Flybe looks at Heathrow

HEATHROW could be reopened to islanders, if it is given the green light for expansion.

Heathrow Airport passengers numbers

Flybe has said it is reviewing 12 new routes to the London hub, including services to Guernsey and Jersey. However, that relies on Heathrow being allowed to build a third runway, which would allow for 25,000 new flights by 2021.

Flybe CEO Saad Hammad is keen for the airport to become more affordable for regional airline operators and said it should be a national asset, rather than just benefitting people in the south-east of England and global connecting passengers.

‘Flybe is heartened by the proposed plan announced last week by Heathrow,’ he said.

‘It paves the way for us, as champions of regional connectivity, to jump quickly into action. I am confident we are now in a good position to explore the viability and commercial feasibility of introducing a number of critical new routes for domestic connectivity as soon as the new slots were to become available at Heathrow, to and from where many of our codeshare partners offer seamless onward long haul connections for regional passengers.’

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That would remove the need for the Island to continue to own Aurigny to protect the Gatwick link..........


More like, we know we are upsetting the Channel Islands and might loose our monopoly through blue islands so what can we for? I know lets copy Condor! Let's promise that maybe in 5/10 years time or more likely never, given the current UK situation, we might consider....maybe to look at a desirable route and offer a good service. I know we let Condor fleece us but really are we supposed to wait for Neverland to pop up.

Trevor Hockey


Manx Airways (or Airlines) flew to Heathrow, someone wanted the slots so they bought them out and now Isle of Man residents have lost out. we must stay with Aurigny to stop the same happening to us, no one can buy Aurigny and do the same thing.

Now the I of M has Easyjet, who treat them with total impunity and cancel flights at short notice. Keep Aurigny local, in fact give them exclusivity and make their fares low. Everyone they bring in will spend in the local economy so we will get the money back.


I'm no great fan of Aurigny but I don't see how this changes anything. If Flybe did get the Heathrow link running again (and that's a pretty big if) who's to say how long it would last?

The whole point of having a States owned airline was to protect the island's key routes from being at the mercy of commercial airlines that are purely market driven.


Unfortunately all that has happened is passenger numbers have dwindled due to the high cost of Aurigny. If this does happen it would be a massive boost to the business traveller and to the Island as a whole. Lets hope Mr St. pier is on a long holiday when and if an application comes in, then at least we might move forward.

guern abroad

Gatwick is just a likely to get a second runway as Heathrow is to get a third.

Only one of the two airports will be granted an additional runway.

This article I think is spin marketing from FlyBe.

Viscount Lover

Flybe will not get the cheap landing fees they get at most other airports at Heathrow - remember they pulled off a load of routes from LGW because of the costs involved with operating there.

This will never happen.


Very true, Viscount. Though I am surprised with Flybe that they ditch Gatwick but build up on LCY which is even more expensive to fly to than Gatwick.

Even if Heathrow is, eventually, given the go-ahead for a third runway, no way will it be ready by 2021. And by that time, a fourth runway will be needed as well as a second one for Gatwick and even also maybe LCY.


"as champions of regional connectivity"..... Ha ha ha ha ha. That should read" as champions of getting a monopoly and then fleecing the local people" more like. The only single reason Fly(may)be would be interested in routes from LHR to the Channel Islands is to hold the islands to ransom & then sell the landing slots on to another airline for profit as they did with the Gatwick routes.


Well said WATAM!

Surely by now everyone realises that Flybe are little more than spin, smoke and mirror artists. It's easy to make such an announcement when any possible extension to Heathrow is still not much more than a pipe-dream and nothing is likely to happen before 2021 - if ever. I remember Flybe saying that they were here to provide services to the island in the long term. Well we all know what happened to that promise and the company became known by businesses and islanders as "Maybe" due to their total unreliability and unpredictability in services. I expect many people can remember waiting to attend hospital in Southampton only to have their flights cancelled or delayed with the far reaching consequences which followed.

I hope that the members of our pathetic and feeble States eventually stop sitting on their hands and really start working hard to rectify our disastrous transport links with the UK and Europe before we all disappear further into the mire of a failing economy, excessive, costly over-government and uncontrolled taxation!

Flybe and the ashes of Blue Islands will need to be transformed into a flexible, user friendly, affordable, efficient operation before I will risk travelling with the company again - not that I am able to afford the excessive costs of air or sea travel these days!