Airport fund could be used to fix roads

PUBLIC Services is reviewing whether it will have to use the airport project’s contingency reserve to repair roads used by its contractor.


This follows written questions from Deputy Lester Queripel about whether Lagan Construction’s vehicles, used to transport 350,000 tonnes of aggregate from Longue Hougue to the airport, had caused exceptional damage to road surfaces and, if so, how that would be resolved.

In his written response, Public Services minister Paul Luxon said an increase in heavy vehicle traffic would inevitably accelerate road wear and tear.

‘However, it would be difficult to attribute any wear and tear on roads to specific vehicles or the purpose for which they were being used.

‘The airport project will have contributed to the general wear and tear but there were no exceptional patches where it could be said to be solely down to this project.

‘Nevertheless, given the extent to which the contract movements will inevitably have contributed to this general deterioration, the department is currently considering whether there should be a contribution from the project budget for additional key route resurfacing.’

Comments for: "Airport fund could be used to fix roads"


Yet another wishy washy statement from the Public Services Department. Of course it was down to Lagan.


I thought Lagan had to put everything back as they found it on arrival ... Are the roads not a part of this commitment, along with their compounds and site huts.

They did a great job but surely as the contractor they are responsible for any damage they caused and this should have been factored into their bid.

Are we not always told that they are the experts, surely they should have realised the harm they would do bringing in those huge tractors. Why should it come out of contingency, that is for unforeseen circumstances not the darn obvious.

Tractor driver

Jim, I think you'll find that the fat tyres on the tractors and trailers spread the load better and do less damage that a normal road truck would. Hence very little additional damage and no pictures.

Deputy Luxon is trying it on so he can bump up PSD's budget for next year with a slice of the unused contingency that will otherwise return to the pot for allocation elsewhere. A case of silo mentality at its worst.

Royston Gauno

A swing axle - no suspension, a live axle no suspension + 2 live axles on cart springs was something from the Chaplin era

Tractor driver

It's not so much to do with suspension, Royston That's intended to make the driver comfy and stop the load being bounced around. It's more to do with the larger area that larger tyres spread the load over.


T Driver, I am not saying the tractor was the cause of the damage but the transportation of all that tonnage which would always have been a problem if it was a Northern Island registered tractor or a local haulage truck. I am arguing, that Lagan should be responsible for returning our Island to the condition it was before they arrived. They did a great job, have made money on the contract and no need to honour the Islanders by fixing what they broke. Its not a contingency item, its something they should have factored in, in the first place.

Tractor driver

Jim, How long were Lagan working on the airport? How many loads were hauled? How much other traffic used those routes during that time? How much wear or damage has occurred? How can anyone quantify how much of that wear is attributable to Lagan traffic?

If there was seriously accelerated deterioration of the roads, surely some examples would have been given and we'd see some pictures, wouldn't we?

No, this is Minister Luxon and his board trying to hang on to money that could and probably should be allocated elsewhere


Based on that logic should all foreign vehicles pay extra for the wear and tear they cause to our roads? Thought not.

The duty paid on the large amount of fuel Lagan have used would no doubt cover any extra wear and tear on the roads even though it is nearly impossible to prove that they have caused any damage to our roads.

Not again

Amazing. A contractor brings a contract in on time and budget and everyone is already trying to spend the money saved.

There is nothing wrong with the roads hence a lack o pictures.

Lagan should not have to pay because this was the agreed method. Do you think the contractor who built the 'shard' in London had to pay to get every single road in and out o the capital re paved??


Really tractors in central London used for moving aggregates !? tractors were probably the only realistic solution in the lanes.

The deputy's right to ask the question but probably wear and tear rather than exceptional damage. An allowance should have been made in the contract to cover it.


The Minister's comment does give me cause for concern. The airport renovations and road resurfacing both come under PSD and he seems to think he could just hive off some of the contingency from the airport job in order to improve some of the roads on the pretext that "Lagan lorries may have caused an element of damage". Nice try Dep. Luxon, I think you would find your good mates in the "Big House" having something to say about that. In the event that the contingency sum remains intact (highly unlikely and probably won't be established until 2015) it should be returned to T. & R. for reallocation during consideration of the next round of worthy projects submitted for funding.

