Waves punch 15ft hole in shingle bank

A POWERFUL tidal surge punched a 15ft hole in the L’Eree shingle bank yesterday morning.

The Lihou shingle bank had to be repaired.

The gap was plugged by Environment contractors who used diggers to rake the shingle back into position.

La Societe Guernesiaise conservation officer Jamie Hooper inspected the damage and advised on how it should be repaired.

He said relentless bad weather had weakened that natural sea defence over a number of days.

‘It’s a soft defence, which means it’s designed to be mobile,’ he said.

‘It benefits from that mobility, it’s a natural ecosystem in its own right and it’s only in extreme events that we need to intervene.’

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What's the betting this road had a 'road closed' sign up when this photo was taken? Of course it doesn't apply to cyclists does it? Oh no, they don't have to follow the rules of the road like everyone else. The police should prosecute the cyclist pictured if the road was marked closed.

I rest my case m'lud.


For goodness sake, get a baloney life, what a crass post IMHO!!


What a ridiculous post.

Even IF the road was closed (which i'm not sure it was by the way) this cyclist was out enjoying the outdoors keeping fit and all you can say is prosecute her for riding down a road closed?

Get out on your own bike a bit more mate.


Good point, but if she had dismounted, she would have been regarded as a pedestrian under the law. The photo does not necessarily give the full picture.

When my road was closed, I had choice of 1.5 mile diversion up hill or 250 yards - I walked through the obstruction (which was less than a car wide!) and mounted by bike the other side. A policeman at far end of the lane turning in the opposite direction, even waved me to ride across in front of him and with a smile!


Environment may have put it back yesterday but this morning it appeared to have been breached in several places, with long swathes of pebbles washed down onto the road. Mr. Hooper says it is a soft defense, meaning it is designed to be mobile. It was certainly mobile this morning!

Donkey's Wotsits

Certainly was mobile. I've never seen multiple breaches like that. However, no-one was hurt or flooded and by this evening, the contractors had fully reinstated the bank again.


I'm not a cyclist but why does it even matter whether one rides through a closed road or not?

If there is no road closed sign when this picture was taken then your complaining about nothing!


They don't even prosecute cyclists who cycle across pedestrian crossing along the font, made worse by the fact the cyclists often don't even slow down first, let along stop half way on the double crossings, there is going to be another cyclist fatality belong.


Why the anti cyclist comments? I never had a bike before moving here and having to buy a bike due to the unreliable bus service that couldn't get me to work on time. The reason the road was closed was to protect cars from chipping paint caused by stones etc and more important cos they can't fit past the digger! If the person on his or her bike could fit through then why not? S/he wouldn't kill someone if she ran them over and is keeping another car off the roads. I fail to see the problem. I have cycled down many a road closed when it is safe to at my own risk.



Road closed means road closed. It doesn't mean proceed through the road if you think it's safe enough. It's an offence under the road traffic law. How do you know the road was closed to 'protect cars' etc? Did the Police tell you?

That digger in the picture could have swung around and hit the cyclist, the driver presuming the road was actually closed and therefore empty. Who would be to blame then?

I think your attitude sums up the attitude too many cyclists, they will do what they want whenever they want. I suggest Sarah you read up what 'road closed' means and while you're about it, also read up on 'no entry' signs. Hopefully Mr Plod might have a friendly word with you next time you break the law.


Take a chill pill Chris! How do you even know if the cyclist rode past the digger? For all we know she could of dismounted and walked past the digger on the grassy bit whilst keeping a clear distance from the arm of the machine. Not all cyclists are that stupid. Unless you were actually there then you have absolutely no proof that she rode straight past the digger. Once again you are creating problems that do not exist.

And the last part of your reply to Sarah I think was quite frankly rude and unnecessary!


Well said C and well said Jack. And to Chris - even if she did break the law, technically, so bloody what? My money says you are one of those miserable hypocritical car drivers always ready to have a pop at cyclists despite breaking the law yourself by doing a little pavement surfing almost every time you go out in your precious motor.



