Roads closed and shop flooded as storms lash coasts

MARKS & Spencer at The Quay, St Peter Port, was flooded on this morning’s high tide.

Waves crashing over the sea wall at Perelle this morning.

MARKS & Spencer at The Quay, St Peter Port, was flooded on this morning’s high tide.

The Fire & Rescue Service helped staff mop up the water.

Police closed The Quay for about an hour to stop rush hour traffic going through.

It was then opened to traffic travelling north to south.

There was deep water outside businesses from M&S to the Ship & Crown.

Civil protection volunteers helped with traffic control.

The west coast took another pounding from the sea this morning.

Motorists were warned to avoid the area because the coast road virtually impassable in many places.

The coastal route at Vazon and Cobo was flooded by several inches and some of the largest waves were witnessed crashing over at L’Eree.

The road between Crabby Jacks and La Grande Mare Hotel was reported to be deeply flooded and there were rocks and other debris in many places.

Waves crashed over the sea wall at Perelle, knocking over wooden boards at the garage entrance and large parts of its car park were flooded.

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Did the new Jersey Perelle wall fall down?


now now islander


No it didn't thank goodness. By the way if you lived down here you wouldn't care if the wall was built by the Martians as long as your home doesn't get flooded.

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Before anyone jumps on the Global Warming bandwagon high Spring tides coinciding with gale force winds have happened for centuries

One of the funniest/most ironic stories in 2013 was the late December venture into Antarctica by a research team seeking 'proof' of Global Warming, whose ship got firmly stuck in unprecedented pack ice .. so thick that two icebreakers had to abandon attempts to reach them

I'm glad they're safe, having been rescued by helicopter, but I'm looking forward to the spin they will put in their 'scientific' report especially as the group leader is apparently funded by an Australian 'green' multi-million company


Yes because decades of research, basic physics easily demonstrated and the 99% (or whatever it is) scientific consensus about Anthropogenic climate change is a bandwagon to be jumped on.

Go back to reading your copy of the Daily Mail;)

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If you can manage to find room for an alternative view in your life try this ...

davey bones

The sea is warmer and the ice at the bottom is of a less saline solution, when this melts it rises to the top and then freezes quicker than salt water. Hence the sea being warmer can easily increase the size of the ice shelf, very basic science actually.

IWV, I can give you a link that says smoking doesn't cause cancer, I don't believe that either.

Devil's Advocate

Hasn't Australia just had it's hottest year ever? Just because some parts of the world are colder than before it doesn't mean that global warming isn't happening! The influx of warm water marine species into local waters can tell you that, as can the increased frequency of big weather systems which are driven by warm seas.

Dot comma

Ray, can you tell me: which has the higher freezing point, fresh or saline water?

There has been a marked decrease in the salinity of arctic and Antarctic waters due to increased volumes of glacial and ice cap melt water entering the oceans. An increase in pack ice in some polar regions is just one of many global warming paradoxes, but certainly not a contraindication as you wrongly assume.

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Dot Comma

Sorry for the delay.I remember that fresh water freezes at zero degrees but I had to dig out my old 11+ paper to remind myself about Antarctica ...

The amount of salt in the water has a crucial role to play in determining its freezing point, which means we need to find out how much salt the water contains in order to find out what its freezing point is. In case of sea water, the average salt content is 35 parts per thousand, and therefore its freezing point is -1.8°C (which amounts to -28.9°F). As salt is added to this water, its freezing points starts decreasing. In water in which the concentration of salt is much higher, the freezing point of water can be as low as 6°C. Simply put, the salinity of water and its freezing point have an inverse relationship. Basically the salt concentration in water (salinity) is measured as grams salt per kilogram of water. When the salinity is 15g/kg, its freezing point is 0.8°C, and this goes on increasing for every gram of salt added to the solution

... and what I have learned since taking the 11+ is that for a few thousand bucks in a brown envelope some git in a white coat will spend his entire career trying to convince you that the moon is made of cheese

Dot Comma

Ray, I expect there was quite a lot of red pen on your 11+ submission. I didn't think it was possible for a paragraph so short to contain so many errors.

The freezing point of water decreases with increasing salinity, you got that bit right, but then counter your own argument by stating the exact opposite. Make up your mind.

If you think that minus 1.8°C equates to minus 28.9°F then it's no wonder you're struggling to comprehend the argument for anthropogenically induced global warming.

