L'Ancresse kiosk at risk after concrete collapses

THE manager of the L’Ancresse East kiosk fears for its future after part of its seating area collapsed.


Kay Smyth. pictured, is concerned that the rest of the area, and perhaps the kiosk itself, could be undermined.

It is thought that the sea caused the damage to a 5m. by 2m. section of concrete adjoining the sea wall, which has fallen in on itself.

The damage was discovered by a dog walker yesterday afternoon. The Environment Department has cordoned off the building.

‘This is a health and safety issue for staff,’ said Mrs Smyth.

‘We last opened at the end of September and we would not be open until March. Nobody can have access to it while it is like this. This [the damage] could undermine the rest of it, which is basically what the kiosk sits on.’

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Devil's Advocate

The simple exercise of driving piles in front of the wall would stop all this. For as long as I can remember, the majority of sea wall damage is caused by the sea sucking the sand out from underneath the wall and behind it, thus creatign a void which offers relatively little resistance to wave impact. Digging deep and building an apron in front or piling down and capping with an apron would solve these problems. The proposal to allow the top of L'ancresse beach to return to it's former sand dune state is essentially the only very long-term economically viable solution, however this has to be tempered with the fact that there are many areas of the coastline which are being actively eroded in the area, and allowing erosion may not cause stable dune systems to establish - case in point being the North end of Herm, those dunes are constantly disappearing.

guern abroad

I get the impression that the old methods of simply using piles/groyns to weaken the undermining is not used because unless a detailed report by a paid consultant firm says it is OK to do that it wont be done, too scared of what it might do to the water behaviour elsewhere to just do it. Shame really.

guern abroad

Groyns in the style of the big fat single posts like at Vazon that caused the local water strength to be disturbed. Not the ones that cause sand to shift and relocate, the long ones like a fence on the beach.


Looks like a nice safe place to sit!


Dont worry the states will get the unemployed to fix it for nothing, give them something to do.

S Cone

Pity if we lose it. It's one of the last proper kiosks left.


Pay no attention to any of this. It will be sorted.

"Project Proteus" has already held up its umbrella over a scheme of a possible maybe.

If I fail, so does my holidays, and every other perk along the way.


I hope we are mates?

Political suicide!