Bad weather delays Condor passengers

ROUGH weather hampered boat journeys yesterday.

Gregory Harrison was delayed on his journey to St Malo. All fast ferries were rescheduled due to the bad weather.

Fast ferries had to be rescheduled after the weather deteriorated.

Some passengers who came over on the Condor Vitesse from Weymouth had to wait for the Commodore Clipper to take them on to Jersey.

After the change of schedule, the Vitesse returned to Weymouth without going to Jersey.

A notice was put on the Condor Ferries desk which read, ‘In order to accommodate Jersey-Guernsey and Jersey-Weymouth bound passengers, the Clipper will now need to sail Jersey first.’

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You can tell how long he has been waiting by the length of his beard! Poor man looks like Tom Hanks in castaway. He should sue them.

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.... and that was a violin case when he first sat down


The seas have been rough since October, Yesterday was no different and anyone venturing out on a day trip has got to be crazy.

How can Condor be blamed for the weather.

Is he still there ?