Police warn of more flooding disruption

POLICE have said that the Town seafront could close again as high tides and winds continue to cause problems.

Pic supplied by reader Karen Winter

A decision will be made tomorrow  at about 8am, but the force said it was ‘highly likely’ the road will close between the Weighbridge and Town Church.

‘West coast roads will also be monitored, but expected conditions indicate it will be unsafe to drive on these roads during the high tide period,’ said a spokesman on its Facebook page.

Coastal residents and those in known flood areas have been warned to make reasonable precautions while islanders have been told to avoid the coast.

High water tonight of 9.7m is at 8.08pm and it peaks again at 10m tomorrow at 8.27am.

Marks & Spencer at The Quay, St Peter Port, was flooded on this morning’s high tide.

The Fire & Rescue Service helped staff mop up the water.

Police closed The Quay for about an hour to stop rush hour traffic going through.

The west coast was also affected with the route between Vazon and Cobo being flooded by several inches.

Environment is inspecting the sea wall next to L’Ancresse east kiosk after undermining by waves caused a session of the seating area to collapse yesterday.

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Drivers are intent with getting from A to B!

No worries about their wave causing more flooding en route

Selfish lot you drivers


Don't tar me with the same brush. I obey road closed signs thank you very much!


As this flooding on the sea front of St. Peter Port is an Annual condition, due to the high tides, wind and the fact that the sea front road, The Quay, slopes inwards towards the various buildings could not the States of Guernsey, who must have stock piles of granite quoins and dressed granite, build a small reinforced granite wall from the Crown Pier to the Castle Pier(Emplacement)including parts of the piers mentioned to prevent the sea water either by tidal conditions or wind blown conditions from flooding the sea front of St.Peter Port.

The wall could be placed between the existing blue painted railings and the edge of the sea walls/defences.

This project could be spread over a number of years to lighten the cost of labour and could not some of the unemployed men be used as labourers so they earn their social security payments.

I would expect the stone masons to be either employed by the States of Guernsey or a Guernsey firm contracted to carry out the work.