Weekend's storms cause widespread problems

PERELLE Bay Hotel was forced to close its doors and cancel a function on Saturday because of flooding caused by the weekend’s storms.


Proprietor Joao Freitas said the hotel had no heating or hot water due to flooding of the boiler.

Water was three inches deep on carpets in the adjoining staff accommodation and there was also water in the basement in the hotel.

As of yesterday 90% of the hotel’s power was returned, although 14 rooms were closed and only eight had hot water.

The hotel was one of the worst casualties in a weekend of exceptional storms, which caused widespread problems on island roads.

The base of the slipway at Portelet Bay was ripped up by the power of the waves. Engineers are expected to check Perelle coast road today following fears that it has been damaged with the seas undermining it.

Cracks have appeared on the surface and residents said water was bubbling up through it at the height of the storms.

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Devil's Advocate

Be advised, the road is still closed as of an hour ago, with lots of fluoro jackets and a digger in evidence on the road just north of the reservoir outfall.


Happening because of made climate change. Let's see how long before some says no way!


Let's not forget that approximately a third of Guernsey has been reclaimed from the sea over the past 3 or 4 hundred years so, what do you expect when most of this land is below sea level at high tide?


Thats is global warming for you.