Last orders as Nussbaumer family leaves the Rockmount

PUB-GOERS showed their support for the Rockmount as it opened and closed its doors for the last time under its current leaseholder on Saturday.

Licensee Dave Nussbaumer with patrons on his last day at the Rockmount

David Nussbaumer said the pub had been in his family for 48 years, passed down from his father.

It was an emotional evening and Mr Nussbaumer and some other customers also wore black arm bands.

U2 tribute band US4//U2 played in the public bar, which was already full around 7pm. Balloons were also placed around the pub.

Mr Nussbaumer said they had also had a good evening at the pub on Friday night. ‘We have locals, past and present, here and there is no question this is the number one pub.

‘People have come from all over the island today.’

He hoped that Randall’s would not lose the ‘fantastic’ and ‘loyal’ customers that the Rockmount knew when the brewery took over running the establishment.

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It was a fantastic night, sad to see the last of the Rockmount as we've known it, and I don't believe for one second that the new place will be an improvement. Expect a soulless place with the emphasis on extracting as much out of your pocket as possible, and I very much doubt whether many people will use it as a "local".

Also well done to the police for waiting in the car park for however long before entering the bar on the dot of 12.45am to make sure not a single drink was served after hours. You really do have your priorities right don't you, a big pat on the back to those concerned.


I agree Phil. My Dad and I frequented the Rockmount most weeks for lunch and we're both sad to see it go. For me it had everything that makes a traditional pub good. Good food and drink and friendly staff who remembered who you were - including my particular penchant for tartare sauce with everything!

It was also well divided into adult only areas, family areas, a sports bar type arrangement, some quieter corners and some sofas to relax on - the only one I'm aware of on the island that managed to successfully cater for so many different types of people.

I agree with your predictions about the new establishment too. I suspect we will be changing venue - although I heard from the staff they are moving the "Old Rocky" to the Cobo Bay Hotel?


Dave convert the Cobo hotel restaurant into a pub and take the business with you.

Devil's Advocate

Has anyone hooked out the leather sofa from there that was floating in the sea at the weekend?


50 years of drinking with Dave and his Dad. A fun Pub, always interesting and set apart from the rest. Some memorable occasions, to mention only one, The Prosperity and Earlwood Mead crashed on the rocks together and many silly bets on how long it would take for the sun to set!! Great nostalgia

Island Wide Voting

The fellow sitting down and being cuddled by David N is said in the written press caption to be P Falla

That's not OUR PBFALLA is it?


I don't know IWV but I did notice that, until stepping down in 2012, someone by the name of Mr P.B. Falla was a Douzenier of St Peter Port.


Its not the same one. Its Peter Falla the architect, who is absolutely nothing like PB Falla in character!


I didn't think it was our PB. With the exodus in full swing he's got far more important things to do!

Rory Kay

I live in the USA but am a Guernseyman who likes to find an excuse to come over fairly frequently. Each time I have arrived in Guernsey, the Rockmount was always one of my first destinations. Apart from the extraordinary location, fair weather or foul, the atmosphere of the place was always very attractive. It was appealing to everyone, no matter who you were, a labourer, a surgeon, a pilot, a parish constable, all seemed to be at ease there, enjoying the opportunity to talk and relax.

I will miss dropping into the place; I know it will reopen, but without David and his classic larger than life landlordly presence and generous demeanor, it will never be quite the same again. I will certainly try it out, but there is plenty of competition, (right next door for starters!) so the owners will have to work to earn loyalties afresh....

I hope the brewery does not try to make it an exclusive upmarket type place to go - the island does not need any more expensive night out places; that type of restaurant is well oversubscribed. And they had better make some effort to find a seriously talented and charismatic individual to manage it The Rockmount was perfect for a beer and a bite and a chat. I hate to see things being fixed that were never broken.

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Rory Kay for CM


Not sure about CM just yet....let him cut his teeth at Culture & Leisure.

bob the builder

To be precise it is Peter Falla the Architects Technician.



Are you being funny!