Town is big enough for the both of us, say butchers

A REVIVAL in the popularity of butcher shops means there is enough custom to go around in Town, two new businesses have said.

Marc Harvey, of Town Butchers, which opened in November, has been so busy that he believes there is enough business to share with Surf & Turf, the combined meat and fish shop opened by Jason and Nikki Hamon. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 14776667)

The former Seafresh fishmongers reopened for the first time yesterday under new management and the name of Surf & Turf.

Jason and Nikki Hamon have spent the past couple of weeks renovating and refurbishing the Castle Emplacement premises to include a butcher’s.

It means they are the second butcher in the area, alongside Town Butchers, which opened in Fountain Street in November.

‘There is definitely a big enough market, when you think back in the old days there used to be 10 butchers all in a line in Town [in the Markets],’ Mr Hamon said.

‘The trend for local butchers has done a full circle, so there is definitely enough space for two butchers.

‘People want to come in and talk, they want to see what is fresh and get that professional advice and customer service.’

Town Butchers owner Marc Harvey said business had really picked up. ‘It gets busier every week, to a point now where we are struggling to cope.

‘There is a big enough market for more butchers in Town.

‘We have a very good following and people now do want to go to a butchers instead of getting their meat from the supermarkets.

‘They like the advice they can get, the quality of the meat and the customer service.’

Comments for: "Town is big enough for the both of us, say butchers"

John West

I think it's great that there are more butchers around and that they are generally doing a good trade.

If Town Butchers are reading this - please stop sticking up bits of A4 paper with offers etc in the window, it really looks tacky. Suggest a large chalkboard in the window.

Roger Irrelevant


Good suggestion, but they will probably need permission for something so eye-catching!

Jeremy Goddard

Hi John, Thank you for your comments, My name is Jerry I work at Town Butchers with the Owner Marc, With regards to the signs in the window, We have had on order now for a few weeks various signs and a decent chalk board, But unfortunately the supplier of these signs have not delivered at all a good service and we are still awaiting them, (We wish some businesses that we deal with would be grateful for their customers, The same way that Town Butchers are, But unfortunately a lot of businesses do not care or value their customers the same way that we do) But anyway with regards to the A 4 paper signs, Yes we think that they look a bit tacky but sometimes because of the freshness of our products when we can offer customers very good deals customers like to know straight away so we currently do not have access to signs that can be made and put up instantly, So this is why there has been some A 4 paper sign information for customers, We also do have very good professionally made signs up on display, We are always looking to improve everything that we can do for our current customers and new customers, so the money has gone into deals for customers, But like I say we are grateful for your comments and your comments have certainly been taken note of,

Please feel very welcome to come in sometime, as people can see the quality, freshness, special offers with the finest service when they come in, As the saying goes " Can never judge a book by its cover" Thank you once again, your comments are taken note of, Best regards Town Butchers in Fountain Street, (Guaranteeing all customers that are good enough to come to Town Butchers the Quality, Value and Service that a customer truly deserves. Thank you.

John West

Thanks for reply Jeremy - hope my comment didn't come across as a criticism but I've seen so many shops come and go along there over the years and most of them didn't put the effort into the look (and sometimes content) of the shop.

I can assure you I don't judge a book by it's cover but I know there are lot of people that do which is why I'm pleased to hear the plans you have in place and am sure it will translate into even more people coming to your shop.

I've been in and can confirm you have a great selection and knowledgeable staff and I wish you all the success - it's nice to have a little reminder of what we once had in the main market.

Biltong, yum!!


I love the fact that traditional meat counters are back, fish too. Nothing better than going in and talking to the butcher, asking about the meat, how to cook it, where it's from etc rather that buying prepacked from a supermarket.

Fair play to both businesses. I hope you all do well.

Jeremy Goddard

Hi Meeshka, My name is Jerry, I work with the owner Marc at Town Butchers in Fountain Street, Thank you for your comments and kind words, As you know it is very difficult to set up a new butchery business while competing with the supermarkets.

Jeremy Goddard

Opps,, Correction spelling to the above, Should say "Town Butchers in Fountain Street, Guaranteeing everybody who takes the time to come to our shop, The High Quality With Value Prices, While Providing The Finest Service A Customer Deserves,

Island Wide Voting

Oh dear. You've done it again

Shouldn't that read Oops,(rather than Opps) Correction spelling to the above, Should say "Town Butchers in Fountain Street, Guaranteeing everybody who takes the time to come to our shop, The High Quality With Value Prices, While Providing The Finest Service A Customer Deserves,

Jean moulin

Good luck guys, fair play!