Road traffic laws are there for ALL users, not just a select group. You are very quick to suggest Chris breaks the law regularly as a motorist yet clearly have no problem with a cyclist doing the same.

Who is the hypocrite here?


Try reading my above post again Matt. Anyone who transgresses the law by pavement surfing - ie every motorist including me when I drive - has no moral authority to lecture cyclists, including me when I take to my bike, who infringe the law in a very minor way as this lady on the bike MAY be doing. He who casts the first stone etc...


I don't need to read your post again Martino, it is pretty clear.

You clearly state "so bloody what?" to the idea of a cyclist breaking the law but then go on to lecture a motorist about breaking the law. A law which you now admit you break when you drive. You criticise someone for doing something you do yourself.

Hypocritical no?

Terry Langlois

Matt - you are clearly missing the point, even when it is highlighted for you.

Martino was not lecturing or criticising motorists about pavement surfing - merely pointing out that we all do it, and that if we pavement surf then we should not get the pitchforks out when someone has possibly committed an even more minor technical breach of the law.


Thanks for that Terry. That is exactly the point I was trying to make.


And very well said sarah too.


If it was a car I bet these comments would be different, I bet you wouldn't be saying "so what if its illegal" or "get out more mate".

Terry Langlois

but it wasn't

Laws are not there for the sake of it, they are there to serve a purpose. In the case of traffic laws, it is to protect the public, or to protect people working on the roads. This cyclist was no danger to the men working on the road, and provided a little common sense was used the cyclist would not be in any danger either. So what is the problem?

Motorists break the law all of the time. I broke the law twice this morning by mounting the pavement and driving along it. But I used common sense and thankfully the Police also use common sense when deciding whether to take action over such technicalities. Enforcement of the law on technicalities makes the law an ass and enforcement should be in the interests of furthering the underlying purpose of the law.


I'd bet a car creeping along there at 5mph would be as little risk to the public as this cyclist. Does that make it ok? As usual cyclists expecting the rules to be different for them.

Terry Langlois

Cars present a clear potential risk to workmen. Of course a car driven at 5mph presents little risk, but it makes sense to stop all cars when there are workmen in the road, because it would be very easy for a car to hit a workman and hard to ensure that all drivers take the necessary care.

However, it is very difficult to imagine a pedal cycle doing any damage no matter what the circumstances, so preventing cyclists is pointless.

I am a motorist, a pedestrian and a cyclist. I do not expect rules to be different when I am on my bike, but I do apply an ounce of common sense to any application of the rules. Thankfully the Police do the same.

Can I take it that you never mount the pavement and drive along? Do you get equally worked up about that and tell yourself that rules are rules? Do you report yourself to the Police?



As far as I can see from the picture above, ALL cyclists can carry on through (with due caution, especially near the digger) and everything will be fine.

But if every car driver carries on regardless, then no matter how cautiously they did so, you'd probably have chaos, and work on the shingle bank would grind to a halt.

This is a rule-utilitarian issue: the principle that underlies a 'keep off the grass' sign. Your single car at 5mph will not be a significant risk. But the question is, what if everyone else does the same?


Well said Terry L and ChrisJ. I have often cycled carefully through closed roads while workmen are working, taking extra care, sometimes dismounting, and I have never had a problem doing this. However if I was to try it in a car either I wouldn't be able to get through or I would be a danger to those workmen whereas on or with a cycle I am not. It is not rocket science to appreciate the difference. It is simple common sense.


It obviously hasn't occurred to any of you that the states and the company carrying out the work might also be protecting themselves from YOU. If the digger were to tip over, or drop its load, seriously injuring you, no doubt the first thing you bunch of muppets would do is try and sue them. And in this stupid messed up world no doubt the courts would probably uphold your complaint.

Terry Langlois

concerned - you will see from my post above that I did consider that from the outset.

But given that pedestrians can freely walk past the digger, is it really so difficult to think that a cyclist approaching the digger and passing at a safe distance, or dismounting and walking past, is not really causing anyone any problems?

