Registry ‘will weed out uncommitted instructors’

INTRODUCING a Register of Driving Instructors will ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’, according to those who currently run driving schools in the island.

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The Environment Department has now opened a voluntary register after States members backed proposals in December.

It is considering applications from suitable individuals and organisations seeking to be included on the register, which will remain voluntary until the appropriate legal framework for a mandatory one has been put into place.

Steve Le Poidevin, 30, who owns Safeway Driving School, said the register would be ‘an extremely good thing’.

‘Most of the instructors, including myself, hold no formal qualification to teach and this should change. It will certainly sort the wheat from the chaff.

‘There are lots of instructors doing a brilliant job, but there are some which are not so good.'

Comments for: "Registry ‘will weed out uncommitted instructors’"


Its about time only those with qualifications can be instructors.


A voluntary register seems OK but a mandatory one with a legal framework seems excessively bureaucratic. Why not let a mixture of industry self-regulation and the market sort it out?

One thing about Guernsey is that word of mouth soon puts paid to poor businesses. If some driving instructors are giving poor instruction their reputation will soon precede them.