I won't go on with the critique, suffice to say that if James Delingpole's uninformed ramblings appeal to your intellect anything else I add will be beyond you.

Anyway, how do you know the moon isn't made of cheese? Oh yeah, some gits in white coats made some rockets and went there!

Seems you've learned very little since you took the 11+.

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Bloody Wikipedia !

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Just a final amusing little footnote ( from the BBC rather than Wiki)... The ice breaker rescue ship is now also stuck in the pack ice

Hope they don't have to wait for the next batch of solar flare activity before the planet warms up enough to release them

Dot Comma

Or a hastily arranged global warming deniers conference sponsored by the Daily Mail and their gullible disciples. There'd be enough hot air there to take us back to the mid-Cretaceous, if only they could lift their heads out of the sand!


Having worked in the Antarctic for 8 years I have been on a ship that was stuck in ice. Ships have been getting stuck in ice in Antarctic waters ever since man first ventured down there. I laughed at the most of the above posts.

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Now the Americans are stepping up to the plate with ther really big icebreaker to rescue the trapped scientific ship and the trapped Chinese icebreaker

This is turning into a sort of 'man thing'

Guernsey Person

I hope people will take caution driving home, and avoid these areas wherever possible as the high levels of water could increase risk of an accident. Take care all and stay safe!

interested in Guernsey

Read the Daily mail item and did anyone notice the cost of the trip?? £900,000!!

Has anyone checked to see if Disco Stew and the travellers are around. Or are they promoting Guernsey there?


Wikipedia again,,_Alaska. Also read, There's plenty more on Shishmaref, just google it.

Then read, And after that,

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Sorry Pete

I couldn't be bothered to read more than a couple of lines of each of your Wiki clips especially as there were no pictures

If you can bring yourself to read an up to date (5/1/14)piece try ....

Just a few quotes re the IPCC latest report to whet your appetite ..

They recognise the global warming ‘pause’ first reported by The Mail on Sunday last year is real – and concede that their computer models did not predict it. But they cannot explain why world average temperatures have not shown any statistically significant increase since 1997.

They admit large parts of the world were as warm as they are now for decades at a time between 950 and 1250 AD – centuries before the Industrial Revolution, and when the population and CO2 levels were both much lower.

The IPCC admits that while computer models forecast a decline in Antarctic sea ice, it has actually grown to a new record high. Again, the IPCC cannot say why.

A forecast in the 2007 report that hurricanes would become more intense has simply been dropped, without mention.

In the absence of Howard Holland I blame the IPCC computer which clearly must be a Commodore VIC-20

Dot Comma

You really are clutching at straws Ray if you're holding up that article as a robust counter argument to global warming. Like the rat following the pied piper, the pseudoskeptic follows another David Rose pseudoscandal and hangs on his every word without applying any critical thought.

Rose has made similar claims before, all of which have been robustly countered and discredited by both scientists and fellow journalists. Besides, he is writing this article based on a leaked report which hasn't even been finalised yet so his sources can hardly be described as reliable... A bit like the sources the self- same 'journalist' employed when he wrote about the 'incontrovertible evidence' proving the existence of WMD in Iraq.

I'm all for a bit of robust debate with regard to global warming and implications for climate change, but I suspect you're only interested in hearing arguments which fit your preconceived world view, no matter how skewed. Anyhow, I'm off to read my 'world of colanders' magazine... fewer holes in their articles.

Cher Eugene

Read, read, read, read - WHY waste your valuable time.

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Not much else to do in this really horrible weather!


Read the Daily Mail, thanks for the laugh IWV, like I said in my first post just google Shishmaref there's plenty of photo's if you can't be bothered reading.

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Sorry Cher.More reading!


Unfortunately for the zealots of the new global warming religion the opposing view ( questioning rather than opposing I suppose)is not confined to the upstanding Daily Mail

Here is one from the Telegraph which I would quite happily put my name to ...

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Curiouser and curiouser.How did this story with the last post made on 6/1/14 creep back into the top story list?

Never mind, it gives me a chance to repeat what I heard in the Mariners on Saturday night

Apparently some rich green cult has purchased the old Ebenezer Church off the developers and intends to re-instate it as a place of worship

Not entirely sure if I've remembered the full title but it's definitely something like 'The Holy Order of the Perpetual Adoration Tabernacle Rites of the Worshipful Grand Master of the Sacred Windmill'