I frequently approach workmen with caution, and if necessary wait for an appropriate moment to pass, make eye contact with the workmen in case they want me to stop completely, etc. In my experience they are perfectly happy with me doing so.


These fora never cease to disappoint me even when I have very low expectations! Unfortunately it is addictive as I can't stop mysel from seeing what guernsey's finest have to say about anything and everything. Perhaps this lady lives in one of the houses along the front and was simply using the road? But why not jump to a conclusion and condemn it is such fun isn't it?


Is everyone picking on the cyclists because of the Cyclonic Weather we have been having ??? Is this all their fault ? Have we someone to blame ?

Some fantastic weather events recently, I hope it settles down soon so I can get back on my bike.


So for being a good sole and taking the digger driver a warm drink n a flask, we are getting up set no wonder guernsey is going to the dogs eh!

Island Wide Voting

I wonder,do dogs have soles?

Oh Dear

I've heard they like the taste...

Mrs E Gould (Scotslady)

This is why there are Rules of the Road - so that individuals can't decide for themselves if a rule is elastic or breakable. Being flawed human beings, we would all decide in our own favour, as has been clearly demonstrated by all the differing opinions in the correspondence.

I am a not a car driver or a cyclist, but in my opinion all cyclists should pay road tax and have registration numbers as cars do. I have seen far more outrageous flouting of the rules of the road from cyclists than any other transport. Cyclists seem to think that rules do not apply to them, and because they have no registration number no-one can report their continual dangerous abuse of the Rules of the Road.


So cyclists should pay road tax but car drivers don't? How does that work then?

How big would the registration plate have to be on a push bike for it to be of any use? How many cyclists do you see per day "flouting" the law versus drivers driving through orange lights, mounting the pavement, failing to indicate, driving whilst on the phone, speeding; and did you report every single one of them for their outrageous flouting of these rules? After all, they have a registration plate... thought not.

Oh Dear

I agree with the majority of your post. Cyclists that run red lights and overtake traffic jams are the worst. As a cyclist I always ensure that I follow the rules of the road and I expect everyone else to. I think having licenses on bikes is a good idea. I don't think having to pay road tax is a good idea though. We should be encouraging more people to cycle, charging them for the privilege won't help.

We should be talking about the spectacular power of the ocean, rather than some petty rambling about whether a cyclist who just happened to be in a picture is breaking the law or not.

Terry Langlois

I agree that red light jumpers are bad, but I have honestly seen more cars jump red lights in Guernsey than cyclits. Funny that no-one uses the same logic and condemns all motorists.

But overtaking traffic jams is perfectly acceptable and within the Highway Code, just as long as it does not involve impeding traffic coming the other way. Read "Cyclecraft" if you want confirmation.

Totally agree with your last para!

Oh Dear

The over taking of traffic is dangerous. I have seen people doing it early in the morning, when the visibility isn't great. They're not lit up and they're on the wrong side of the road. I've also seen them cut in front of motorists when the traffic starts shifting again. It's a dangerous practice.

I agree with you on the motorists comment. I don't drive at all. I've seen some atrocious driving in my time. I have seen my fair share of motorists travelling through red lights as well.

Dave Haslam

Superb thread, had me giggling all morning this has, people just cant wait to jump all over cyclists can they, no evidence no justification, new year no change.

Actually, I'm going to try and make a positive change.........

.........I think the anti cyclist anger is caused by blocked arteries causing hormone imbalances in unfit unhealthy fatties that can barely type as their fingers hit too many keys at once, some of the above posts must have taken hours to write.

Damn that post xmas sugar comedown must be hard to deal with.

Angry?? Get on your bike, burn off some of that excess stress and tension, and some calories just be sure to follow your own expectations of road courtesy and who knows, you might enjoy it, and in six months, you may be able to type a post on a laptop.

Oh Dear

It's mad isn't it. All this from one photo.

Mr Lloyd

Fair play Dave, this made me laugh out loud!!


