Cannabis use is legal - under a special HSSD licence

CANNABIS can be legally smoked in Guernsey under a special licence for medicinal use, Health and Social Services has revealed.


A ‘very specific’ licence could be issued by the department to allow use of the class B drug. The licence would also authorise its ‘importation, possession and supply’ by a named person, pharmacist, pharmacy or facility.

The little-known rule came to light after a bedridden islander pleaded to be allowed to smoke cannabis legally as relief for chronic neurological pain.

Despite permission being possible, HSSD admitted that, to the best of its recollection, it had never issued a cannabis licence and does not recall any licence applications having been made.

It said medicinal marijuana would only be made available following a strict and detailed process.

The anonymous middle-aged sufferer welcomed guidelines being in place, but wanted the process sped up for urgent cases.

‘To see these conditions and guidelines in place is a good thing for people, but on the other hand when people are in desperate need of medication, they need it today, not six months down the line. Everything really should go in fast forward when there are exceptional cases that arise.’ 

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Jersey Drug Law Reform

The revealing of this information now by Health and Social Services stinks of a get out clause to avoid a proper debate on Cannabis that is being demanded by Islanders.

It will be interesting to see in the real world exactly what criteria is needed for sick Islanders in need of medication to apply, and whether any licenses at all will be issued?

In the UK, a petition launched by Caroline Lucas MP calling for a full cost-benefit analysis and impact assessment of the Misuse of Drugs Act has gained enough signatures to be put forward for debate by MP's, and we call for the same to be done by the States Of Guernsey.


I may be wrong but I thought that "medicinal Cannabis" came in some form other than something that needed smoking ie a tablet or spray! Can someone enlighten me please?

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Medicinal Cannabis in the traditional form is presently prescribed in many US States, Holland, Israel and a few other countries. Contrary to the common belief, it does not have to be smoked and can be vapourised, prepared in food or drink, or made into a Cannabis Oil for use.

In the UK, Sativex licensed by the Home Office. Sativex is Cannabis Oil mixed with ethanol and sold in a spray bottle. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Sativex as many patients do not feel it offers the same pain relief benefits as consuming Cannabis in it's traditional form, the cost is many times higher than traditional Cannabis, and it is a post code lottery as to whether local health authorities will cover the cost of the drug


there is a drug named Sativex which is derived from indica and sativa cannabis plants.. it's essentially an oil. the problem with Sativex is that it is very costly so unlikely to be given out much if at all. there are so many suffers in the uk which are refused Sativex just because health care will not pay for it even though it is the one drug which helps them.

you can watch this bbc documentary to learn a bit more about Sativex:

MJ Smoker

Hi there queen bee!

Cannabis can be taken in many many forms. Tablets, sprays, lotions, lolly pops, edibles, you name it. However, the most common way of using cannabis is in it's herbal form or in the form of a concentrate/wax (highly filtered trichomes from the plant similar to hashish). The spray that you refer to sounds to me like sativex developed by GM Pharmaceuticals for MS sufferers. That is a 'cannabis based' medication . It is well known that the natural forms are far more effective. Nothing beats herbal. Ps. Look up vaporising cannabis

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Looking into it further, it seems that France, Ireland and Britain are the only countries in Europe that won't allow the prescription of traditional herbal Cannabis in the form of Bedrocan.

A prescription for Sativex currently costs the user £500 a month, compared to £35 a month for Bedrocan.


Legal highs are way better for you.


How childish ans ill informed

Jersey Drug Law Reform

We certainly wouldn't agree that the Legal Highs Alcohol and Tobacco are safer than Cannabis. That's well supported by scientific evidence!


I think the idea is yes it's legal but you will have to get a few committees to agree that you'll benefit from it. And then you'll take a derived compound from a drug company who will make a lot of money. I could be wrong. I have been before.

As a practitioner of prescribed drugs, diazepam, betablockers and codiene and and abuser of alcohol, tramadol (prescibed). My heart goes out to people who do need to take cannabis to relive pain, and to relieve anxiety.

I dread to think think how much money I have caused the Health Service to spend on my treatment for alcohol addiction, the amount of Gp's time spent talking to me, the cost of drugs given to me. All due to one or two beers,then one or two more over and over again.

We need to think about a more open drug policy. Importers make money, the people who bring it through do the time, inappropriate in my view looking at other offences.

More than happy to engage in conversation.




