Storm tears huge hole in Fermain Bay sea wall

SAINTS Harbour may have been dangerously destabilised following the weekend’s storms.

Left to right: Ross Ferbrache, Carl Staples and Nigel Fallaize, of stonemasons R.Ferbrache and Partners, staring into the hole in the sea wall at Fermain

And waves have also knocked a hole through the Fermain sea wall, resulting in the tide pulling huge amounts of earth into the bay.

Portelet slipway and Cobo were also found to be damaged as the full impact of the severe weather became clear yesterday.

A hole in the Perelle slipway has been mended, but sea defences on the east coast at La Miellette and on the north-west coast at Pulias Pond still need attention.

States Works has been clearing the western coast road, while engineers and stonemasons have been inspecting the damage caused by strong winds and high tides.

It is unclear how much it will cost to repair the damage.

A telephone cable to Jersey and France – which is normally encased in concrete beneath the Saints Bay slipway – has been exposed, after pounding waves ripped up half the granite walkway.

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Island Wide Voting

Caption... 'The boss said there was a hole in the sea wall and we should go and look into it'

OR ' That bit will need pointing'

David G

'The game of hide and seek was well and truly over...'


So it's not just States workers that stand around pointing / staring into holes!


Three men one hole, sounds like the States works department.


Caption - "There's the States Black Hole"

Alfie Marsh Superstar

Dont tell me theyve found the 2.6 million.

Just Sayin'

"yup, it's a hole alright"

"ey, Bob, look at that bit, that's bit holey like too, aint it?

"sure is John, that's some mighty good hole-ing"


"Boss, I can't see the hole anywhere. Any chance you could point it out to us?"

"Sure - it's right at the back of this cave..."

Oh Dear

Must be a Sunday wall.

Not Housing Minister

Bloney me... there's room for 50 Syrian refugees in yer!

The Internet's Finest

'Not Housing Minister' ... Just makes me want to think you actually are the housing minister ...

Guernsey lady

And I suppose Lagan were to blame for that as well!!

Island Wide Voting

Guernsey lady

No not Lagan or the hole-in-the-wall gang.This has the fingerprints of Howard Holland all over it