Yes, it would be nice to have the roads improved - but not at the expense of some other project that may require that amount of funding. Back of the queue Dep. Luxon

Guernsey Fudge

Get Lagan to re surface the roads when they come back to extend the airport runway.


can we not have a picture of the damage done to the road?


I went to the various meetings, and it was always made clear that Lagan would take absolutely NO responsibility for damage to the roads, or, more pertinently, houses along their route that may suffer damage due to the breakdown of the roads and constant heavy traffic, and that in their expert opinion, there wouldn't be any, anyway.

People were advised to take pics of their homes before and after if they were concerned, and were clearly advised that if they had a claim they could go tell it to Lagan, PSD were not responsible either.

It doesn't require a degree in engineering to appreciate that out road surfaces, already fragile in parts (many looking like a patchwork quilt) have suffered damage because of two years worth of Lagan traffic, but as PSD won't admit liability for fear of people claiming for personal property damage, they're saying instead that surprise (!) the additional monies can be used to mend the roads....

like that wasn't always the plan...?

Paul. Puleeease.

What bothers me is how the sea walls have been effected.

Fortunately, mother nature will be showing us over the next month just how much, and I look forward to yet more statements from PSD about how it's nothing to do with Lagan and blah blah blah.


i was lead to believe that lagan had to stay on a fixed route, and that this route would be resurfaced after the airport was finished. now money must have been earmarked for this work,where is it?has it gone the same way as the hssd screening money?


I have fogotten how many times I have seen Lagan vehicles passing the Town Church over the past eighteen months.Was that part of their route? Also using the Route de Cobo during the early hours.Was that also part of their agreed route?


The short answer is yes to both, the agreed routes as detailed in the Airpport Project Traffic Management Plan were an outward laden route along the west coast, with a return (unladen)route via Val des Terres. The daily start and end times were also part of the TMP.

Exceptions to these routes included emergency closures affecting parts of the route or planned closures for urgent works that could not be deferred until after the airport project.

Hot Air

What's this I see, more hot air being generated by Queripel while he climbs on another band-wagon, or should I say Lagan-wagon! Suppose he must keep his name in the paper in case we forget him - I wish! And we still have another two years of this lot in the States before the next election!


I`d like to suggest that at least the car park/viewing area on the north side of the Airport runway could be resurfaced as that has definitely been damaged by Lagan`s vehicles visiting the site huts at the west end of the car park.

There are large pot holes that have been enlarged by heavy vehicles.


Do Guerns ever stop whinging? How the hell did you expect them to carry those hundreds of tons of materials to the airport? I don't think lagan should have to pay for any of it, they did the job we asked them to do. If you want to blame somebody, blame the States of Guernsey for not building it into the contract that they repair the roads afterwards.


no whinging at all,it was known at the time that hardcore had to go to the airport and the heavy loads would do damage to the roads,someone at the time knew the roads had to be repaired,that was why a route was set out for lagan to if money is left over from the contract it is taxpayers money so do the roads with it.


Why not get a really expensive consultant (Sound familiar?) in to sort this out? Then by the time the consultant has finished he will have cost the amount that is left in the contingency and therefore this will be a pointless exercise. Of course it will take years and years to get this sorted one way or another anyway!


As I've said, it was always known that the roads most probably would be damaged, but rather than admit that - and potentially, in turn, liability for any damage to properties on the route/sea walls/water mains/sewage pipes/telecoms and electric cabling - PSD played it down, made sure Lagan's *ss was covered by waiving any liability on their part, and put this chunk of cash in place to repair the road damage caused by 'reasons unknown' once the project was over.

The idea that, 'ooh, we just happen to have this spare money left over and some roads happen to need fixing, what a happy coincidence' is so tenuous that quite frankly I find it an insult to our collective intelligence.


Upland Road & Monument Road in a terrible state. No Lagan trucks went along there.

Most repairs needed island wide not on Lagan routes.

Proper Job

It's not lagans fault as Enn 'Ane said there are so many bad roads and non on Lagans route, I think that the roads are never laid properly in the first place, I remember when you used to see large steam rollers compressing tarmac on roads, but not now that's probably why they sink into dips and holes.

It's a good job the local gangs don't do motorways (or god forbid the runway) it would be like driving on a rollercoaster.