I find this literally incredible. How screwed would you have to be before smoking anything was actually good for you? I stand to be corrected but I think this is tosh. Has anybody seen one of these 'special licences'? Perhaps they are in HSSD stores, tucked behind the tartan paint, next to the skyhooks.


one does not actually have to smoke the substance. it could be vaporised, eaten, juiced, turned into oil or paste.. the list goes on.

but some people do find smoking works best for them as it delivers a quick dose which can be well regulated -they know how much they're taking at a time.

as for your question "How screwed would you have to be before smoking anything was actually good for you?" you could take a look at these two quick videos and see for yourself:


I see where you are coming from, as in the picture it shows a guy smoking a joint with tobacco in it, which we know kills you eventually , so is a doctor going to prescribe cannabis to be smoked with tobacco or straight?, if the patient gets lung or heart disease from smoking it could they then sue the doctor for prescribing it.

I know some of you will say "but there's no scientific evidence to prove its harmful" but they said that about butter 40 years ago.


how can you tell that "joint" has tobacco in it?

i think people would need to be educated on the dangers of smoking of course. they also need to be shown that smoking cannabis pure without adding tobacco to it is far less harmful and gives an almost zero increase in cancer rates unlike tobacco which has a massive increase in chance of developing cancer. it is believed that the cancer destroying chemicals in cannabis are at work even when smoking it -balancing out the damage as it were..

still i'm not saying that smoking is the right way either.. people need to be educated on other methods to consume cannabis.. especially vaporising.

"if the patient gets lung or heart disease from smoking it could they then sue the doctor for prescribing it."

lots of people die after taking prescription drugs... how often do you hear of the doctor who prescribed the drugs getting sued?


And as usual from you, nothing to contribute but another brainless, toothless personal attack.


Beanjar, how many times do we have to inform you.

It does not need to be smoked. That's just a generic image to go with the article. The picture is actually irrelevant.

No doctor in the world would prescribe cannabis that needed to be smoked.

Look at this very thread, someone has listed loads of different ways of taking the drug.

Will you please read!

As for your comment full of insults moaning about someone else who's insulted you. Why don't you look at the other threads where I'm pretty certain you insulted everybody without even reading what they had to say.

Everyone has a different opinion, yet if someone disagrees with YOU then they're a "brainless, toothless" person. Are you that self absorbed that you cannot see when you're insulting others?

Go on try READING through the other threads and take a look at the ridiculous number of insults you throw around. Look at how often we have to repeat ourselves whilst you just ignore the information available.

I'm sorry Beanjar but if you actually want to have an intelligent debate with us adults, you're going the wrong way about it.


Douglas, can you read?

"CANNABIS can be legally smoked in Guernsey under a special licence for medicinal use, Health and Social Services has revealed."

That's what I'm talking about.

Jersey Drug Law Reform

"No doctor in the world would prescribe cannabis that needed to be smoked."

That's partially incorrect, Cannabis in it's traditional smokable form is prescribed in the US, Holland and other countries. It is recommended that it is vapourised, not smoked, however that decision is up to the individual patient.


Douglas, am I meant to take your silence as an apology for your inappropriate tirade? Or will you man up and be a bit more gracious?


So what are the conditions that need to be met for a license to be granted? Would any GP prescribe it?

One thing for certain - whilst big Pharma need to be kept away as much as possible(!) self medication should be discouraged with an active ingredient that potent... (Yeah, heard all the excuses but I've seen the side effects of the usual levels of medical ignorance & self administration on too many people!)


I agree that no-one should self medicate.

Many people do though. All those over the counter drugs that make millions of pounds every year. People self medicate on those. Many of them are addictive and have their basis in opiates. Paracetamol can be addictive and can cause numerous problems to people's digestive tract.

Using sudafed and a couple of other ingredients you can make crystal meth! You can get all of the ingredients needed over the counter and in fact many people over here do.

In a way we're selling crystal meth over the counter but not the far less dangerous drug that is cannabis. Is it just me that finds that illogical?

If people don't believe me about the sudafed-crysal meth link. A quick google search will point you in the right direction.


