Clipper not sailing due to engine problems

Commodore Clipper's sailings today and tomorrow have been cancelled because of a problem with her port main engine.

Condor Ferries 2016
File picture by Tony Rive

She is alongside in St Peter Port and engineers hoped that a repair they carried out today would have fixed the problem.

But that has been unsuccessful. They will be working through the night to try to fix it.

Condor said it anticipates Clipper will will sail from Guernsey to Jersey at approximately 10 tomorrow and resume normal service from Portsmouth on Wednesday at 9am.

Final confirmation regarding revised times for tomorrow will be issued by 7am.

The fast ferry, Condor Rapide, was running on reduced speed today due to a fuel pipe problem and is not expected to be back up to full speed until tomorrow afternoon.


Condor has confirmed the Clipper's engine has been repaired and it will leave for Jersey and Portsmouth at approximately 10am

Comments for: "Clipper not sailing due to engine problems"


Makes a change from the Liberation I suppose!


So now the reliable Clipper is knackered?!!... His much worse can it get?!

Probably the Liability will come out in sympathy......


let the panic buying begin.


Thank goodness we have the Liberation!

Donkey Boiler

Any ship can have technical problems, but where Condor fail is in keeping passengers informed. Again, it took far too long yesterday for details of this cancellation to appear on their Sailing Updates on their website. They really do not learn.

Earl Granville

Another winner - we'll be back to waiting for the Vega now. Thank goodness my gran held on to those tins of Klim. PS Condor's on-board magazine has a great recipe for powdered egg omelettes this month.


Cracking post Earl Granville - made me chuckle anyway.

Earl Granville

And talking of knackered things I spent a lovely evening waiting for my daughter to arrive from Southampton due at 8:45 arrived 10:10 it's not just those Condor moments that go on forever - Air Steptoe (Blue Islands) drag on a bit too. I was the only non employee up at the airport for around an hour last night and it keeps happening apparently


These are gifts that just keep on giving.