way. Crowd behaviour dictates that they will weed out and castigate question posers as trouble makers. That's what they have been doing to Mike Hadley. Didn't it happen in Jersey to Stuart Syvret?

Classic behaviour as explained by Stanley Milgram in the 60s and 70s.

Dave Haslam

So, are we saying Mike Hadley should criticise all departments, or none??

If only Guernsey had deputies that have some expertise in certain areas and put their 2 penneth in accordingly.

Wait a minute.......

It seems to me that there is very fishy behaviour going on here, yet the one person asking the questions is accused of having a vendetta.

vic grumble

The Guernsey attitude has always been 'don't rock the boat'. That attitude has brought us into the early 21st Century with a culture of back-scratching, secrecy and lies at every level. Will it ever change? I doubt it. Good on Hadley for trying.


Can they also oust the Environment Minister and his assistants.


Boat rocker

Not a chance, too well entrenched, knows where the bodies are buried.

He was part of the BoA property team, then SPS sub committee, now Environment Minister.


That's right. Those expendable politicians look the other way, civil service lie to cover their inadequacy and law officers provide them both with the mechanism to do so. A perfect symbiotic arrangement has evolved.

Joe Public pays until Joe Public says: NO! ENOUGH!

Has that moment come? Or do we need more?

like a kid

name a civil servant who has lied to cover their inadequacy or take back your statement. without a hardworking and honest civil and legal establishment in our land you would live in a failed state where fascists look to fill the void (see greece, iraq, yemen, etc, etc). we have problems yes, but re-arranging deckchairs will not help. a fairer tax system and redistribution of wealth will.


Like a kid

I can think of one at Education who deliberately covered things up for many years to mask deficiencies, including his own in relation to man-management.

The rest of your post is total garbage. Civil servants are there to "serve". The clue is in the name. That means implementing and administering the decisions of the democratically-elected government, not running their own agendas, unaccountable to the public.

It has absolutely zilch to do with " redistribution of wealth" or a "fairer tax system". It has everything to do with civil servants doing what they are mandated to do.

Island Wide Voting

like a kid

Take an old codgers advice and print out and keep your 9.02pm post so that in a few years time, once you start earning your own living and have a family to support, you can look back at it in a quiet moment of reflection and have a smile at how naive you were back in 2014


Like a kid.

Ok, let's start with their initials & see if my husband & I get an apology or factual explanation for their conduct. If not, I will release the names.

DH, MB, RB, AS, JR, JP. All senior civil servants. Pivotal date: 06/08/2010, mid afternoon. You know who you are. And you know who my husband is. And you're not getting away with it.

Do you want the transcripts, the minutes etc. published?



Sacrificial lamb, or solely culpable?


Well, as far accountability goes you can argue both sides. Should Deputy Dorey be micro-managing his senior staff? Making sure they're totally up their Excel columns correctly etc, checking their spelling and grammar on all emails? I presume not...

Perhaps though, Deputy Dorey should have checked that a specific budget code had been created for the Bowel Screening program so that all expenditure pertaining to it's running was being accounted for.

cyril serbant

So they resign and then what? Another bunch of deputies spend more time getting to grips with HSSD and then something else pops up and all change again, rinse, repeat etc etc.

Most of us I'm sure appreciate a Deputy who asks questions (and keeps asking until satisfied!) but this heads must roll / buck stops here attitude could be self defeating.

Sara Thompson

Funny how Deputy Hadley has all thse 'bullets' to fire over HSSD problems.

Makes him look good, doesn't it?

It's not secret who his wife is, it was in his election manifesto.

Island Wide Voting

I see that as a distinct advantage to us taxpayers.Having a whistleblower sharing your breakfast table ought to be worth a thousand votes at every election