There are two main active components in cannabis, thc, which is essentially what gets you high and cbd which contains most of the medical benefits of cannabis cbd does not get you high when separated from thc, have a look on YouTube at the child from America who was having multiple life threateningseizures multiple times everyday of his life, he tried every form of anti epilepsy medication with no results before his parents considered medical cannabis, he got pure cbd cbd and within the first day of taking literally probably 2 small drops of this natural cbd his seizures stopped and continued to be prevented, cbd is going to be better for you than anything prescribed in terms of epilepsy, I'm from jersey and my mum has epilepsy and has frequent seizures and it annoys me because nothing works and she's tried every form of anti epilepsy drug, because no one really properly understands epilepsy in the medical world but the natural world already has provided a preventer, she could just take some cbd and be fine, there's another video of a woman who was having frequent seizures and she got a natural cbd butter, she went from taking regular meds morning and night to literally just having a piece of bread with some cbd butter on before she goes to bed. Seizures stopped. What I'm saying is that with some illnesses it is pretty much essential because nothing else works and it's almost an injustice that my mum and others can't live their lives bc they can't get hold of something natural and something that won't even get them high. Problem is big money grabbing pharmaceuticals don't want to lose out they've been trying for years to exactly immatate cannabis with no luck bc cannabis can be used for so much and they know they could make loads, so cannabis was kept illegal but a recent report stated that pharmaceutical company's will never be able to immatate anything natural as much as they'd like to and to a point where it would work. I feel like people are stupid on here saying that it's bad for you, do you not realise that paracetamol and all this artificial crap you put through your body is bad for you, urgh it annoys the hell out of me that people can't educate themselves before writing on things like this. That little boy in America with epilepsy could of died by now if his family hadn't considered cbd but no he's alive and cannabis is an natural, amazing and beautiful cure to people's pain and illness. I see my mum depressed crying, fucking scared for her life every day. A woman in jersey recently had a seizure for and hour and died. If people don't see the positive in medical legalisation they are so backwards thinking and small minded.


I am firmly of the opinion that the extracts from this plant are incredibly useful for a wide variety of conditions. Most of our (useful) drugs are derived from nature anyway! Cannabis in it's unrefined form does lead to some interesting mental conditions (at the very least) hence why it's advantageous to refine it (as for aspirin). Unfortunately, "Big Pharma" want to criminalise anything that threatens their profit margins, hence why there are no cures available for certain conditions, only (expensive) drugs to treat the symptoms...

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Realist can you explain why Bedrocan (unrefined herbal Cannabis) and Sativex (Cannabis Oil spray containing all the plant's cannabinoids) are prescribed all in so many countries?

Surely if unrefined Cannabis leads to mental conditions as you say, it would not be on the market?


Seen it happen before. This is the thin of a wedge inserted by a vested interest~


It's going to be a busy morning at the HSSD offices..


Anyone entering the island and stopped by the border agency for carrying cannabis will need to show an authorise prescription document that the named person on passport is allowed that drug?

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Anyone with a Cannabis prescription issued in other countries can freely travel between European countries with their medication under the Shenzhen Agreement.

Unfortunately the UK opted out of the agreement i believe, and i have no idea how it effects the Channel Islands?

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Here is the latest news from the UK:


Good now make it legal for all Adults and cut out the unpleasant drug dealers !


Jersey Drug Reform - can't reply to your post directly unfortunately, however, it is important to note that there are MANY drugs out there with very unpleasant side effects - just the side effects are (usually) less of an issue than what they are being used to treat. It's also important to note that there are also many drugs that have been used which should never have been approved for use, but have been (for various reasons). Cannabis itself has several active ingredients, some of which are more effective than others in treating certain conditions - refining it is an important part in the targeting thereof and also in reducing side effects. [You don't chew willow bark when you have a headache do you?!]

Having discussed this with someone "in the know", the license appears unfortunately to be only for MS and cases with severe back pain and makes no allowance for other conditions that could be succesfully treated and the application process can only be described as "red-tape heavy". Good luck in getting approval for a license...!

Andy, I hope you are referring to medical usage and not recreational use?! It's not something that should be used casually by people with zero/little understanding of the potential impact that it can have on your health (as is similarly the case with many indigenous plants with medicinal properties).

Jersey Drug Law Reform

Of course Realist, as i mentioned above the only reason that this has been announced is to stop any further debate about the full legalisation of Cannabis for medicinal use or recreational use. Is is only to be expected that any licenses approved will be very limited and covered in red tape.

The debate however will not go away. With Colorado, Washington and Uruguay having completely legalised for recreational use the flood gates have been opened, and we will see many other places follow suit in the next few years.

I can understand your concerns but unfortunately they are not backed up my modern science. No substance is 100% safe of course, but there is a huge amount of evidence to show that Cannabis causes very little harm to society as a whole.

Our aim is to raise public awareness and campaign for evidence based drug laws in the Channel Islands, and that is what we will continue to do regardless of a lack of political support at the present time.