The funniest post so far.

That's all I have to say as as car driver AND a cyclist there's already enough views. I'll just get on applying common sense and try not to break any laws especially when I am not contributing awful fumes and CO2 into our lovely fresh sea air.


Haha, I love the way the article is about a wave smashing a pebble/shingle bank, but 90% of the comments are about a cyclist!! Come on Guernsey, please stop the sillyness

Oh Dear

I think whoever is driving that digger should be prosecuted. They're on the wrong side of the road!


No! It's Dave Lesbirel and that digger IS facing Perelle. Even if it may be reversing. The cyclist above the law, is just like the ones that ride 2 or 3 abreast much to the annoyance of motorists everyday. Accidents waiting to happen!

Oh Dear

Riding two abreast is perfectly safe and legal. When you overtake a cyclist you should be on the other side of the road. There have been too many instances where cars have nearly hit me because they're too impatient to wait for a clear stretch of road. Is two minutes (maximum) of driving slightly slower really going to make you incredibly late?

Do you have a sense of humour? I was joking. He's clearly working on a closed stretch of road.


Oh Dear.

You Are obviously a cyclist. Your last sentence confirms that you know the road is Closed. Therefore you think cyclists are exempt as you must have also seen the cyclist in the picture. Also you should realize the width of most Guernsey roads does not facilitate safe overtaking of more than one cyclist, let alone 2 abreast or 3. As I said cyclists are a law unto themselves, they race along when it suits them at unsafe speeds, then dilly dally when knowing that other road users are being inconvenienced. You are a joker. Haha!

Oh Dear

I specifically said two abreast. I agree that three abreast would be dangerous. I use the bus more than I cycle. Most roads are definitely wide enough to overtake two abreast. The problem is that so many drivers consider it to be safe to over take on corners. Try riding a bike on our roads yourself. Most motorists, yourself clearly included seem to have this irrational hatred of cyclists that is absolutely ridiculous as is evidenced by your post.

How can a cyclist ride at "unsafe" speeds? As opposed to car drivers who overtake cyclists in corners at 35mph+.

What danger is the cyclist in the picture presenting to anybody? If the road was closed due to road works then that is a different matter. The road was closed whilst they cleaned up a few stones. I'm fairly sure that no police officer would be as petty as to describe that cyclist as a law breaker. The very fact that you feel it's so necessary to write about this cyclist displays how irrational and bizarre your hatred of them is. Perhaps if you got out of your car and took a breath of fresh air you might find yourself being slightly less petty and miserable.

Yes a joke. You should try finding humour in things sometimes.


Oh Dear,

The digger swings around not seeing the cyclist! Who is to blame?

Road Closed means Road Closed to me but then I am not a cyclist.

Riding 2 abreast is fine by me providing they consider other road users. (Which they don't)

How did you calculate the motorists speed overtaking on the corner, by riding a cycle at 34mph?

I don't hate cyclists? Their just a pain in the Butt! Similar to buses. Though buses are safer and capable of carrying 30 cyclists.

Oh Dear

The comment of 35mph is based on our speed limit. It's not that difficult to figure out.

Most cyclists are perfectly safe. In much the same way as not all motorists are safe on the roads there will be a few cyclists who are not.

Why are cyclists a pain in the bottom? Is it because they slow down your journey by a couple of minutes? What's the constant rush?

A picture doesn't really say a lot about what is happening. How do you know if the cyclist didn't dismount and then start riding once it was safe to do so? I thought you'd be pleased. This is one less cyclist to get in your way and slow down your journey. I fear that you are just moaning for the sake of it now.


Road Tax Clarification !

For the record I pay "road Tax" on my car and use the same method of calculation of tax on my bike. I am not to blame that my bike does not take fuel. Perhaps and introduction of a cake or pasty tax to pay for roads would be an idea ?

Love the Forums on the press, make me smile everyday


This thread is brilliant, very funny, how so many people can get so excited about something that has nothing to do with the original article.