New slaughterhouse still unable to export meat

GUERNSEY’S new £1.7m. slaughterhouse still does not meet requirements for meat to be sold abroad.


But farmers who are still frustrated with teething problems at the facility have highlighted a gradual improvement in the operation.

Commerce and Employment confirmed that, after a series of snagging issues, the facility was fit for use locally for cows over 30 months, but not yet licensed for export.

‘The process of licensing involves the operator of the plant and HSSD, and we await the results of an inspection that was done a few weeks ago by staff of the Environmental Health Unit who are responsible for this part of the regulation,’ a spokesman said.

‘“Fully licensed” means it will meet every full EU equivalent standard and from that point it will be possible to export meat from the facility into EU countries.’

Comments for: "New slaughterhouse still unable to export meat"

Butcher's Dog

Sounds like another States cock-up in the offing!


This is what happens when you get a firm that has gone bust to manage the build. Cue the mental health unit having tons of issues also.

Devil's Advocate

Which firm was that?


With very few farmers on this island is there the demand to export beef?.

The demand is on this island for good guernsey beef and there is never enough on sale.


Whats commonly known as a "Pigs Sty"!


I agree, I'm sure there is more than enough local demand to soak up any potential exports. Whizzing food half way round the world without good reason just cannot be sensible.

Devil's Advocate

It doesn't matter if there's local demand or not, the simple fact is that old cattle have to be slaughtered properly to prevent BSE - if the slaughterhouse can't do that, then no-one can eat the meat anywhere. So, old cattle are currently incinerated - once the problems are fixed they can be used for meat instead.


So are we not talking about beef cattle, then? I know milk cows past their prime get the chop but I thought they weren't much good for human consumption anyway.