Reuben is reunited with stolen kayak

A BEWILDERED boy has been reunited with his missing kayak after it was anonymously dumped at Guernsey Police Station – with a removal notice from Environment attached.

Reuben Hale has been reunited with his stolen kayak

A BEWILDERED boy has been reunited with his missing kayak after it was anonymously dumped at Guernsey Police Station – with a removal notice from Environment attached.

Reuben Hale, 10, said he was left puzzled by how the kayak was dumped at the police station after his family had suspected it had been stolen from Petit Bot Bay sometime in November.

A notice from Environment attached to the kayak ordered the owner to contact the department within a certain date, otherwise it would be considered abandoned and removed for destruction.

The department has confirmed it attached the notice, but denied taking it away.

Reuben, who attends St Andrew’s Primary, said he was just pleased to get the kayak back, which had been chained to a wooden pole with a sturdy bike lock before it was taken.

‘It feels great to get it back,’ he said.

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Oh Dear

This seems rather odd.


Someone in authority must have considered it to be abandoned, judging by the notice still attached to the Kayak.

We must all learn to obey notices whether we like it or not.

Good news that the young lad has his Kayak back and lesson learned.


It could prove interesting and revealing to be informed who and what was involved in the 'mysterious' disappearance of our young friend's kayak. Could small minded bureaucrats or public officials with nothing better to do be involved? :-))


Rusty it went something like this.

A certain person saw the kayak with the removal notice on it and apparently called environment to ask if, as it was due to be removed that day, could he legally take the kayak if it was due to be removed and destroyed, to which (allegedly) environment said yes that would be fine as they were due to come out that morning to remove it. Said person then took the kayak in good faith thinking all was ok until they saw the press headline that it had been nicked. They then immediately called the police and explained what had happened and that they had taken the kayak having asked the environment department first. Kayak was then delivered to police station and re-united with the owner.


I tend to believe Terry's explanation below, as Env have already explained that they did not remove it which would be the first step to disposal, not a phone call from a random person asking if it was OK to take it.

vic ramble

and left the notice on it....really?

Terry Langlois

it's good that he has his kayak back, but surely the Press is generating a story by claiming that he is bewildered?

It is obvious that Environment did not like the kayak being there (I believe that people complained that it was abandoned and an eyesore) and that someone else saw the removal notice and thought they'd take it before Environment acted on the notice and dumped it. After the first Press report, it was clear that it was not abandoned, and so the person gave it back as they, presumably, never intended to take something that someone actually wanted.

All's well that end's well, but maybe Ruben and his family will have learnt to take their possessions home and not seek to use the beach as a storage area.


I find it bewildering that a responsible adult would leave a Kayak at petit bot for a 10 year old boy to use. I would have worried far too much to allow my children when 10 years old to be going boating by themselves. Guess some people see their childrens safety in different ways.


Does it say they allow him to go out alone?


My brother was never aloud to go to the beach by himself! It doesn't say anything about him going onto the beach on his own! So please don't start making it up! All of these comments my brother has seen and he is quite upset on what people are putting!


If it had a notice saying please contact the department by a certain date and this wasn't done then Environment had every right to assume it was abandoned, especially if they didn't have permission to leave the Kayak on public land.

Does also prove that the kayak wasn't checked on regularly if the notice provided a fair time period for the family to get their craft back.

That all said, I'm glad it has been found as there is nothing better than enjoying the nature surrounding our island from the sea.


Is this really that difficult to work out?

Funny that Environment didn't report attaching the notice / the media updating the story before now!

I'd be willing to bet someone saw the notice and waited until the deadline had passed before taking it themselves as an 'abandoned item'.

They no doubt only returned it after its removal / theft was highlighted and kept the notice on it to justify the personal removal without identifying themselves.

The moral of the story? Don't leave items of value in places they shouldn't be!

After all, if Environment had pulled their finger out and removed it as soon as the deadline had passed, you would never have got it back as it would have been legitimately disposed of!

You have the 'thieves' to thank for that!


Im not sure it is classed as theft? Boats left abandoned on private land/storage where rent has not been paid can be taken without permission of the owners. However if the owner was to come forward at a later date i believe they can still claim back the boat from the "new" owner? Not sure if this is a similar situation?

Jerry Jihad

A Christmas Tale indeed. Not sure if I am up with it ? The Environment Dept had it down for destruction, Ali Baba then had it away, before they could, he then repented in the sober light of day and without being detected, decided he could take it down Dockgreen dump it in a dark corner, then have it away on his toes, and all before Dixon could blow his whistle.

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice

Dave Gorvel

One is not allowed to leave boats,kayaks,cars etc down Petit Bot.

It may seem unfair but if we were all to do this it would become difficult to use the beach (hate to mention)plus insurance cover, health and safety.


OK so I will beach my boat anywhere and hope it wont be noticed until I have the time to move it, get a life, small kayak, could have gone to his home.

Ormer Hunter

More useful comments on this story concerning a 10 year old boy. Thanks to the Guernsey Press they have it back. Thanks to This is Guernsey a 10 year old boy is probably reading all your comments, some of which i would know doubt get him to ask the question; why are people being so mean about me, i just wanted our [family] kayak back? Maybe you should think that some comments [all of which a clever 10 year old can see in this day and age]!!may upset him. Maybe NOT.

Lessons learnt so move on too the next story.

Maybe we should ban 'Ormering' for 5 years to replenish the stocks as clearly they are few and far between these days. There's one to start!!!!!


Do none of you have better things to do than stare at a computer screen making up loads of stories thinking you know lots about the problem, when you don't, just leave it how it is they have the kayak now no ones hurt or anything.