A&E consultant appointment could take another six months

AN ACCIDENT and Emergency consultant may not be employed at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for another six months.

Health and Social Services agreed to appoint someone to the role following a recommendation made in a highly critical review of the service.

But the department has warned the process of taking on a consultant could take another six months due to interviews and the chosen candidate’s notice period.

‘The HSSD board decided to appoint an Accident and Emergency consultant in July 2013, and set the process in motion immediately,’ said a spokesman.

‘While HSSD will of course seek to appoint at the earliest possible opportunity, the department anticipates that the process is likely to take another six months, taking into account interviews and the chosen candidate’s notice period.’

Comments for: "A&E consultant appointment could take another six months"

Island Wide Voting

One calendar year to fill an important post.Sounds about par for the course for a States department

Any other important posts in the offing?

Inspector Gadget

I can think of a couple. Shall we start running a book on it?


Surely its better to get ir right rather than a quick appointment. As quite a senior position a lot of the six months will be taken up with the notice period the person will need to give.

Island Wide Voting

...and the other six months will have been taken up by ?